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This was the third follow-up to Tim Burton's Batman (1989), the original revisionist look at the Gotham City legend, as well as the second in the Batman series directed by Joel Schumacher and the first featuring George Clooney as the Caped Crusader; it features not one but two super-villains, and a new heroine to fight crime alongside Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) and Dick Grayson (aka Robin) (Chris...

Vivica A. Fox,Pat Hingle
2 hours, 4 minutes

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Genres Action & Adventure
Director Joel Schumacher
Starring Vivica A. Fox, Pat Hingle
Supporting actors Michael Gough, Uma Thurman, Eri, Michael Bernardo, Alicia Silverstone, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Kimberly Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elle Macpherson, Dean Cochran, Jesse Ventura, John Glover, Nicky Katt
Studio Warner Bros.
BBFC rating Parental Guidance
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2.7 out of 5 stars

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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful By Victor HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWER on 15 Feb. 2012
Format: DVD
I know it's a controversial view, and I am probably inviting the opprobrium of the Burton fans upon my head, but I thought Joel Schumacher's first Batman film was a pretty decent affair, managing to blend the darkness and the campness effectively to provide a good solid entertainment. So why did it all go so terribly wrong for this, his second (and perhaps mercifully) last Batman film? A film so bad that its main star (Clooney) apologised to fans for it.

First of all the script. It's just TOO campy, with too many bad jokes that make it seem more like a `60s Adam West episode rather than a continuation of Burton's dark vision. And this really hurts the film. Where there could have been great characterisation - Freeze has great potential with his devotion to his wife - it is ruined by bad jokes. Where it should have been dark, gothic horror (the creation of Bane and Poison Ivy) we are fobbed off with a third rate cartoon style that would have embarrassed the `60s series. Secondly is the plethora of characters. We now have 3 villains and three heroes to concentrate on, and as such none of them get proper screen time and it comes off as feeling like a mess and certain characters are just not used to potential (Bane is criminally mistreated here, and the whole Batgirl strand seems little more than an excuse to repeat the Michelle Pfeiffer `cute chick in leathers' role. As such no-one really makes an impression, certainly not on the heroes' side. I never thought I would say this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger walks away with the acting awards! Managing to convey some of the dark potential of Freeze. He also seems to be the only one who is having any fun. Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy is pretty dire, though that is more through bad direction than her ability.

In all a terrible effort, especially after the majesty of Burton's originals, and the good solid fun of Schumacher's previous effort. 1 star only.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful By Dehumanizer on 30 Sept. 2011
Format: DVD
WARNING!! Review May contain spoilers...

Oh dear. I'm trying to get words onto the screen about precisely how awful this film is, without dirtying it with swear words or offensive slander. Okay, here it goes. Batman & Robin is the last in the Batman series began in 1989 with the Tim Burton directed Batman. This is film is unrecognisable in comparison. After the fun-meets serious angle director Joel Schumacher took on Batman Forever, Batman & Robin takes it too far, making audiences laugh (or cry) at it, not with it.

Three heroes versus Three villains is basically all the plot you get. The heroes are led by Bruce wayne/Batman, with George Clooney replacing Val Kilmer as the third actor to play the role in this series (The other being Michael Keaton). Clooney is good as a seemingly over his pain Wayne, but terrible as the Dark Knight. Chris O'Donell reprises the role of Dick Grayson/Robin, Wayne's partner and ward. O'Donell again does the best with what he has script wise, again playing the character well. Alicia Silverstone completes the trio as Barbara Wilson/Batgirl, who goes through the film annoyingly delivering the awful lines she's been given. The villains are headed by Arnold Schawarzenegger, who plays Victor Fries/Mr Freeze, who makes the most awful one liner's immaginable. Uma Thurman plays Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy just as badly, while the third villain, strongman Bane, played by Jeep Swenson, who has no lines and no purpose other than to growl occasionally and hit things.

Also, for the love of all that is sacred who's decision was it to put Nipples and bums on the Batsuits? It just makes film look as silly as it is. If you want a Bat-Film that is camp, funny and good, look else where and get the 60's Batman film with Adam West and Burt Ward. Still an attrocity to the genre, it's perhaps best summed up by what Joel Schumacher shouted before every scene was shot: "Remember, everyone, this is a Cartoon!!!".

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By Stampy on 21 Mar. 2009
Format: DVD
Batman (Clooney) and Robin (O'Donnell) try to catch the ice man Mr Freeze (Schwarzenegger) whilst trying to trust each other.

The forth Batman film in almost a decade brought about a new Batman in the form of George Clooney (Syriana) and the return of Joel Schumacher for his follow up to the successful Batman Forever. Schumacher's first shot at the Batman was to take away the darkness of Tim Burton's genius and use the story and action in an easy approachable viewing for the entire family and whereas this is appropriate to generate profits and make it more accessible for anyone, it takes away the darkness and imagination of Burton's first two smashes and ultimately leaves the film awkward, unappreciative of realism and lacking a killer thrust, much like his 1997 picture.

Like his previous adaptation of the comic book, Schumacher uses two villains in this picture, Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy. Using more than one villain can work as evident with The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3. So cast excellent menacing looking Schwarzenegger and manipulative Thurman for two vindictive and demoralizing villains and you have a film, well sort of.

Never have Batman villains ever been so dull and predictable. Flat, boring and ordinary there is nothing to separate them and though obviously poor it is down to a script so woeful it is almost laughable.

The characters are addressing the audience rather than the other protagonists in the scene. They are explaining every single little thing, as if we are dumb enough not to comprehend and so, we are left with some exceptionally awkward dialogue and sickly moments in the context of a film that tries to preach about trust, honour and disease.
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