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4.3 out of 5 stars556
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2009
A friend bought my baby one of these cups for his first birthday and gave me all the gumph that comes with it - the articles and so on recommending it. Whilst I think the design is OK and I use it occasionally there are several things that concern me about the hype surrounding its use. In terms of functionality, it certainly makes drinking from an open cup slightly easier than a standard beaker with handles, although I do think the handles are not ergonomic enough and the design could be improved here.

Supposedly, health visitors recommend the use of this cup from 3 months onwards, even if a baby is breastfed. The reasons cited for the use of this cup extend from preventing bottle/spouty cup caries (tooth decay), to preventing speech impediments. The makers of this cup and health visitors would have us believe that feeding your child from a bottle or spouty cup after 6 months of age will lead to anything from tooth decay, malnutrition and speech impairment! However, if you read the research carefully, there is actually very little evidence to support these claims. I am a dentist and have a vested interest in my patients' oral health and have studied the articles carefully.

The evidence that bottle feeding and spouty cups can cause tooth decay is certainly clear - feeding a baby or child any sugary drinks such as squash or fruit juice through a bottle or spouty cup of any kind can and will cause tooth decay, sometimes quite severe necessitating removal of the baby teeth under general anaesthetic in severe cases. Formula feeds given to a baby in a bottle, whilst allowing the baby to suck for prolonged periods, can also, to some extent, cause tooth decay, although to a lesser extent as milk/formula are less 'cariogenic' than sugary drinks. (Cariogenic = causes tooth decay.) However, feeding your child milk in a bottle at feedtimes will not in itself cause extensive tooth decay, It's also unlikely you'll be able to feed a baby with a doidy cup successfully. Sucking is a natural reflex and provides babies with a great deal of comfort. Sucking in babies has been proven to produce 'happy hormones' that help create a relaxed, happy baby. Denying a baby this is just cruel!

The evidence to support the speech impairments from prolonged bottle feeding or spouty cup use is only anecodotal, which in the medical and dental world is worthless. Orthodontic teats are available if you are concerned (although, surprisingly the makers of this cup don't cite orthodontic problems as a reason not to prolong bottle feeding). 2 out of 3 of my children have drunk their morning and evening milk from a bottle until the age of 3 and both were early talkers and extremely articulate. However, this too is only anecdotal! All I'm saying is be cautious of this warning. You need not be concerned that your child will be unable to talk properly if you allow them to drink from a spouty cup or bottle! Even serious evangelists of this idea admit that speech improves once the bottle is stopped (where they say speech has been affected.)

Finally, the makers of this cup insinuate that prolonged feeding with a bottle or spouty cup can lead to malnutrition. However, if you read on, the cause of this malnutrition is from feeding babies/young children milky, sweetened tea. The tannins in tea prevent the absorption of iron leading to malnutrition (not to mention decay from adding sugar). So provided you are only giving your child water or milk in a bottle/spouty cup, then they shouldn't suffer any malnutrition if they are eating a varied and healthy diet.

All that aside, the design of this cup is good. Expect some mess from younger babies who will still be tempted to slosh and jiggle the cup. Being able to see the contents definitely helps them to sip and the tilted design means they don't have to tip it so far to get to the contents. I wish they'd improve the handles slightly and it seems quite cheaply made but other than that a great first cup.
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on 5 April 2009
When I was returning to work I needed a way my baby would drink my milk in my absence. After spending a huge amount on bottles (she would not take them) this cup was recommended. We brought two and my baby gets on really well with them, I would highly recommend this cup to anyone else in the same situation.
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on 2 May 2016
I love the Doidy cup! I used this cup with my first exclusively breastfed baby when he started solids around 7 months and I'm using it again with my second exclusively breastfed baby now that she is starting solids around the same age.

The handles on this cup make it easy for little hands to grasp and the angled design means that babies can see what is inside as they sip from it. Neither of my babies would take a bottle, but they happily drink from a Doidy cup. There will be quite a few spills in the beginning since there is no lid on the cup, but with a little practice baby can quickly learn to place the cup down so it doesn't spill. My first baby mastered drinking from this cup within a few months and soon moved onto using a normal cup - he never used a sippy cup thanks to the Doidy cup and I'm confident my second baby will be the same.

I highly recommend the Doidy cup for any baby, but especially babies who are exclusively breastfed who won't take a bottle or those who need to be weaned from one.
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on 30 November 2009
My baby is 5 months and always reaches for my glass when he sees me drink. I put a little bit of milk in his cup now and let him drink (obviously I am there to control his movements). He is so happy, he thinks he's a grown up! The two handles are very useful and the slant makes it easier to drink. Still very messy the first few times!
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on 3 July 2009
i rate the item 10 out of 10 but when i went to my baby group they were selling them for only £2.00
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on 22 April 2014
My son loves this cup and it has be helpful in learning how to drink from a proper cup. The only downside is that it is rather expensive for a plastic cup. It is certainly a good design but over priced for all that it is.
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on 24 September 2014
These have been great for my little girl who would never take to a bottle. Went straight from breast feeding to these and never looked back. She now drinks confidently from them holding the handles. Worth every penny!
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on 4 February 2009
My 6 month old daughter won;t drink from a spout lidded beaker yet she drinks from this, its great.
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on 3 September 2009
Really like this cup. My son is practically able to drink by himself - he is 7 months old. Easy to wash, wish I had bought 2!
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on 23 May 2009
This cup is absolutely amazing!! I breast feed my son, but also tried to give him expressed milk out of a bottle once a day to get him used to it for times that I need to leave him. He was very reluctant to drink from a bottle and at 6 weeks old he totally rejected it - he would scream the house down if a bottle teat went anywhere near his mouth!! At 7 weeks old I tried him out on the doidy cup and by my third attempt to feed him with the doidy cup (at 8 weeks old) he had learnt to sip from the cup. He's been drinking from the cup once a day since then and on a few occasions I've left him for about 6 hours at a time alone with his dad and they've got on well with the doidy cup. He's now 4 months old and holds the cup himself. His co-ordination is not great so he still needs a bit of guidance to get the cup to his mouth, but it's great that he can control the pace of drinking himself now. It is quite messy using the doidy cup though, especially now that my son wants to hold the cup himself. He usually needs a change of top after each feed no matter how many and what type of bib I use. I think it's worth it though, as with a doidy cup you can skip out bottles and beakers with spouts altogether. I'd definitely recommend it, especially for breast feeding mums who may occasionally need to leave their baby with someone else.
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