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Initial post: 6 Jul 2010 23:38:03 BDT
Having played the beta I'm not very excited by this game. Single-player mayb the bees knees but as from the beta it seems the multiplayer will be terrible. In a way as COD is going to cold war this game seems to be MW3 but from playing it, its mw2 but worse. Ok maps and destruction is ok but its too slow, and it doesn't feel like a new fps.

Posted on 7 Jul 2010 14:53:27 BDT
Im really enjoying it, its like a Call of Duty style Bad Company 2,

Im not saying its perfect, it does need work.......... for me the Grenades are awful, I had one land at my feet and all it did was stain the wall next to me!

I dont like the half second freeze why you die either,

I does have potential though

Posted on 7 Jul 2010 16:39:49 BDT
J.S. says:
I'm not liking the Spawn behind enemy lines, since there was one sniper taking the lot of us out which I thought was silly.. I got killed six times in a row because of it..

I like the general gameplay however. Wish the beta had some more maps.. :)

Posted on 8 Jul 2010 08:44:49 BDT
Last edited by the author on 11 Jul 2010 08:50:18 BDT
TrueGamer says:
Constant disconnection, inconsistent
Hit dectection and annoying spawns
Has to be sorted out but apart from that
I'm liking it. Still deciding to buy full gamethough.
Tbh the hit detection is utter bull.
Conclusion : after playing it for a while
It's just another run and gun killstreak (chain kills) hogging cod style mp. No skills required.
I think I stick with Bfbc2. Much more rewarding and team based shooter.

Posted on 9 Jul 2010 08:21:09 BDT
James Turner says:
Been playing it for a few days now and it's ok. Granted it's only a beta version but it's not as good as cod mw or mw2. The 2 second lapse between you being killed and it coming up on screen is very annoying, grenades and rocket blasts are pathetic. Quite realistic with the weapons and the uniforms. seriously reconsidering buying the game in october now.

Posted on 9 Jul 2010 21:33:27 BDT
I'm not saying it isn't fun because I think it does have potential. Although its no MW2 it still has enough to keep you addicted. But yes as people have said explosions are terrible. Grenades and RPG's seem to be as powerful as a party popper. If it is simply so they aren't abused why not just leave RPG's out? It really spoils it. That and the fact it can take a clip to kill someone lol

Posted on 16 Jul 2010 16:41:40 BDT
Welshwilly says:
I've only played the demo of BBC2 so can't compare with the full game, but I've played COD/MW2 a lot. This Beta felt a lot like the BBC2 demo. The Beta only has two maps - Team Deathmatch on Kabul and Assault (or whatever its called) on Helmand Valley. Kabul is dull and lifeless - colours are washed out and there's absolutely no detail to the place. MW2 maps have tonnes of detail - graffiti, posters, TVs, Radios, footballs, teddy bears (WTF?), flies, potplants etc etc- it feels alive. Kabul is boring as hell - I know its only a Beta - but it needs jazzing up. Graphics and animation are poor - hate the way your character moves, gunplay takes a while to get used to. Weapons need balancing - grenades, RPGs, Sniper rifles are out of kilter.

Helmand Valley is a much better map - open and bright. Colours look better and this was the kind of gameplay I expected. Disappointed though at the almost complete lack of destructable objects - no knocking through walls to get at that pesky camper.

Overall? - a big fat meh. See the pretty screenshots in all the promos? the exciting videos? the smart fast gung-ho kick a man out of a window before his chair blows up? Looks sexy as hell doesn't it? Well, this Beta is absolutely nothing like that whatsoever.

The one ray of light is that the single player experience might turn out to be great, its just the multiplayer that'll be crap. I'm gonna wait for the reviews before deciding to buy or not. I'd suggest you do the same.

Posted on 22 Jul 2010 16:56:11 BDT
tony soprano says:
One shot from M16 in the chest would definately knock you over if it didn't kill you how could you carry on moving forwards and kill the guy who shot you with your knife,grenade launcher like a party popper and grenades why bother, parameters all wrong there then . keeps cutting off server especially on mission, equipement settings have reset every time to default and that anoying freeze when your shot also if your internets a bit slow you dont stand a chance . I know it's a beta but they dont seem to update it unlike Lego universe

Posted on 24 Jul 2010 09:30:16 BDT
Sam Todd says:
I agree with the other posts about the game asi'm a sgt with the scots guards based in camp bastion, helmand and believe it or not the terrain here is dull and lifeless, lots of bland browns, beige's and grey! Like the other guy my sat link is a pain in the **** playing the beta, pauses disconnection etc. My guys play in my office and are cod mad but in my opinion MW2 was over done, too much hollywood to be a war simulator, No IED'S either! I have loved MOH after playing moh Airborne which was a great game and multiplayer but some of it's flaws seem to be still apparent in this beta:

(1) Spawn-killers - after playing a few hours players camp at a choice of 3/4 sites close to each other and just wait for u to re-spawn, this was voted the biggest problem/pain by an EA MOHA forum vote so why have u not rectified it EA???
(2) The 2sec delay at death, moha had a voice over saying things like ' Your no good soldier ' , the beta has nothing but the pause. Feels kinda cheap with no imagination so why have it in the first place, we all hate it!
(3) The moha sniper kill was unrealistic as a hit anywhere resulted in an instant death, now it seems you need a full clip to kill someone so they've replaced 1 problem with another.
(4) Laggers - on moha it was another problem with high votes on the forum, playing the beta i saw 1-2 players twitching about phasing in and out at speed, i hope this was just their connection.

One thing that appears better is the weapon sounds which are more realistic than mw2's glammed up audio effects but i agree the grenades when thrown in the beta look like something from a cheap PS1 game, some of mine had fire coming from them when thrown?(wtf) It also feels weird using the R1 button to fire after being used to using R2 with mw2.
However i'll delay judgement until i play Medal of Honor as beta's and demos can be a poor representation of the full game which i hope is the case here, if it's like the beta then £40 wil have gone down the drain!!
Sgt Sam Todd jr, Camp Bastion, Hel.Province " PAIN IS GLORY "

Posted on 26 Jul 2010 17:19:06 BDT
Mr. S. Fox says:
Been on the Beta for a couple of weeks now.

Generally enjoy it here are my pros and cons.

Grenades, grenade launchers and rpg's slightly underpowered. Need turning up a bit but not to the level of MW2. Noob tubes on mw2 are ridiculous. No skill required to get a multikill. As per grenade launchers. You can't just spawn, shoot a grenade and get kills. SKILL REQUIRED. Watch out CODders!
Lag upon death is annoying.
Hit detection is hit and miss (pardon the pun) needs tweaking.
Melee is a nightmare. Once i turned a corner to find an insurgent. cue a particularly camp "morris dancing" moment whilst we both empty a clip and then do the "stabby dance" for a good minute.

You have to use some skill to shoot people. 2 or 3 rounds chest and above. None of the rubbish spray randomly in panic kills.
No prone. No avoidance of UAV. BRILLIANT!! No more campers getting their clothes dirty. Stand up and fight like men for once!!!
No stupid marathon/lightweight etc.
Guns sound and perform well. Maybe a few tweaks required regarding power etc.

All in all I will be buying this based on the beta.

The maps are well though out.
It positively discourages camping and noob tubers. (use a gun girly!)
The point streak rewards are cleverly done with an option for either offensive (mortar/rocketstrike/etc) or defensive (uav/ammo/hp ammo)
My KD on cod is 1.53
My KD on MoH is 1.50
There is a definate feeling of achievement getting 15 kills to 5 deaths on MoH. After going back on MW2 I achieved 25 to 3 but did not, repeat did not get the same feeling of achievement afterwards.

If you want a challenge but find BFBC2 to hard, buy this.
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