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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2011
I started this today on my lunch break and I was so into it, I kept sneaking peeks all throughout the afternoon and its now finished!

A new author for me, in fact I hadn't heard of this author before I signed up with netgalley and got this one to review.

I loved the characters of Megan and Cole and the tension between the 2 of them was written so well, you could feel it as you read it.
Megan was strong and gutsy and very loyal. I really felt for her and was really rooting for someone to actually realise she was right and help her.
Cole, well typical alpha male character (which i LOVE), strong and very capable. Although I can't help but think he should have realised the whole thing was wayyyy too easy. But thats the point of the story I suppose lol

They were extremely well written and suited for each other. I liked how they didn't jump in the sack straight away because it allowed the storyline to develop nicely. And the storyline was excellent. I loved the bad guy and even though I did guess who it was, I don't think it was particularly obvious.

But I have to say this is an author I will most definately be looking at her backlist of books and reading more from her. Also there was a excerpt for the next in the series and I cannot wait for it to be released. I look forward to reading what I am guessing is Krista and Sean's story :)
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on 3 May 2015
3 years after megans brother sean is jailed and put on death row for a grusome rape and murder of a young woman she is still searching for the truth and still believing he is innocent even with all the incriminating evidence against him, then when the latest serial killer nicknamed the slasher is savagly raping and killing women she thinks there maybe a link connecting these grizzly murders to who framed her brother so she goes to detective cole williams who arrested her brother for help even though he thinks sean is guilty.

This is a good read and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how it is all going to play out even though i had guessed who the killer was pretty early on, the romance is not sizzling compared to the authors gemini series which i loved, this book is more heavally focused on the suspense and not much on the romance side which disapointed me a little but i enjoyed the story enough to buy the next installment which is seans story and im looking forward to it.
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on 27 May 2015
Nicely complicated and unpredictable story of "my brother was wrongly convicted" which kept me uncertain of the next step all the way through. The hero is on my list of "too perfect to be real" though! The characters were generally somewhat flat and one-dimensional but this would be my only criticism of this intriguing read.
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on 3 December 2013
This book had a couple of minor issues which would normally have bugged the hell out of me but in the end I actually ended up enjoying this book.

The female lead is a pretty pretty character (thats my extremely unique term for characters who are ridiculous gorgeous, like model gorgeous, and you know, if they are model gorgeous what are they doing in the real world? :P). But what I like about her isn't one of those idiotic females who don't realize it. She didn't think of herself in terms of ugly and pretty. Which made me as a reader, extremely happy. It helped me deal with all these guys who were in love with her. She was such a determined character too. The fact that the first thing on her mind wasn't romance but saving her brother was something I definitely enjoyed.

The fact that Cole wasn't a pretty pretty character helped me get over some of the other flaws. The author didn't describe him as someone every girl drooled over. She actually added depth to his character. He has his faults and he lives with a lot of guilt. He isn't even close to perfect. But it works. The fact that the Megan didn't get all jealous of girls who were in his presence helped as well. Although Cole could go over the top with his jealousy and that did bother me some.

The murderer was obvious right of the bat. It wasn't even the 'I am pretty sure it's him' kind of obvious, it was the 'I KNOW IT'S HIM so let's just get this over with obvious'. Yes this annoys me. I am fed up of murderers being ridiculously obvious. I want to be able to use my brain in figuring this stuff out. Or even better, not know at all until the end. Sometimes I don't like the predictability even if it makes me feel smart. Sometimes I just want good suspense. But with that said, I actually liked how the author played out this murderer. We got to learn his back story and it helped us understand him better as a character.

This book was a fun read but I don't think I can be bothered to go on with the series. Maybe later.
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on 29 October 2013
Beg for Mercy is the first book in Jami Alden's Dead Wrong romantic suspense trilogy. I will start off by saying that I love this author's voice, the writing is so easy to read, and I just sink into the prose and let the story take me along for the ride. This, for me, is romantic suspense "crack" - although I really enjoyed it, I know there were some inconsistencies, a few plot holes, and the big one: the heroine not recognising the voice of the killer, even though she knew him.

Putting those few things aside - and funnily enough I can - this book was addictive reading. The first book I read by Alden, Guilty as Sin, was exactly the same, although I will say that I didn't notice any glaring plot holes and inconsistencies with that one. Beg for Mercy is an exciting read with steamy, sexy romance.

Megan Flynn has spent the last three years trying to prove her brother, Sean, is innocent of the crime that has him on death row. The night she thought her relationship with her cop lover, Cole, was just about to get serious, Cole is called to a crime scene where Sean is arrested and charged with murder. Megan's life is turned upside down, as the guy she cares deeply for believes her brother is the killer without doubt.

Three years on, Megan is still trying to find the one piece of evidence that will prove Sean's innocence once and for all, and with only six days to find it, Megan goes into overdrive, putting her life, and others, at serious risk, especially when she becomes the prime focus of the killer.

I found the relationship dynamics between Megan and Cole to be great. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts, and the fact that they are trying to resist it just makes it that much more satisfying when they eventually give in. I liked both characters too. Megan is fiery and brave (albeit that sometimes turned into stupid) and Cole is strong, sexy, but at first a little too rigid with the rules. But as the story progresses we see both of them relinquish some of their rules. Cole becomes a little more flexible and Megan begins to rely on Cole for a certain amount of help. The sex scenes were ultra sexy, and I loved Megan and Cole together.

As well as Megan and Cole, we also get a few chapters from the view point of Sean, and we get to see where his head is as he sits and waits to die. I really felt for him and I was pleased to know that the next book in the series is his. It will be interesting to see where his story will take him.

As I've already mentioned, some of the plot was a little silly, but despite this the tension and suspense was pretty high. I knew, as I do 99% of the time, who the killer was, but it was fun to watch the author try and lure me off the scent by throwing out a few red herrings, but I've been around the block a few times to know a red herring when I see one :) However, overall I really enjoyed Beg for Mercy and give it 3.5 Stars.
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm not usually into Romantic books but after reading a bit about this one thought I would try it. The book has a good plot to it and starts by going back two years before the events take place. Megan Flynn's brother Shawn is arrested for a murder she's convinced he didn't do. He was an army officer with no blemishes on his record. The arresting officer was Megan's boyfriend Cole Williams. Forward to the present time and Megan is very focused on clearing her brother's name as he is on death row, after losing appeal after appeal. Can she finally find evidence through other similar murders that happened since to make her ex Cole take her seriously, and can she handle working with him if she does!
As an observation the book was sexy, very violent and very graphic at times, it also gave a sense of very raw emotions. Grittier than most romantic novels Megan's feelings are still raw, she feels guilty and angry when she is around Cole.

Megan's desperation to clear her brother of the murder reach the point of almost madness. She repeatedly throws her
self into crazy situations which are a little wearing at times, but you can't fault her intentions.

It's good that Jami Alden began the relationship between Megan and Cole before her brothers arrest otherwise it would have made no sense to the story. it quickly becomes complex and interesting. This is an excellent book of you like romance with suspense thrown in. I finished this in three days couldn't put it down. thoroughly recommend this read excellent!
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on 12 October 2014
Rating~ 3 stars.

I was really excited to read this book because of the reviews but it felt i was reading some other book than my fellow goodreaders because I didnt find the heroine to TSTL at all but the hero he annoyed me, his explanations for the fact of why he left her after her brother's arrest were very thin,the fact he was the hero and he didnt even bother to believe in Megan or did anything to help her find the killer 3 years ago also frustrated me so shoot me if i want the heroes to be not like men in reality (that is the reason why I read romance) and I never felt his 'love' for her.I might continue with the series since i want to know if any of the loose ends such as what happened to Taila and Carl.If I was giving rating for the story live (apart from the whole sean such convenient arrest,I found it hard to believed that no one questioned and how easy it was to find everything at a later date.I would like to have a trust in my justice system that they dont falsely convict someone even though i know it happens) and the heroine devotion and belief in her brother this story would get 5 stars.

Side note:If i was Megan or Sean i would just move out of the state because I wouldnt be able to be with people that even helped or somehow caused my brother to be falsely convicted including the hero.
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Wow, I've been missing out with this Genre of writing-Eternal-Suspense-Romance. The love interest and sex scenes are as fast paced and compelling as the hunt for the psychopath. I really need to read more of Jami Alden's work. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
How could her dashing policeman, Cole be the one to bring her brother to trial.... Jami Alden's "Beg for Mercy" sees Megan Flynn our heroine fighting to save her brother from his impending death sentence, even he has given up the right. She knows he was innocent but the proof was damming. This strange puzzle does give her some understanding of how the man she believed she might have a future with, was the one to help convict him. However, as another sadistic crime hits the headlines, Megan can see similarities and pleads with Cole to look at the evidence again as he tried desperately to solve this new crime. The countdown begins with only days in the balance between her brothers death and proving his innocence once and for all. Unfortunately, she and the rest of the crime-fighting team are being mis-directed by powerful enemies...until the very last pages we do not know if Megan will succeed or not - or will big business and connections win out?

The thriller remains a mystery for all. Well written and fast paced. Super reading for travel. Recommended.

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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This isn't an awful tale, in fact it's quite readable, but the blurb makes it out to be a romantic suspense, yet said romance had barely gotten off to a start - a few kisses, a few caresses - before he, Cole, arrested Sean, Megan's brother, and they were over. I didn't see how they'd had a chance to fall in love, as they simply had no time together and he was work-obsessed, and frankly, the 'romance' seemed a bit one-sided - which happened to be on her side. So, I didn't really buy the 'Cole will do whatever it takes save the woman he loves and bring down the madman who has made Megan his most coveted prey' part; he felt too controlled and disengaged from their 'romance'.

However, the author can write and this was a flowing and professional, if not suspenseful or unpredictable read. However, I read a lot of JD Robb, Tess Gerritsen and Kathy Reichs books, and IMHO, the author put too much emphasis on one potential guy as the baddie, and to me, it was obvious that it was a little overkill. Then, with the actual baddie, she kind of dropped hints as an aside, which again was enough to signal something to my brain, i.e. the balance of things wasn't quite right, and I wasn't wrong. That lack of skill let the tale down, as the suspense wasn't...well...suspenseful, and yet, I didn't get the impression that the author had tried to hide the baddie in plain sight, either; Ms Alden perhaps needs to read a bit more Karen Rose (fans of whom the book will apparently appeal to), vintage Linda Howard (she'd be best ignoring the pretty lame books from the last 4/5 years) and the above mentioned authors. Sorry to add more misery, Ms Alden, but I also didn't buy the baddie's obsession with Megan - it was a bit OTT.

Overall, it did combine an eventual (not very heartfelt) romance, a baddie, some danger, some pretty tummy-churning descriptions of mutilated female bodies, a good guy imprisoned by mistake - who ends up being the male lead of the next tale.

If the next were to be offered as a freebie on amazon vine, it might be worth a read, if only to see how the romantic leads from this one end up, and how Sean copes with post-prison freedom, but I don't think I'd pay to read that. I also don't think that this is worth buying, but it's an OK read from the library, if you've nothing better or more exciting to read.
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