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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2009
We have this gate in our kitchen doorway so our little one can't get in and it's brilliant!! We have a Lindam one at the door of our balcony and our son has already learnt how to open it (he's only 13months) but this No-Trip Gate is brilliant...not even adults who don't know what their doing can open it which means my son won't be able to either for a good long time! Because you have to coordinate pushing the latch and lifting the gate it can get some getting used to but once you do you can do it one handed which is brilliant for mums who seem to constantly have their hands full :) Also having no bottom bar on the floor means there is never a risk of tripping over.
As far as installing it goes I was 8 months pregnant and completely alone and I managed to get it all screwed in and put up :) unfortunately if you don't want to put holes in the door frame which obviously a lot of people can't do then this isn't a gate for you :( but if you are prepared to make a whole or 8 this gate is definitely the best I've seen and used! Oh the other top thing about this gate is that it opens the full door width not just a little middle section which can be an issue at times when trying to get shopping through the door :)
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on 15 November 2010
This is the best looking and most functional child safety gate we've had in many years. However we have never had a child to try it, but 3 medium sized energetic dogs.

It is the best looking because it is wood and blends perfectly with our decor, it is strong enough to keep our dogs at bay in their room whenever we have 'new' visitors, who can then get through the front door without bring mobbed. It is far easier to clean underneath because there is no floor bar (my wife says I have to put this point in) and the fixing points are non-slip, as they are screwed into the door casings, not at all obtrusive and very easy to operate. The template receieved with this product makes the placing of these fixings a 10 minute operation.

We are about to order more fixings so that the gate can be used in another part of the house.

Highly recommended and good value for the money, certainly beat the price at our local Tesco store.
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on 23 February 2009
excelant gate opens completly so you and your child doesnt trip over the framework ideal for the dogs too
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on 13 January 2010
This gate is really simple to use, it's not as stiff as some of the others, however it only fits a normal door opening. I made the mistake of originally buying for my stairs but it was far too narrow so I got the extending Lindam baby gate for the stairs. I just wonder if my little one will figure out how to open it in time... No chance with the Lindam one as it is also adult proof to open!
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on 3 July 2010
This is a good price, easy to put up, easy to use. I don't, however, use it for a baby/toddler but as a dog-gate. It is very light - which has its advantages, but might also have disadvantages if a substantial toddler decided to try and swing on it.
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on 27 January 2016
i purchased this gate to keep our two German Shepherd dogs in or out of the kitchen. We have previously been using a pressure fit gate, however the dogs have got wise to this and have been knocking it down when we're out. The narrow opening in the pressure fit gate, plus the trip bar, made it a cumbersome object to use, and when I saw this wall mounted babydan gate I thought that would be a much better solution. I would have liked to have bought the tall version of this gate, but as it's priced at more than double (around £38 vs £15 for the short version) I didn't feel it represented good value for money. As the gate would be too low for our large dogs, and they could easily jump it, I fitted the gate around 10" off the ground. This is ideal as it makes it too high for the dogs to jump, yet our cats can easily fit underneath, saving them having to jump it each time they want to go through. Fitting the gate was really easy, and I'm no DIYer. The enclosed template made it a doddle, even with the slight complication of me fitting it higher up than ground level; I just measured each side and had someone else hold the template while I drilled straight through it. I was finished in less than 5 minutes. The gate itself looks really neat, much less obtrusive than the old pressure fit style, and it opens full width which makes it an easier item to live with. It's easy to remove the gate from its hinges to make moving large items like furniture a little easier. Another reviewer said you can purchase just the wall fittings in order that you can move the gate to a different doorway to suit your needs. This sounds like a great idea, as the wall fittings are quite discreet, and I'll definitely be investigating this as an option. The only niggle I have is that the catch sometimes pops out of its housing, and is not the easiest to just pop back in again - I had to use a hammer. But the gate can still be used even if the catch is out, it would just be slightly easier to open as you'd only need to lift the gate, not push the catch at the same time. It's a very small niggle though, and certainly wouldn't stop me recommending this gate. It's definitely dog proof, and I can't imagine most toddlers being able to open it.
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on 21 July 2009
Good gate at a good price. Simple mechanism to release but hard enough for children not to do it. Can easily be lifted off if you don't need it on. Ours sits open against the wall when not in use and doesn't interfere with through passage or look awful.
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on 21 February 2016
I needed a gate to keeps the dogs out of the kitchen while we were preparing food and this looked like an ideal solution.
I measured the door aperture to check it was suitable and checked that the door jamb was vertical. All was fine so I ordered the gate. It arrived within a couple of days (by Yodel – a company I normally refuse to deal with) and there was a rip in the packaging but the contents seemed OK. I unpacked and checked the contents; all was present according to what may laughingly be termed the assembly instructions. An A4 sheet of paper with diagrams so small that, with a magnifying glass, I could only just read them was supplied and which listed along the top the contents then the fitting process below. The gate is metal so should be strong enough for my purposes and the gate fittings are also metal but the mounting clips are of thin plastic. A paper template for positioning the mounting clips is also provided. Thoughtfully, a spanner is supplied that fits the nuts on the gate.
I assembled the metal fitting to the gate without any problems and thought the rest would be simple. I then used the paper template to mark the position of the hinge side mounting clips. The gate position was much lower than I expected but otherwise OK. I fitted the hinge mounting clips then used the template to position the latch side clips. When I tried closing the gate I found that the latch side clips were 20mmm too high. So I positioned the top clip by using the gate itself as a guide; that means that I now have a visible hole above the top clip that needs to be filled and painted. I then positioned the lower clip vertically below the top clip, easy. I tried closing the gate - the upper latch fitted nicely but the lower latch didn’t fit into the clip. I checked the gate and found that it was slightly curved (about 3mm along its width) instead of being flat and it was also twisted by about 5mm, so little chance of it fitting the template positions. I can’t tell whether the gate was made like this or whether it was damaged in transit. I moved the lower latch clip until it lined up with the gate (I now have another set of holes to be filled and painted). A five minute job that took around 3 hours in all, however, it now fits and does what I need.
My conclusions: Check that the gate is flat before you begin work, it might save you time and trouble. Ignore the paper template, it seems to be inaccurate. It is described as ‘Two-way one-handed opening and double locking’ and the gate can be closed one-handed but it requires two hands to open it. This is a relatively inexpensive gate but you get what you pay for and I was expecting better.
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on 26 November 2012
With a very dodgy opening at the top of my stairs I was in safety gate hell! I brought various gates and went through the faff of trying to fit them only to find that they didn't fit properly, or didn't work, all the while having a kamikaze baby charging for the top of the stairs at every opportunity. Finally I ordered the Baby Dan non-trip Safety Gate and I found a winner. My dad put it up with the use of his drill but it seemed very easy. It seemed the most flexible to fit into a difficult space but is very sturdy. I'm so glad I went for the non-trip option as I have another safety gate on a door frame and I'm always tripping over it, as is my daughter and obviously this would be very dangerous at the top of the stairs. At first I couldn't work out how to open it with one hand while carrying my daughter but then I realised the best way to do it is to use the top of my foot to lift the gate. All in all a brilliant product that I high recommend.
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on 21 May 2016
Simple and effective, looks neat and is easy to use.The mechanism is very simple, a lift and click, with the hinge side able to move up and down to allow the clip side to sit in the mounting cup. There's a stopper to stop the hinge side coming out when you lift it. Can be a little stiff to lift up due to the friction of lifting the hinge, which is just a metal loop that sits over a plastic rod.

Very easy to install with the supplied instructions. There's even a paper template you can attach to your newel post or wall providing exact measurements to allow you to drill guide holes before mounting the plastic attachments. In theory at least ... I found that the gate we received was slightly warped on one side, so that I had to re-drill two of the holes to allow the bottom to sit in the cup as this threw it out of alignment by about 1.5cm, just enough to mean it wouldn't close properly. Oh well, two extra holes in the banister.

Overall very happy and will buy again.
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