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4.8 out of 5 stars52
4.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 8 January 2014
I'm not particularly a fan of continuation books or trilogies. Of the few I have read the subsequent books always disappoint but with this trilogy that was not the case and each book is as good as the previous one. It was a long wait for this book but it was worth it.

I love Dean and Liv. In this book Liv is so much stronger and Dean is realising that he doesn't always have to be her hero. I loved the references to Knights and Dean is definitely Liv's Knight in shining armour!

This book is the steamiest of the three regarding love scenes. Things definitely heat up between the pair. What the reader never doubts is how much these two love each other. There are some new characters introduced in this book. Liv's mother and a man who meant a lot to Liv when she was growing up, her friend North. I loved him!

If I had one small criticism it would be that I felt the resolution to Dean's trouble at work was a bit OTT and like something from a movie! Also the love declarations got a bit too soppy for me towards the end but that's personal preference and neither of these criticisms interfered with my enjoyment of the story.

I love this authors writing style and have loved reading Dean and Liv's story. I look forward to reading something new from this talented author but Dean and Liv will take some beating!
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on 18 January 2014
A Breathtakingly,Passionate,Beautifully written sexy story that you can't put down.You will simply fall in LOVE with Olivia and Dean and I feel so sad that I have read and finished the series.The writers articulation in this book is just amazing, its a love story wonderfully told with glorious sex scenes that make you catch you breath. Please let there be another story/follow on book.FABULOUS !!!
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on 13 January 2014
This was the perfect ending to Dean and Liv's love story.
Dean's career is on a knife edge and he begins to doubt himself. While Dean is working in Italy Liv just gets stronger and stronger proving to him that she is capable of making life choices. It is Liv's strength that sees him through this turbulent time of his career and their marriage.
What's never in doubt is their love for one another and this just gets stronger and stronger. There are many passionate love (sex) scenes but these do not detract from this beautiful captivating love story.
The novels are skilfully written and the characters are strong and well developed.
If like a good love story then this series is for you.
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Awaken, A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Three), Nina Lane.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
So, book three, the home stretch. I'm sort of sad that it finsishes, and yet excited to see how it ends. Dean and Liv feel so real to me. The great thing agbout trilogies ( and series) is that it allows the length for some really inventive, creative narrating, and lets us get to know the characters involved fully. I hate waiting though, so I was really fortunate to get all three parts for review so I could read them back to back. Thats how I love to read trilogies and series, without months of gap where I lose the thread of the plots and the momentum of the emotion. This trilogy is packed with emotion and solid drama and reading this way means I feel that all the way through.
So, poor Dean and Liv, cicumstances have forced a temporary separation on them, with Dean being on a dig in Italy....they have phone sex, cyber sex and help-yourself sex, but erotic though it is for them its not a patch on the real thing they agree. They really miss each other, not just for sex! But for that companionship, for how whole they feel together. The issues that forced the separation won't seem to go away and then grow in intensity, creating friction for both of them as they can't talk to anyone about it. To add to that Liv's mum turns up – Dean isn't happy about that either. He's so full of need for control, and it seems as if he feels everything is slipping away, and he just can't handle that. Liv though – she really grows in this final part, gaining a confidence she never thought she's had. It's backed by the enduring love she knows Dean has for her. Whatever their problems they both know that the love they share is special, its not just a one life thing but an enduring soul mate type density that is bone deep, in every part of them from the skin to the soul..I love that about them, I love the way Dean calls her Beauty. Love, Darling, Beautiful, Honey, even that awful (to me ) overused US Baby term – they're all kind of throwaway, generic terms but Beauty – its not something usually said and it feels really special when he calls Liv that. A term kept just for her. He's such a great man, strong and attractive, and so full of romantic ideas to show Liv just how much he thinks of her.
Liv was a bit lost in the earlier parts, slowly growing in confidence, but not really going anywear. She keeps thinking about how little she's achieved, fearing she'll end up like her mum, with nothing to show for her life. She's much stronger though, and as Dean reminds her, she pulled herself out of that life of her mums' at a very early age. Then despite setbacks stuck to her plans, faced her fears and through all that they managed to find each other and be together. Now she's in a new venture, and finally feels she's achieved something worthwhile. They are still battling the thing that separated them though..Dean is back now, but still constrained in what he's allowed to do and where he can go, and with her mum also around there's potential for so much tension.
Well, I though I knew what was going to happen, then it looked like it was going in another direction and then....all change again, right at the final moment, and made for a fantastic, perfect conclusion. Its been a great ride with Liv and Dean, and there characters are ones that will stay with me for a very long time. Books that are well worth reading, full of real people, emotional dramas and satisfying conclusions. Definitely a trio to keep for re reading.
Stars: Five again. Not a simple, easy, light read but a trilogy that pulls at emotions and makes the reader think deeply about problems and solutions. Throw in all the hot, erotic, racy sex and its a winner all the way.
ARC supplied by Literati Author Services
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on 7 May 2014
Olivia was a student at the time she met Dean who was a professor though not hers, both were attracted and dated, it wasn't like jumping each other's bones the first time like some books have these days.
This was their past, their present however was of them being married for I think it was 3yrs (forgot, it was something like that).
Marriage was all fine, they loved each other, their passion undying etc.. until she has a pregnancy scare. That changes a lot for them, questioning them of their motives, marriage and life. Do they want more or are they content.
Dean is quite possessive and overly protective, he cocoons her so much and as much as she loves it she wants to prove to herself and him she can do things for herself and he cant and shouldn't always try to protect her.
Because his protection is what brought another problem in their already tense marriage, she learned of a secret he kept hidden, things would've been sorted had they talked and discussed but they always seemed to avoid it and try to pretend everything was perfect and fine.
Then came a roller-coaster ride for them both. From a man entering their lives, to Dean's family, her mother and a female student who was out for revenge and wanting to ruin Dean's career for good. All of this had an impact on their lives and marriage in a good way and bad way. In the end came their HEA.
I won't be going into detail with all this, I suggest you read it, each books is at a nice pace and I wished the books did continue because their love story was really something brilliant, it had that touch of reality to it which you can relate to which I loved more about this book.
Nina Lane's writing is absolutely brilliant as well.
5* for all 3 books.
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on 11 February 2014
Review is for the entire trilogy in Arouse, Allure,, Awaken

Flawless writing standard - always a relief and a welcome especially in view of so many other poorly-written e-books.

I wanted the love story between Olivia and Dean as I understand that although Nina Lane writes 'erotica', this trilogy is classified as a romance. The love story was there, but superimposed on it were far too many 'bed scenes'. After a while they made 'tedious' reading when page after page was given over to the detailed descriptions of the couple's interaction in bed. The love scenes were crafted by a deft hand - but how many times would the reader want to sit through them?

There would be times when Olivia and Dean would make beautiful love when they retired for the night - these detailed descriptions would cover several pages - then it was the morning after the night before - and low and behold, they were 'at it again' the moment they woke. They would hardly have had time to come up for air when Olivia would leave their bed to make breakfast and Dean would come up to entice her into a PRE-breakfast romp. This would often be followed by a POST-breakfast make-out session, entailing endless pages of much of the same. No matter how exquisite the delivery of these scenes, they did overwhelm the reader's senses.

Olivia would also have erotic dreams of Dean in her sleep. When Dean was around, he would wake her from these 'hot dreams' to indulge in a full blown 'bed session - after which, he would ask for a detailed description of her dream. She would then embark on a blow-by-blow account of her 'hot dream' - which would of course pull them both into a state of heightened arousal AGAIN - and there would follow MORE pages that detailed how they were burning each other up Inevitably the point arrived for the reader - at least for this one, when my eyes had glazed over.

The love story was there. But it was swamped by the frequent and frenzied 'sheets burning' sessions' . I am not a fan of 'erotica-based' books, so my review of this trilogy would reflect my personal reading preference - which would be at variance with how other readers view these books. .

I also think that Olivia and Dean's love story could have been pared down to two books rather than three by curtailing a big chunk of the make-out sessions within the story.
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on 5 February 2014
Sometimes I wonder if I "over-think" what I want to write in a review....because once it's out there, someone, somewhere is going to make an opinion on what you've written. For this particular series I haven't enough words to describe how all-encompassing, soul searching, heart wrenching and joyful it is...

I had the Spiral Series kept safe on my Kindle for a while and I am being deeply honest in saying that I wasn't sure if I wanted to read a story about a married couple (I am happily married!)...could it be interesting enough? heart thumping enough? hot enough? emotional enough? So, here's what I thought....Liv and Dean's story is absolutely beautiful; really, really beautiful. Nina blew me away with her writing style - three books worth of it, divine :) Her words flowed effortlessly taking emotions all over the place (I LOVE that!), coming back to the conclusion that these two people were always meant to be together, through all the trials and tribulations of life, and indeed, of married life.

I read a quote yesterday, "If a book makes you cry, it's a good book. If a book can make you cry several times, it's extraordinary" Well, every time I think about Nina's Spiral Series I start to get that lump in my throat and I really DO start to well up - it's amazing, truly and the best measure of it is that you will be thinking about Liv and Dean's story long after you've finished reading it - you'll soul search, you'll reflect and you'll count YOUR blessings...wonderful.
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on 18 January 2014
Welcome back Professor Hottie. I missed you.

The third part of this trilogy takes you on the final journey for our hot Professor and his wife and it gives you an insight into their marriage and makes you question whether their love was enough?

Awaken was everything (and more) that I could have wished for from Nina Lane. It was a perfect read and a perfect conclusion to this trilogy. I did not want to get to that final page. I absolutely loved it.

Dean can I vocalize how much I loved this man and I can honestly say he is one of my favourite book heroes - he had it all - good looking, intelligent, passionate, full of kindness and a man of deep loyalty, strength and integrity. Dean would slay monsters for Olivia and would stand by her side when she needed to slay them herself.

For Olivia West her most valuable lesson that she learned from her journey was to love the one who proved that happily ever after is only the beginning.

Nina Lane has an fantastic talent. Her ability to draw you into this story, believing everything that you are reading, a great writing voice, the overall plot and the talent to produce a heart pumping, passionate story.

So for those of you who have yet read this trilogy put it to the very top of your TBR list - it's a must read and for me this poem says it all about Deans love for Olivia.

I want to stay faithful,
Protect your honour,
Seek peace, obey
Fear, serve and honour you,
Until death, peerless lady.

For I love you so much,
That one could sooner dry up
The deep sea and hold back its waves
Than I could restrain myself from loving you.

A pure gem of a story and one that I will read over and over again.
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on 18 January 2014
I can't begin to explain how much I enjoyed this trilogy, not just for the sex (wonderfully emotive and hot as it was), but for the deep, 3 dimensional characters, the refreshingly cerebral slant to the storyline and the whole message of Liv and Dean's story. An insightful, informative story clearly written by a very intelligent and intellectual author. I can't recommend it highly enough!
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on 22 January 2014
The long awaited 3rd book Awaken, wow this rounded off the story brilliantly. The love that Liv and Dean have was strong, passionate and sexy. I was reading with bated breathe of how the problems prof Dean was having at the university were going to pan out love the dramatic conclusion of that was on the end of my seat. HEA that we all love yes that got that but they kinda had angst mixed with their happy it was just a case of everything else around them that needed a conclusion not their love that was palpable all the way through. I was so engrossed with Awaken I felt like I was actually their sounds strange but I could feel the story as if I was there. Nina lane is one of my favourite authors she did a fab job with this trilogy and can not wait what's in the future. I'm going to miss prof and beautiful they are by far one of my best book couples. (oh word advice I've seen some reviews saying too much sex scenes I thought there was an ok amount but it showed that they had such strong love couldn't keep their hands off each other Nina was spot on...........
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