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4.7 out of 5 stars77
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2010
This review really applies to the whole of the Beast Quest Series (so far my son has read up to Series 3). Most suited to boys aged 7-10 depending on reading ability. I have read some of them to my son and can't say that I've been impressed by the story lines or that the use of language is imaginative or new. So - why the good rating? Simply because my son has not been able to put these books down since he started reading them. He is a pretty good reader and has managed to read most of the books within a day (maximum 2 days). So - it has the potential to be a costly series for me! However, in my opinion, any books that are able to grip the imagination of young boys so much that they want to read rather than playing on electronic games, has to be worth it!

Most of the books follow the same storyline (Tom and Elena and their animals take on a new monster as part of an on-going quest) and I think there is some explanation of what has happened in previous books - so I guess it isn't vital to read the whole series in order. However - I would suggest that at least the first couple of books are read in order as they are quite vital in setting the scene. Also - if you are thinking of buying the series - there are some good deals on-line where you can buy the whole series for much less than the price of the individual books - so look for those rather than buying one book at a time. I managed to buy Series 4 and 5 (each containing 6 books) for less than half RRP.
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on 5 March 2009
I think this is a great book and other people should read it! The best bit is when Tom battles Nanook.Nanook was SOOOOOOOOO angry after being cursed by Malvel`s bell. I think this is a great book for people who like books full of beasts,swords and life-threating situations
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on 13 November 2013
Another great addition to the Beast Quest series. Any book that can grab my son's attention away from the Playstation or the Ipad has to be good. We both look forward to a couple of chapters before bed time. The characters are well suited to children. Kid (mine especially) always think that they are smarter than adults so it makes complete sense for a young boy to be sent on a quest to free giant monsters from an evil curse, when the knights have already failed.

In this book Tom and his friends have already freed 2 of the cursed beasts. Receiving magical items, enhancing his shield, from the grateful creatures. A dragon scale which repels fire, and a sea serpent's tooth that repels running water (I am not quite sure what that means). Now he must free Arcta, the mountain giant; who is causing landslides burying or cutting off supplies to the towns around the mountains. I liked this story because is showed Tom's determination, and he had to make some hard choices in this story as well. He has all the personal qualities to make him a great young hero. Grit, determination, loyalty, courage, a child's innate ability to do the right thing and inspire others to do the same. Great book great series.
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My nine-year old son is not a brilliant reader, but he enjoyed this book enough to read a chapter a night, which is pretty impressive to me. So much so that we have now got all the books in the Beast Quest series.
This is for the stage in reading when a child can read a page of text but still wants pictures every so often for interest. (The pictures don't always tally exactly with the description in the text, and my son takes great pleasure in a type of Spot the Difference game. This annoyed me at first as I felt it was a fault, but actually it's quit a good game to play with any book that has pictures as it ensure the child is following what is being read.) The main hero in this book is a boy, and I would say that this is really a boy's book, but he does have a girl sidekick that may appeal to adventurous girls.
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on 27 December 2013
Tom and his friends return to the mountains of Aventia to face their second snow beast. Nanook is no longer protecting the settlers in the mountains from the Snow Panthers and other predators of the mountains. Can Tom and his friends survive the harsh environment to even get to Nanook.

Tom our young hero once again show his courage and determination. I like way the stories promote team work, Tom alway gives full credit to his friends by telling the readers he ciuld not have reached this far without the help of his friends. The only let down for me even though the is a high adventre story with daring, and courageous rescues, Tom still being young and untrained still does not fight much. I guess that is me being an older reader.

Another good book, very good series so far. I like the fact that the beasts are getting more aggressive, forcing the team to step up in their efforts.
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on 4 October 2009
I'm nine and a half years old and I have read 5 books in the series.
I can't wait till I finish the whole series. This book is so good for anyone who likes adveture stories. Elenna nearly froze to death by falling into a frozen river.The way Tom tried to rescue Elenna was amazing!!!!
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on 19 November 2010
My six year old had the first book in the series bought as a birthday present, and he has just continued to rampage through the remainder since. Really good value, with imaginative stories.
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on 19 May 2012
Tom is now on the 5th part of the first series of his Beast Quest. Although perhaps rather predictable, in that we all know that the good guy will triumph in the end, it's a good series to encourage reluctant/struggling boy readers who like the fantasy genre. I've used it for this purpose with two pupils who fit that reader profile & it's fulfilled my aims completely. Like any saga, the author has added interest with the differing details in each book.
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on 17 November 2009
These stories seem addictive for 6 year old boys, so you may be better off taking the plunge and buying the first six at once so you have the next one up your sleeve... Some six year olds are very insistent that they must (be) read them in the correct order and it can be frustrating finishing one and then having to wait for the next one to arrive. Though by the time you get to Nanook the appeal may start to wear off for older readers - after all it is the same story with a different monster each time.
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on 28 August 2010
I am writing this review with my 6 year old son who is a big Beast Quest fan. He feels that this is a very good instalment of the Beast Quest series, well above average. He tells me that this is a gripping book that made him feel a bit worried about the main character at times but he enjoyed the excitement and suspense. Overall I'd recommend the BQ series as a good way of enticing boys to read. My son has these as bedtime stories and often reads on alone after lights out!
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