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4.6 out of 5 stars123
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2014
It is a pity that Amazon does not allow one to give more than one rating. The story and the art work deserve 4 stars, however, the oft commented upon binding renders this book virtually unreadable. It is scandalous to produce a book that fails to stand up to one (very careful) reading. It's a good story, but find it in another edition, this one is a waste of money.
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on 27 July 2010
Hush is a great graphic novel created by both a brilliant writer and a brilliant artist. The artwork in Hush is to die for. On top of this the wonderful storyline will have you on tenterhooks the whole way through. A must-read for any Batman fan - a comic that makes use of all your favourite villains in clever and imaginative ways. Beautifully drawn and beautifully written. Can't recommend it enough!

As everyone else said though, it falls apart. I borrowed it off a friend the first time I read it. Then I bought it after this review. My copy fell apart first reading and I sent it back. Bit loath to buy another one in case the same thing happens.
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on 14 October 2010
This is by far one the best graphic novels i have ever read! The storyline is so intriguing it keeps you wanting more and the art work is so vivid you can't take your eyes off it! I had read a few reviews on this book before i bought it and i must say, they did not lie when they said it is a must have! However the book itself is another question.

Batman is given one of his greatest challenges yet when he must figure out why some of his worst enemies are suddenly acting up and if so, how are their crimes connected? On top of that he must try and figure out who the mysterious character watching him is and what he has to do with all this. This is a great story with so many so many misdirections which have you wanting to know how the dark knight will react and whether or not he can beat this menace. This is a fantastic read and will
have you on the edge of your seat before you know it!

My only concern is the fact that the book has a slight problem keeping itself together. Sadly i did not heed the warning from one of the reviews about the quality of the binding holding the pages in. On my second or third read through i noticed that the pages began falling out, and i don't mean when i'm turning the page i mean when i'm holding the book they just started falling out! Now i managed to keep the book together using one of man kind's greatest inventions... the clip! However i strongly advise either buying the hardcover version of this book or finding a better quality paperback.

Aside from that little skirmish, this book is by far one of the greats which shows batman and his enemies at the top of their game.
A definite for everyone whether you're a novice to comics or a hardcore collector!
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on 4 January 2016
If ever a book got close to perfection it’s this one – and I really don’t say that lightly!
The fact that this is a twelve issue collection is a bonus, the story has time to grow and the characters develop to the situations.
The artwork being some of the most beautiful, realistic and consistent throughout the entire run helps raise this book above others and the storyline, the rollercoaster of a plot with twists, turns, surprises, guest-stars and supporting cast along with the introduction of a solid, different and rounded villain make this an instant classic.
I could continue listing the great points about this book while desperately trying but failing to find bad points but better I just give this my highest recommendation and implore you – buy this book – you will be satisfied.
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Ten years ago, a comic by the name of Batman: Legends hit the UK shelves. And to kicked off the first issue, they decided to reprint this particular story called `Hush'. It was a tale I'd heard of, and that fans & critics were apparently raving over. With astronomical sales figures supporting this year-long saga, Batman: Hush was a story I was most keen to check out, month-after-month.

Thinking back to that year (2003-2004 for UK readers), Batman: Hush was a journey I loved right from the get-go to its exciting, irreversible conclusion. Immediately, it had an enticing title, and immediately captured my attention through some of the greatest artwork I'd ever seen in my life (courtesy of the great Jim Lee). But what really cemented Hush as one of the all-time great Batman stories was its pacing, its premise and Jeph Loeb's writing, which is the perfect match for Lee's artwork.

Ten years on from all that, here I am purchasing the complete saga of Batman: Hush in graphic novel format, and why not? The tale still creates the same emotions inside me. The feeling of suspense, the anticipation of what happens next, the roles of all the heroes, villains & supporting cast, the gripping plot (and its twists & turns), Batman's inside narrative, all the surprises, action and insight into the Dark Knight's world make this masterpiece nothing short of an absolute treat to indulge in.

For those who are wondering what all the fuss is about, Batman: Hush was basically Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee's attempt to bring people back toward reading Batman again. And between them, they did just that in intricate, coherent and award-winning style. At the time of the story, Batman is at the top of his game, then an enigmatic & dangerous new criminal mastermind (who we know only as `Hush') comes along with a scheme to completely ruin Bruce Wayne's life - and the scheme includes virtually all of Batman's rogues gallery.

Who is Hush? Why has he targeted Batman? Will the Dark Knight finally be able to cement his long-love with Catwoman? What new revelations from Bruce Wayne's past will come back to haunt him? And what ramifications will this `game' create for Batman and his whole family?

All these questions and much more litter the pages of Hush from start-to-finish, driving the story with tremendous intrigue and captivating readers through a genuinely well-conceived plot with nothing wasted and everything/everyone having purpose. By the time, you've finished reading Hush, you'll come to realise once again what an amazing character Batman is, and garner much appreciation for all the faces/concepts that are in his world.

Whilst some may criticise the tale for being just a massive `love-letter' to Batman fans, Hush is much more than that. Yes, there's Joker, Superman and all the like in this saga, but (again) it's all delivered with great purpose. The accessibility of Hush makes the story perfect for both long-time fans and newcomers who are looking for the ideal introduction to Batman. It pays homage to everything that makes the character so appealing, yet also builds upon the Dark Knight's legacy, paving the way for future Batman epics.

Over ten years after its success, Batman: Hush remains essential for all fans (of both the Dark Knight and comics as a whole). You may call it nostalgia, but when such a story has an impact on you, you can't help but appreciate & recommend it. Especially when this edition comes with a special Interlude & additional pages (not printed in the original comics), concept art, biographies, alternate covers, plus a special foreword/afterword from creators Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee.

There's no other word to sum up Batman: Hush than `milestone'. It's a tremendous achievement with a legacy that will surely last for another ten years and more to come. An exceptional journey for fans to indulge in.
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on 20 September 2010
The story is one of the best I've read. Many characters I didn't know before are brilliantly introduced, and the art is wonderful. For the comics alone, 5 stars, no questions.

But the book... It's self-destructing! I can find a chapter I'm reading just by looking where pages have not detached yet. You turn a page -- and it's gone. By the end of the book you won't have a book, but a cover with 300 separate pages inside. Paperbacks are, of course, not as stable as hardcovers, but this is the first book in my collection that disintegrated so fast. Now I cannot lend it to friends to let them enjoy the story.

Please be aware of that and find another edition if you plan to read it twice.
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on 2 January 2013
This was a good book with a good plot which gets your brain working. It is also very complicated, and I find that it is ideal only if you know a lot about Batman, otherwise it is difficult to understand at first.
Otherwise, this is a great book with great illustrations!
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on 3 January 2014
As a big fan of Batman i would put this tale in the top 10% of stories i have read about him, complementing his drive and singleminded nature with a fun and threatening selection from his rouges gallery.
Without spoiling the story i was delighted with the final revelations and the way that they were logically built up to, however without a reasonable grip on the chronology and canon of the characters it could prove a bit confusing for some readers.
I found it easy to read on the Kindle Fire HD, with the ability to pull up individual panels for closer inspection very welcome. I do not feel that i missed out on any detail from the artwork, or that there was any loss of atmosphere in the shading and tone.
Overall i found this a very positive experience for my first graphic novel on the kindle fire.
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on 4 May 2010
Hush comes dangerously close to the Dark Knight Returns as the greatest Batman story ever written.

What you get is an excellent mystery with some brilliant twists and absolute shockers, all depicted in Jim Lee's absolutley stunning artwork.

The artwork is the star here, being absolutley beautiful. Jim Lee's art is vibrant and detailled, and I found it much more immersive than some of the more stylistic attempts such as Jeph Loeb's art in 'The Long Halloween'.

Where this comic also succeeds is it brings in many of the key rogues and heroes, including Superman, whithout making their appearences seem rushed or token, something which Batman ensemble pieces suffer from.

Overall Hush is an absolutley breathtaking read combining rop notch storytelling with dazzling artwork.
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on 4 June 2010
I absolutely love this book, great story, great art work. The pages keep falling apart however. Extremely disappointing i cant own one of my favourite books without it loosing pages at an alarming rate.
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