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4.7 out of 5 stars1,189
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2006
From the time when i was a kid to the present day, i've probably seen this movie over a hundred times, literally! Yet, there's still something that drives me back to it again and again. There are various new little details i discover each time i watch it. Simply fantastic.
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There's little prepares you for the quality of the print on this Blu Ray reissue - it's absolutely gobsmacking. I've seen great restorations before ("Goldfinger", "North By Northwest", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "The African Queen", "The Italian Job", "To Kill A Mockingbird", "The Blues Brothers" and "To Catch A Thief" - see reviews for them all) - but this is exemplary.

The full run of extras is dealt with in detail in Amazon's thorough description above, but it's worth highlighting that among the superb new extras is Michael J Fox not afraid to show his present-day medical condition in the 6-part making-of that is spread across the whole set. There are contributions from almost all of the cast, Director Robert Zemeckis, Producer Steven Spielberg etc - and great on-set footage too. It's also been pitched at a reasonable price. In short, this is properly good value for money for 3 hugely entertaining films that don't seem to have dated at all.

I can only add to the chorus of approval for this - a fantastic presentation. Onwards and upwards to the "Indiana Jones" Trilogy and the remaining Bond films (which were all Lowry Digital Restorations and look as awesome as this)...

VIDEO: 1080p High-Definition 1.85:1
AUDIO: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, German DTS Surround 5.1, Turkish 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 Master Mono
SUBTITLES: English SDH, German, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish
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on 8 August 2002
At last Back to the Future is available on DVD! Hurrah! And not only that, but its in an amazing 3 disc box set! All three films are superb. Robert Zemeckis and his returning cast out do themselves each time. All three films, especially my personal favourite, Part Two, are not only ingenious but severely entertaining! Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are brilliant together and tackle a very hard movie with ease and grace, making it seem effortless and more realistic than possible. The storylines are something from the imagination of a genius, and this DVD Box Set is a must for any Zemeckis or Sci-Fi fan. I myself am not that big a Sci-Fi fan, but these films have something for everyone. Part Three is set in the Wild West after all!
The special features include a good set of featurettes, a Making Of documentary in 3 parts, one for each film, interviews, trailers, deleted scenes, on location shoots, outtakes and much more, so you can see it is worth the money. The movies alone would be!
Buy it!
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on 2 September 2015
Sometimes a film comes along that weaves magic at the box office, but even rarer is a set of films that do it. The Back To The Future Trilogy is one of these. There are so many great moments - I think instantly of 'Mum, Mum... you're so... thin!', meathead bully boy Biff's encounter with the dung truck and 'I am Darth Vader! From the Planet Vulcan!'. MJ Fox's own rendition of Johnny B Goode is also a highlight - who'd have thought he could play like that?
BTTF on its own is absolutely essential in anyone's DVD collection. The script sparkles and the plot is admirably handled and tries hard to maintain some kind of logic. I am sure the science is questionable but who cares? The films are not about the science, they are about cause and effect, action and consequence. Not to mention a great look back at the seemingly innocent American 50's from an 80's perspective. This element actually gets more interesting now that we can look back at the 80's with the same fond irreverence as they did back at the 50's. It is cute to see the (what we could call huge) 'portable recording studio' with Doc Brown's astute observation that 'of course your President has to be an actor, he has to look good on television!' Not to mention the choice of a Delorean as a Time Machine (this was a quirly choice even in 1985). Michael J Fox displays impeccable comic timing and brings real depth to his character of Marty and his relationship with mad genius Doc Brown is touching. Though the whole production is slick, well-crafted and the cast has an amazing chemistry - this really is Michael J Fox's finest hour. I am not sure this film could have worked with anyone else in the lead. He truly makes it his own - and adds a heartfelt realism and quirkiness to his character that make him absolutely believable.
All the films have merits but in my opinion get progressively weaker as they rely more and more on the revisited gagline. Though this in itself is done well and give the set of films a consistency that they need, by the time we get to BTTF3 the appeal is starting to wane so they wrapped up the series at the right time. BTTF2 & 3 are entertaining and make the series complete - but for me do not withstand as many repeat viewings. But even so are still head and shoulders above most of their peers in the family movie market.
The extras on the DVDs are great, though perhaps there could have been more in-depth and more modern, retrospective interviews with the cast. But to be honest, this is a set of DVD's you don't buy for the extras, you buy it for the films because these are the kind you can watch over and over. If you loved them in 1985, show them to your kids, they'll love them too.
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on 23 February 2004
Ive grown up watching these films on terrestrial t.v over numerous bank holidays or sunday afternoons and the trilogy is without doubt an absolute classic, My personal favourite thought has to be the second film. The general storyline of is complex and it may take a few viewings to truly understand and appreciate the concepts. Im currently at university and whenever anyone asks , "whats your favourite ever film?" these films instantly come into my head. All i can say is, for some reason if you havent seen these films you dont know what your missing !!
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on 15 February 2009
If you could go back in time and meet your parents as teenagers, what would you do? This is the basic premise of the 1985 classic 'Back to the Future'.
Marty McFly(Michael J Fox) is a typical teenager from small-town America who loves typical teenage things like music, girls and skateboarding. His best friend is eccentric inventor 'Doc' Emmet Brown(Christopher Lloyd) who builds a time-machine out of a sports car which inadvertently sends Marty back to 1955. Through a series of mishaps, Marty stumbles upon his teenage mother Lorraine(Lea Thompson), and father George(Crispin Glover), and accidently prevents them from meeting and falling in love. Having to put history straight and work out a way to return to his own time, Marty seeks out the 1950's version of his friend 'Doc' Brown in the hope that, between them, they can get Marty 'Back to the Future'.

Spanning not one but two sequels, 'BTTF' was a blockbuster hit on its release in 1985. The basic plot was conceived when director Robert Zemeckis was looking through his parents old school yearbook and wondered what it would be like to meet them when they were teenagers. Eventually, Steven Spielberg came on board and the rest, excuse the pun, is history.
Michael J Fox is perfectly cast as the All-American teenager dreaming of success with his band and his girl. Opposite Fox, Christopher Lloyd looks as though he is having the time of his life playing the near-insane 'Doc' Brown. The supporting cast also do a wonderful job, with Thomas F. Wilson hamming it up nicely as the almost pantomime villain, Biff Tannen. The dynamic between Fox and Lloyd is fantastic, keeping the energy needed to carry the tension of the plot, while simultaneously providing comedic and tender moments to lighten the load. Zemeckis effortlessly weaves in a few sub-plots to reinforce the 'cause and effect' message without releasing the pace. The set pieces are wonderfully put together and the scene with the lightning strike at the clock tower is cinema gold.

I first watched this film when I was 11 and was absolutely captivated. The theme of time travel and alternate history was so fascinating that every time I watched it, I seemed to notice something new such as the 'Twin Pine' shopping mall becoming the 'Lone Pine' mall when Marty returned to his own time after running over one of the 'twin pines' in 1955. This film is ultimately an extremely enjoyable fantasy romp with a lovingly nostalgic nod to the 1950's. The irony is, that watching the film now, I feel nostalgic for the 1980's!
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on 6 January 2006
I've been looking for this new release in the states for awhile and just tonight realised we may not get it.
I began looking here on and was a little surprised to see this feeling that UK viewers are again getting a raw deal with this repackaging of the films.
As a HUGE fan of these films I wanted to let UK viewers know what you've got that Americans haven't yet.
First, dts. Left off the region 1 release to squeeze the bonus material onto three discs.
Second, A much more attractive package, again.
I ordered the UK version of the first release because the American box is plain ugly.
Third, as I understand, this release has more bonus material than the American version and because it is all contained on one disc it makes a more organized viewing.
We also still don't know for sure if it's safe to buy another copy since none of the packages have v2 on the box.
At least you know with this release bttf 2 and 3 are framed correctly, and you still have the better sounding dts soundtrack.
Us Americans are still surrounded in the muck of dolby.
Your friend across the pond
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on 17 May 2007
this is probably one of the greatest sci-fi trilogies you can find all three films seem to blend together in to one big film which is both entertaining and inspirational.

the plot is very consistent with nothing really stopping for more than a couple of minuets.

and even the special effects seem to hold up after nearly 20 years

the stories are very entertaining part 1 of these is great in setting up the characters of Marty doc and biff as well as the large mention of time travel

the second film is probably the best with amazing special effects like the hover boards.

and although part 3 is a little slow on the plot it is still very interesting with some pretty big plot twists.

this box set comes with a 4th disc of special features also full of extra special features: film posters ect,ect,...

this is a great box set

and a great story to own.
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on 17 November 2003
i first purchased this box set when it came out, and the price was £30. this was value for money at the time as it is the best trilogy of movies every made. the special features are high class and you even get the chance to find out that steven spielberg played a small part in the first movie, driving a truck! i recommend this to anyone, especially at this very cheap price, your guarenteed hours of fun, this trilogy is so good you will watch it over and over, the very best!!
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on 21 November 2015
If you already have the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray's of Back to the future series
it's probably best to keep them and not buy this new 30th Anniversary Blu-ray
the only Difference is a new 4th Bonus Disc that's it
obviously Universal felt the need to release another Blu-ray reissue of the series cause of it's 30th Anniversary
30 years since back to the future 1 was released in cinemas
this trilogy is pretty much the same as the 25th anniversary only difference is new cover art & new 4th Bonus Disc
there's no new HD transfer's, no new boost in sound quality like a new 6.1 or 7.1 mix
I believe the HD transfers of all 3 films and the 5.1 mixes are recycled from the 25th Anniversary edition
Disc 1 is the feature film
plus the Tales from the future featurettes which was filmed for the 25th anniversary Blu-ray
plus all the old featurettes from the special edition dvd versions
plus the Deleted scenes & outtakes, MJF Q & A and lots more
Disc 2 & 3 have the exact same setup & content
Disc 4 has a new retrospective Doco LOOKING BACK TO THE FUTURE
which is a not a new Documentary at all
it was filmed back in 2009 for TV broadcast, it's 9 part Documentary
which i thought Great, 9 parts, must be long Doco, well how wrong was I only goes for 45mins
so it was obviously filmed for TV broadcast
but there is Hope, apparently the rest of featurettes on this 4th Disc are new
RESTORING THE DELOREAN, 20 min featurette on the restoration of this classic car
new interviews with Bob Gale and some of the staff that helped restore the car to make it look like
a new 1985 model Delorean, Claudia wells is also interviewed for some reason
and there's 2 other small featurettes, 5mins featurettes, very pointless I think
which is an ageing Christopher Lloyd getting back into Character as Doc Brown
talking about the Gadgets seen in the back to the future films
and explaining why they have not been brought on the market to sell in 2015
some of the Gadgets include the Laceless shoes, the Food Hydrator, the Hoverboard
only goes for 8mins featurette, pointless waste of time
2nd featurette is an Introduction to the 30th anniversary edition of this Blu-ray relese
again very pointless waste of time intro
the packaging of this U.K. Blu-ray is a thick Blu-ray case with Disc trays inside it
the case it self is made wrong, it's 16mm thick case that doesn't close properly
so I had to buy a replacement Blu-ray case, I thought 4 Discs can easily fit in 14mm thick case,not 16
and I was Dead right! so my replacement case is 14mm with 4 disc trays inside, not 16mm
and my 4 Discs fit perfectly which proves to me Universal were dead wrong in the packaging size
I don't think the 4th Disc is necessary, so you better off keeping the 25th anniversary edition versions
5 stars for all 3 films, 2 stars for this new 30th anniversary blu-ray
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