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BaByliss Brilliant Shine
by BaByliss
3.2 out of 5 stars (59)
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Not too sure Judith, but to be honest I would save your money, not too sure it makes any difference whatsoever!
13 Mar 2014 by Vixalon
Hi . No it does not make any noise. Although if Yu put yr ear very close to the brush Yu can just about hear it. Unfortunately as I posted in my review I found it does not work at all. It is a very expensive cheap looking brush.
25 Mar 2014 by C. V. Moreau
Not really - better for medium to long length :-)
10 Mar 2014 by David K.
It tames my flyaway / slightly frizzy hair & does improve condition. I have straight hair so not sure how good it would be on curly hair
23 May 2015 by Caroline
cLEANINg & MAINTENANcE To make cleaning easier the head of the ionic brush can be removed. We recommend cleaning your brush regularly to prevent hair and styling products from building up. * Whilst holding the head of the handle firmly in one hand and the handle in the other, pull the two sections apart. * Use a comb to remove hair from your brush, then clean the head of your brush in warm, slightly soapy water. * Dry the brush head thoroughly before placing the head and handle back together. WARNINg! Do not immerse the handle of the brush in water or other liquids.
24 Jan 2015 by Mo P
It can be used on damp hair but it is best used on dry hair, when hair is actually frizzy.
26 Mar 2014 by Nishi
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