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3.5 out of 5 stars86
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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This game has from the outset been compared by many to two very good games: Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Firstly I think it important that people forget the Fallout 3 connection. Other than a Vault Tec Bobblehead you can collect, it's set in the future, you begin underground and its produced by Bethesda there is NO other similarity. The second game Borderlands is on face value a better comparison. But it isn't. If anything Borderlands only helps to highlight Rage's failings. While the graphics in Rage is generally superb (other than the texture pop-up which is just poor) the overall style, ideas, humour and design is uninspired compared to that of Borderlands. Even bits of the soundtrack sound very similar. While Fallout 3's visual design was filled with pathos, the sadness of humanity's loss and the retro 50's. Rage has none of that. I kind of felt like I was drifting through the game without ever really connecting to anything. Not even my character. Scenes that even in games like Crysis 2 would have me stop and wonder here seem to wash over my eyes. They look detailed with great lighting but no emotional root.
Okay so the positives and there are some. Firstly while the design may be uninspired the range and variation in textures is amazing. Unlike most games I hardly noticed any repetition of surfaces. A moment in a large destroyed building in the dead city I looked out over the ruins and I so wished that Fallout 3 could have had that amount of texture detail in their design.
The game-play FPS mechanics are spot-on. I wouldn't expect anything else from a company like id but it really begs the question why it hasn't got a straightforward online multi-player shooter. While going into this game with names like Fallout 3 and Borderlands I really couldn't have cared less about the idea of a multi-player. But the missions, once you begin them, are VERY linear, much more COD than an open sandbox game or RPG. Plus they use the few mission maps repeatedly. On an important mission you're asked to do a previous route but going the other way! It's just lazy. Also those other games are BIG games in many ways. Big story lines, big worlds, big heart. But as has already been reviewed, this is relatively short. Even when they introduce a BIG mutant they build the tension around it nicely with just glimpses but once you're faced with the fight its just rubbish with LITTLE imagination. So I think not to include a multi-player shooter is just stupid. Besides it would have been nice to have big online shoot-outs in many of the game's well detailed areas. And also to see how they could have incorporated the turrets and drones.
On to the driving. This I felt was hit and miss. I would have thought driving around a post apocalyptic wasteland would be great but I soon found it annoying. Bumping into the same raiders in the same spots every time I'm trying to get to a mission is irritating. To have them respawn/congregate just outside the door to a map that's used for more than one mission is bad design and just shows how small the game world really is. Being shot by the guys in their towers is also irritating. Again Borderlands got this aspect just right.
The actual races themselves are fine. I can't really say much more than that as I tended to avoid them if possible (though some times you just can't). I'm surprised people have raved about them though as their mechanics are very simple and offer nothing like the depth of a dedicated racer like the Motorstorm games or speed and fun of Wipeout.
So what did I really like about Rage? When I'm fighting off hordes of mutants. Everything comes together. The tight controls work very well. Building a turret, jumping between guns. A close-up mutant head-shot and blood splatters the screen. It gets the heart going and adrenaline flowing. All things a good FPS does.
My advice is wait until this drops in price (and it will) to the sub £20 mark. It has its moments and when it does its really fun.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2011
After all the hype about it being a cross between fallout and borderlands all you will find is a solid FPS with quite a good driving bit and gadgets.
Graphics are very good but nothing you wont see in any of the top Shooters,sound is also very good but nothing to write home about.
The story is ok for the most part,the missions arnt very varied,go here and get something and return again and again.
there are plenty of mini games which add to the life span of the game,without them you would probably finish the story in about 8 hours without rushing,with them its around 16.
the worst part of the game is the end,which is a major let down,and seems to be setting us up for either rage2 or they will sell us the real ending in the form of dlc later.
replay value,i cant say il play it again any time soon,probably would have been a better rental than purchase.
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on 25 January 2012
Love the look of the game, not finished it yet and only just realised they had a code in the box for the dlc to unlock, loooking forward to going down in the sewers. Works pretty good most of the time as long as you don't try and over buff your settings. Racing bits are pretty cool and I don't usually much like racing titles so I thinnk they pulled it off pretty well.

Overall I love it, I think people moaning about going the same places again and again need to activate more missions in one visit to a town, do a few at once. As for the glitchiness, I thought it was fine with latest drivers, its up to AMD to sort their drivers out, not really the game at fault there..

For me works fine and couldn't recommend it enough to light rpg / fps players
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 January 2015
Rage is a lot of fun, although being 4 years old now its beginning to show its age. The graphics are still good, but the expansive world actually doesn't seem that big to me. It is story driven and the concept of free roaming is there but its limited.

I've only been playing it for 4 days now, in single player mode and have a feeling that I'm not that far from the end of the game. Admittedly I'm only playing it at normal level, but I'm not particularly good; being quite old!

The array of weapons you get to use and the driving are fun. For large parts of the game you are in a special ark suit, which has a unique quality and allows you to effectively recharge yourself, and any enemies (who may think you are dead) get zapped when you miraculously come back to life!

So overall its showing its age now, but its still fun, and good value for money as you can get it very cheap now.
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on 18 December 2012
When the godfathers of the FPS genre decide to make a new IP and you are a fan of FPS games then it would be considered rude not to pick up this game on the developers reputation alone. I am a fan of FPS games and have been jaded recently by the amount of Call of Duty clones that are churned out at an alarming rate, however I picked this game up expecting it to be fresh, exciting and inject something new into the genre.
Unfortunately it is none of the aforementioned things as everything it does has been done previously and in some cases a lot better. The only way to describe this is as a pretty version of Borderlands with no RPG elements.
You walk/drive around a post apocalyptic world shooting mutants/army while collecting pickups and that is it in a nutshell. There are a few boss battles interspersed but these are few and far between and nothing ground breaking or jaw dropping in scale or excitement.
It really does feel like a game that was conceptualised on the last gen of machines but was implemented on the current gen. In this day and age you need more than narrow corridors and enemies with suicidal and as such downright annoying AI to make an impressive FPS.
To be fair its not all gloom and doom with Rage as the one thing it does sort of excel in is that its an extremely beautiful game with some of the best scenery and facial graphics I have seen in a game. Why only sort of, because with the beauty there is also some issues most notably in the first town with texture popping where if you turn quickly it seems to struggle to keep up with you and the textures on walls seem blurred.
We also have my pet hate which I thought we had seen the back of, the manual save. Yes it has its positives that you can save pretty much anywhere but if you have a marathon session there is nothing more annoying than when you have forgotten to save and you get brought back to the last checkpoint. Trust me that is a mistake that you will only make the one time!
Along with the Borderlands type gameplay there are also a number of driving sections which would be fun if they were not remarkably easy even though the vehicles are really horrible to control, luckily enough these missions are not compulsory on the whole apart from two that spring to mind. But you will spend your time driving from point A to point B to activate a mission you will soon grow tired of the respawning enemies that appear at exactly the same points every single time.
To cap this all off the final mission is one of the most underwhelming efforts I can remember on a game of its type and it seems like this was decidedly rushed or an after thought.
Taking into consideration the positives and negatives of Rage it is probably a very good budget purchase but it simply is not good enough to take up too much of your time as its faults and general feel of the game do not push it into the must have category.
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on 16 December 2012
Ok as a caveat if you are bored, have just got a load of money from somewhere and don't really mind what you play as long as the shooter aspect works to some degree buy this game.

Now for the rest, first off while the shooting part of this game is ok and by that I mean it works that is all it does. As for the characters and animations while they are better than most the lip syncing is out of time, the enemies are almost interchangeable except for their colour and level of armour in most cases (some clans are distinctly different but you quickly adapt and stop caring). As for the mutants and cars there is almost no different between one spawned enemy and another which normally I would let slide but in a game with noted world class graphics as they keep claiming you want to see more than just the same well painted enemy over and over.

The driving levels are competent once again but uninteresting. It is not hard to make a game drive well nowadays when you just copy other good driving games piece by piece which is exactly what has been done here.

Finally the story, it is laughably bad. Not only is your character this unstoppable badass who has killed well over 1000 people in the space of a week by the end of the game but he never shows any identity and believes everything everyone is telling him. I spend almost all of the game until the end being told long tales about the authority with no actually proof that any of this was going on. I came to the conclusion that everyone in developing team was so convinced that their full story would work in the game they forgot not everyone had worked on it like them. This comes true in the multitude of times when you hear some statement, then go somewhere and finally three hours later get the proof. It is bewilderingly stupid. As for the ending while there are no spoilers put it this way, which ever person made the ending (you know who you are) needs to realise that after got knows how many times of being shown an event as leading to death doing it again will probably not lead to victory. Once again I get the feeling that the true ending about the player and the resistance and the authority was wonderful but the guy just assumed everyone knew it like he did and never wrote it in to save disk space.

Like I said, got loads of cash and the rest of a holiday with nothing else to do get this game it works if anything for the shooting but honestly there are much better games to buy and I doubt you are a millionaire (damn 1%)
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on 12 July 2012
At its core Rage is what id Software do best - a visceral shooter with spot-on movement and controls and just the right amount of fear factor to keep you on your toes. But when playing it I was constantly nagged by the thought "I'm glad I didn't pay the release price for this..." because it just doesn't deliver in all the areas it tries to. People have suggested that in its combination of genres - shooter, open-world RPG, and even driving game - Rage is the Icarus of this generation, reaching just too high and falling short. I'd say that was true of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but definitely not of Rage, a game that half-heartedly dips its toes into several areas with little success: a jack of all trades, and master of none.

In terms of environment, Rage uses the well-trodden post-apocalyptic setting seen in Fallout or Borderlands, but with none of the expansive scale of these titles. You'll see glimpses of a wrecked city from afar, but once you get there it turns out to be a series of corridors - and I mean that quite literally: the 'Dead City' section consisted almost entirely of corridors. This kind of linearity has a time and a place, and can work well in some shooters, but when Rage offers players such a tantalising glimpse of a huge, desolated world, only to say "no, sorry, you're back playing Quake again", you can't help but feel a bit cheated. Whether it's driving back and forth through the same narrow canyons, or repeating the same areas again and again on different missions, Rage just feels too small and never delivers on its promises.

This sense of an opportunity missed applies to the visuals too. Rage could have been the new visual benchmark for consoles, but just like with the setting, it lets you down. The texture pop-in genuinely affects how you play the game (some particularly 'busy' scenes just don't load up at all until you zoom in, leaving you to peer at a muggy haze of blurred detail), but besides this much-publicised issue there is the really criminal fact that some textures are generations behind. I know that sounds ridiculous, but in some areas it really is that bad, even after the pop-in has finished. Remember that green/grey/brown pixelated mush from PS1 days? It's back. I appreciate that Rage's developers have been incredibly ambitious and were faced with the limitations of the current generation of consoles, but when titles like Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 show what's possible on consoles, Rage's faults seem that much more unforgivable.

But the boring setting and irritating visual flaws could be forgiven if the gameplay was inspirational. After all, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are pretty hideous to look at, but nobody complains because we're all so engrossed. This never happens with Rage, because the developers compromised too much and it's painfully obvious. The technical elements of the shooter gameplay are excellent: fantastic AI that dodges, dives and uses cover intelligently; fluid but tight movement; and a decent assortment of weapons. But without believable characters and a living, breathing world, you're just left thinking "Why?" The driving battles almost feel tacked-on as a distraction from the fact that you're making another 1-minute journey between barely-populated settlements just so you can shoot a few people and drive straight back. Of course, this mission structure forms the basis of most of Rockstar's games, particularly GTA and Red Dead Redemption, but the vitality of these games is totally lacking from Rage - I remember one mission when you're sent to rescue someone, only to find they've been killed. When you return, the reaction from the woman who sent you is basically "Oh well." This kind of throwaway remark summed up what disappointed me about Rage: it's a series of fairly good (but never excellent) action sequences strung together by quests that you don't really care about, and in a setting that the developers hoped might instill some pathos.
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on 5 July 2012
OK, so after hearing a lot about RAGE I was not too excited thinking "here comes another Fallout clone" and thus I delayed the purchase for quite sometime even more so as the price was slashed almost the same week of release to something stupid like £11.99. But having seen it locally for £5 I figured I can spare the cash, well I'm glad I did and here's why:

Graphics - As anyone will tell you, ID have done an amazing job with RAGE, probably the best looking game I've seen on console in recent years, if ever. With great detail in everything it really is a sight to behold

Setting - Set in a post-apocolyptic meteor struck earth, from the off RAGE feels very similar to Fallout in many ways, for example your a survivor from a vault which is almost exactly the same as Fallout's beginning. However, this is where the similarities end. The world is huge and is travelled primarily by vehicle as it is simply too large to traverse on foot, especially as there is no instant travel function.

Gameplay - So RAGE is a FPS which focuses a lot on the shooter aspect. Almost all encounters are in confined spaces which plays to all the games strengths. The environments look great and thanks to great detail in animation and so on all the AI are different, not in visual design but in the way they move. Some will duck and cover behind anything they can find and gun you down whilst others will sprint, flip and wallljump towards you holding various nasty looking melee weapons. This creates great anticipation during the combat and great satisfaction after it

Weapons/Vehicles - So there are not a lot of weapons in RAGE and really only 5 main types which are your typical sniper, assault rifle, shotgun, pistol and crossbow (not so typical) there are around 12 weapons total I think if you count the sentry guns, RC bomb cars, grenades and Wingsticks which are sharp metal bladed boomerangs. So the weapons get boring fast but this does not detract from the experience. Likewise there are only a limited number of vehicles in the game, so far I have an ATV, a fast buggy and a muscle car called a Caruno, the latter two can be upgraded by winning races. Plus you can engineer lots of things to aid you sudh as bandages as medkits, sentry guns etc. Theres a lot to play with.

Story - The story is fairly linear with some missions involving repeating the same locations but none the less it never gets tiresome as even though the environments are the same, the enemies change. Along side the main story or multiple side jobs, races and minigames that provide a lot of fun and relief from the main story arc. Mini games such as cards that shoot each other similar to pokemon or Yugi-Oh and the board game in which mutant holigrams kill the sheriff, thers a lot to be found in RAGE

Overal - RAGE is a great FPS and can easily take up hours of your day without you even realising, it looks great, is fun to play and has a lot of content to keep you occupied. Replayability is kept by adding harder difficulties and offering tropys for each step up in difficulty

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on 26 February 2012
The game is set in the now familiar post apocalyptic future. An asteroid has hit the Earth causing huge loss of life, the remaining inhabitants live a pretty shabby life either clustered together in small settlements or as bandits preying on the weak. It's very reminiscent of Mad Max, with the odd twist that the bandits seem to be from either London or Moscow judging by their accents. You are placed in the unenviable shoes of a survivor of an `Ark' - a spaceship sort of thing, where scientists, soldiers and other important people were sent into space and cryogenically frozen prior to the asteroid strike. The `Ark' crash lands centuries later with you as the only survivor, but its not too long before you have some company.

It is pretty much a first person shooter, though there are some car combat elements and a small amount of RPG thrown in to the mix. The shooter is definitely the strongest element of the game, the car driving part I found a nice enough little distraction but it was pretty shallow, there are optional races you can enter to boost your funds and they are decent fun. The funds were solely for the purpose of either upgrading your vehicles, or buying essential ammunition and supplies. There is a slight Fallout feel to the game (possibly Bethesda's influence), where you go around collecting stuff to sell on to again gain funds, or to form composite components to create new weapons.

Now I'm not a mad tecchie person, so I won't be discussing the whole game engine / screen rate thingimegummies. But I have to say the first thing you notice about this game is that it is truly, jaw droppingly beautiful in the way it looks and moves. The enemies look suitably monstrous but they move with realism (well as you'd expect a monster to move) reacting to each hit you manage to score. They have obviously spent a great deal of time and effort on perfecting the game engine and it really shows. It is honestly one of the best looking and moving games I have played.

There are online options for this game too, but I feel they have missed a trick by only having an online co-op shooter, this could have been an incredible multiplayer death derby to rival even the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield.


The look and feel of the game
The choice of weaponry was pretty nice, the wingsticks (think boomerangs crossed with throwing stars) that have clearly been ripped off from an 80s film called `Krull' were fantastic to use
A real high adrenaline shooter that will get your heart rate up


Pretty short game, I (and I am no massive gaming expert) completed it in about 12 hours worth of gameplay. The ending seem to just be really abrupt.
The small environment with limited scope to go wandering about.
I would have loved a minimap in some of the levels, as I found myself wandering about trying to find the exit quite often. Might say more about my sense of direction though.
The lack of multiplayer COD style action.

Overall I would recommend this game. I think some of the critical responses to the game are due to peoples idea of what a game like this should be now. Maybe people thought they were going to get another Fallout 3 as there are some echoes of that game here, but I must stress that this is a pure old fashioned shooter, it doesn't have the depth of that title. The lack of multiplayer carnage is the biggest disappointment, but if you like a good old blast up then this could well fit the bill.
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on 7 February 2012
Asteroid hits earth. You are a member of an arc, a pod that was buried to preserve some select humans to carry on the race afterwards if little survived. You wake from hibernation to a world full of bandits, mutants and people who just want to live their lives in the wateland left by the impact. After being saved from a bandit by a man called hagar, you start taking jobs from him and others to generally help the people.

The gameplay is fairly good for a first person shooter, shooting feels solid and smooth, just a bugger switching between weapons on the quick select sometimes. enemies will shoot at you, run between cover, run at you and even start crawling under and over things in the case of the mutants. Driving is also mixed in with a large wasteland you can drive through to get to missions, with the ability to hop out on foot at anytime (no restrictions). There are also racing events that take place, these aren't brilliant, but are fairly easy so you don't get stuck on them. There are a reasonable amount of missions to do, but some repeat the same areas you have already cleared, usually just to go clear them again. Its a shame there weren't more unique missions like some of the defending ones i had to do with a sniper rifle. You will be told abut the main missions, to find optional ones just search the 2 towns for people and job boards. One or two missions have you going between loads of people, ech asking for something before they give you help with your current objective. annoying. Thers plenty of pickups, both ammo and random stuff. The junk can be either sold or put together using recipes to produce new items. Playing on normal mode, i never felt that i was running stupidly low on ammo or stuff to buy and produce it. For an apocalyptic world it should be forcing the idea of survival. Play it on hard for a slightly better experince. The toys are pretty fun, including very deadly boomerangs (decapitations aplenty) remote control bomb cars, mind control darts etc. The levels offer plenty of shooting, but dont expect any puzzles.

A key thing to point out for those who may have played Fallout. There are no decisions to be made in this game that will affect the way people look at you or the events. The most you get is a permanent choice of suit towards the beginning that decides what bonus skill you get to use.

The graphics are stunning when loaded, unfortunately they often take a second to load as you explore, making the lower quality textures used for distance viewing that bit more obvious. It is lovely walking around the first town and seeing the talking animation on the people as they ask for help or give you information.

The story is very weak, for a good chunk of the game you are simply random samaritan to the non mutant non bandit population. Later on you get to help the resistance against the authority. Except that apart from a little bit right at the end we aren't given much reason to go after them. At least show us the authority shooting innocents and oppressing them or something. The end is a complete letdown. Yes something happens, but nothing is said of what happens to your character seen as he is in a very dangerous location.

Multiplayer consists of driving games (okay in campaign, poor online) and shooter. The shooting is co-operative with two players shooting through a mission using a modified campaign map. Its alright but you probably wont bother once you've done a single run of all the missions.

Overall this is a slick shooter with plenty of joyous details. I just wish there were more decisions and more story, but you will get at leaast 10 hours out of it with some of the optional missions. Just note that there is an anarchy pack for a higher price. This comes with more weapons and a suit (dont us ethe suit as it removes the one choice you get to make in the game by giving all suit bonuses in one) as well as optional sewer missions (dont add anything experience wise, just a bit extra game time).
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