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Sorry I can,t help, I only use this device as a Blu-Ray player.
3 Mar 2014 by Mr. J. A. Bentley
On the balance of probabilities, I would say it is compatible. The Sony has all the necessary digital and analogue outputs so, with the correct cables, should work fine. Please understand that I don't own the Denon speaker but I do have 20 years of working in the HiFi industry. Good luck! Nigel.
23 Feb 2014 by Nigel L. Jenkins
does it play 3D ? 21 Feb 2014
No this model does not play 3D. The S4100 does but that is not WI-FI. The next model that is both 3D and Wi-Fi is the S5200. The S5100 has more features but is also more expensive. Hope this helps.
21 Feb 2014 by C. R. Clark
Some BD-ROMs with the "BD-LIVE" logo with bonus content and other data can be downloaded. You can also play from a USB device or via a network or a home network (DLNA server).
18 Feb 2014 by Vicki
Standard Sony warranty is 12 months but you can normally buy an extended warranty for up to 5 years but with a commodity at this price you have to seriously ask - is it worth it? It's usually cheaper to buy new again than pay for the extra cover
2 Feb 2014 by Roger Norman
No, I have tried to connect unfortunately they don't recognise the format or device.
26 Jan 2014 by Saima
Yes Wifi built in,easy setup, great product for price,I have 2 Hope this helps
18 Jan 2014 by AWG Grant
Anything you can watch online, you can watch with this DVD player
19 Jan 2014 by FreeGirl420
I found this on the amazon page for the item. If I remember right, region 2 is europe and 1 is the US.
13 Jan 2014 by Michael Hammond
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