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4.8 out of 5 stars106
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 June 2013
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Lindsay and her Blackthorn series. In a world where everyone wants their vampires to sparkle and be, well, just howdy-doody piano playing perfection, the Blackthorn series grabs hold of contemporary vampire portrayal by the balls, rips out its throat and hangs it from the highest building. So let that be a lesson to you all, okay?

There's no doubt the Blackthorn vampires are sexy, but they're eternally dark, often cruel and more dangerous than a pit full of angry vipers. You think you'd survive a night in the polluted, sweat-drenched, vampire infested Blackthorn? Leila, Lindsay's new feisty flame-haired heroine, knows the dangers of Blackthorn only too well and also knows that the likelihood of getting out of there alive is no mean feat, but with her beloved sister Alisha apparently in the clutches of some vamps, Leila has no choice but to venture into the one place she knows she shouldn't go.

Leila is no ordinary Summerton gal, in fact shes's not even an ordinary witch, she's a serryn and that makes her potentially as dangerous to vampires as they are to her, so it's no wonder that Caleb Dehain isn't about to let her leave town anytime soon.

Discovered and captured by one very dangerous, dark and most-certainly brooding vampire, Leila soon finds herself embroiled in the midst of Prophecy and in a fight to prove to Caleb that she isn't the killer he believes her to be. A growing and unwanted attraction to her captor soon means Leila is fighting for so much more than her very precious soul; she's fighting to keep hold of her heart too and it's not a battle that she seems likely to win.

One thing that struck me about Blood Roses is that whilst most of the book is set in the confines of Caleb's lair, rather than restrict the action, this works wonders in building up the hot and heavy sexual tension between our two main protagonists as there really is nowhere for Leila to run to. As the reader, you can almost feel the panic and desperation growing within Leila every minute she is forced to remain in Caleb's company, not to mention the burning attraction they are both feeling. I could literally feel the hairs on my neck prickling throughout as the fear, panic and tension emanates from each page, until the point where I was almost climbing the walls with them.

Secondly, and what I'm starting to see is one of Lindsay's great skills as a writer, is that there is nothing predictable about Blood Roses, unlike some contemporary vampire novels where you can guess the plot way before you've reached the end. You're never quite sure who to trust, who to believe in, whether good will out, or whether the characters will force the plot down some dark path. It's always suspenseful, always exciting and always keeps you guessing right up until the very end and to me, that's what's so very special about the Blackthorn series.

There's always that concern with the second book that it might not match up to the success of the first, but there's no worries about that with Blood Roses. Lindsay introduces us to new characters, throws us into a new adventure, and gets the reader enthralled in a new story that keeps us just as hooked as Blood Shadows did.

Feisty heroines, dark and sexy anti-heroes and a world we just can't help getting lost in, Blood Roses has it all. Five out of five!!!
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on 23 May 2013
I make no apologies I'm an avid fan of Lindsay J Pryor's Blackthorn. Blood Shadows: Blackthorn Book One: 1 the first book in the series enthralled me.Blood Roses: 1 (Blackthorn) is equally mesmerising. The story stands alone as a snapshot of life in Blackthorn but is more powerful if you read 'Blood Shadows' first.

Leila is a multifaceted character;sister,woman and Serryn a special kind of witch who hates the vampire race and whose blood kills them horrifically. Leila answers a call for help from her youngest sister and finds herself in Blackthorn. The start of a rollercoaster of events.

Caleb is a powerful vampire whose reputation precedes him. He knows all about Serryn witches and has good reasons to hate them. Caleb is a true anti hero but so much more.In the beginning he is a sexy vampire with a sadistic streak. By the end of the book I felt sorry for him. He is as much a prisoner of circumstances as he makes Leila and in my opinion she is the stronger of the two.

The characters are absorbing and the world building so intricate and intense I could actually visualise Blackthorn in vivid detail.
My favourite book of the year. Blood Roses (Blackthorn)

Can't wait for 'Blood Torn'
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on 27 April 2013
This is the second book in the authors Blackthorn series, the first being Blood Shadows, which I previously reviewed.

I loved the first book, and being told that this one would follow a different story did concern me as I loved Kane and Caitlin. But I needn't have worried.

Blood Roses starts with a frantic telephone call from one sister to another. Alisha has been captured by vampires in Blackthorn, and needs her sister Leila to come and get her, bringing with her a book. This book was handed down to Leila by her grandfather, and holds secrets no-one outside the family should discover.

Leila soon finds out that all is not as it seems when she does what her sister asks of her. What she discovers will change both of their lives forever, as well as the lives of others around them.

Leila finds herself with a cruel vampire, Caleb, someone who previously hunted down witches with special powers, those called serryns. He quickly realises that Leila is, in fact, a serryn. But she has fought against her serryn blood, leading her life in isolation, going against all that she was born to be.

The story quickly becomes something far more when they discover that fate didn't bring them together. They were, in fact, destined to find each other. Their lives have always been inextricably linked, and finding themselves in the situation they have ended up in was not just a random coincidence. Other forces are at work behind the scenes, forcing them both to accept the inevitable.

But can that future be changed? Can they find another way? Or will destiny play the cruelest trick on them both, forcing them to follow their predetermined destiny, regardless of their feelings?

I cannot say how much I love this author. She is creating a world which sucks you in, which makes you want to know more about Blackthorn and its inhabitants. Both books can be read as standalone stories. But this book mentions several characters who appeared in the first one, and to understand completely you do need to read the first book. But it isn't a huge issue if this is the first in the series you read.

This book strengthens the Blackthorn series, and if the first chapter of Blood Torn at the end of this book is any indication, it will make it an even stronger series. I am only sad about one thing with this book - that it had to end!

I cannot wait to read the next book. It promises to continue the series with a story equally as strong as both Blood Roses and Blood Shadows.
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on 22 June 2013
I absolutely love this series and I can't wait to read the next book. Please hurry up and release it Ms Pryor! I have enjoyed reading both Blackthorn books and look forward to reading Sophia and Jask's story. Perhaps we'll get to meet the delectable Kane and Caleb again?? These books are darkly intense paranormal romances/ thrillers. I love the way they actually have a great story and believable world rather than some of the fluffy rubbish you get spoon fed in this genre! Well worth a read, however I recommend reading book 1 first to avoid spoilers.
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This is the second book in the Blackthorn series but it stands alone. What I loved most about this book was the hero, Caleb. As you will gather from other reviews, he is a very naughty boy. Some of his actions did cross the line, but that is why I loved it. The author took risks and it paid off. In less skilled hands it could have been a disaster. There was one sex scene in particular that was very intense. At one point Caleb covers Laila's mouth with his hand. The author was able to capture the plethora of emotion that would be involved with such a scene, and more importantly she stayed true to her characters. I would recommend this book to any one who like their paranormal steamy and their heroes so bad they're good.
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on 13 April 2014
Good vampire storyline as it is different from all the rest as it contains undercover plots to overthrow Human power. Full of suspense and action. Not your typical romance as the two main characters are both very powerful and its a fight to death until they realise they have fallen in love. Good sex scenes as they fight for power. Even at the end the plot continues and you know that love between these two will cause much strife for all humans, vampires and werewolves alike due to them trying to take control of witches prophecies.
I liked this book immensely as it is different to all the other vampire novels I have read due to the underlying plots. Lindsay Pryor has the ability to write anything. I couldn't put this book down and can't wait to read the next one. Her description of the main male character is my dream man. I only have one question for Pryor...Why do your characters always have sex with their clothes on in both books? The women always have a dress on and the men just pull their trousers down enough to have sex by pulling the women's panties aside! GET THEM NAKED AND REMEMBER THAT MEN ARE USUALLY INTERESTED IN BREASTS. Romance and love is more realistic when the two halves look interested in the others bodies. Your plots are brilliant but you could make it even better by improving the sex scenes by being more descriptive. What are each other's views of their body parts. Make them vulnerable by sleeping naked in each other's arms. Let the woman's breath be taken away at the thought of having such a huge penis inside her. Just my view on improving an already brilliant author.
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on 3 June 2014
Oooooooo! What a truly gripping book, even better than the first book. I was almost having as nervous breakdown reading about Leila, whose blood is extremely toxic to vampires and Caleb a vampire who has been hunting witches like Leila to eradicate their species. Caleb's brother Jake is in a relationship with Alisha, Leila's sister and has drunk some bad blood and is near death. Alisha asks Leila to come over and save him as she's being held captive by Caleb. Caleb finds out Leila's secret and refuses to let her go. They have some serious issues with each other Caleb with his hatred of her species and Leila who is adamant she will not go down the same route as others of her species who actually lure vampires encouraging them to bite
and drink their blood causing them to die an extremely agonizing death. Caleb has found out that he's the chosen one of a prophsey saying that the lower species like vampire and lycans can get the upper hand if he drains Leila to the point of death and steals her soul, which he is determined to do even
though he is in love with her (not that he will admit it). Leila falls for him too but struggles to get him to believe that she is not like the others of her species. Their story is such a deep and emotional one which will keep you chewing your nails. Please do read it, but read Blood Shadows first to get the full story you will love it.
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on 13 March 2014
i gave this book 5 stars but I would have given it more if I could, I couldn't put it down.
The book was fantastic and I fell totally in love with Caleb and I was rooting for him and Leila the whole way through.
He had the right amount of bad boy with a hidden vunerability that I love in a good book especially when it makes you feel a whole host of emotions.
If you love bad ass vampires and tough women than this is the book for you just make sure you start it when you have nothing else to do as you will not want to put it down.
As soon as I finished this book I purchased the next one Blood Torn which I hope will be a good as the last 2.
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on 13 May 2015
I loved the first book, so much so that I immediately downloaded this second instalment in the Blackthorn series. Even though it is written as a standalone, I would recommend you read Blood Shadows beforehand because of the references to the ‘prophecies’ and . . . well, because it’s fantastic.

The whole thing is incredibly intriguing, with Leila’s heritage and tightly bound secrets making her the most fascinating character. Layers upon layers are pulled back throughout the story, slowing revealing answers, emotions and intentions while simultaneously hinting at things to come.

Darkness constantly lingers around the two main characters, as both Leila and Caleb struggle to keep their own innate demons under control. Order, rules, loyalty and destiny are the overriding aspects of their struggles and I read on compulsively in the hope of finding out who or what would win out.

The gloomy backdrop, array of characters/beings and timeline are all consistent with Blood Shadows but this is an altogether completely different read. An absolute triumph that has kept me hooked on the series.

review by Charlotte Foreman on behalf of
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on 25 March 2014
Omg I thought I fell in love with bad boy Kane from book one but he is totally eclipsed by Caleb. Damn he is one fine male all resentful hurt and anger with a big softie underneath that only the innocent and faithful Leila could bring to the front. The chemistry and fighting and intrigue between these two was phenomenal and the resistance they both out up against the other just makes the surrender that much more breathtaking. It seemed a bit cheating to not conclude the way book one did resolved and both together but it just leads to book three where we meet another formidable woman.
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