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Depends... For best results, replace transformer with a proper LED driver - they are not expensive and will ensure a: longer life of the LEDs and no compatibility problems. If the transformer has a lower start rating than the combined load of all leds, you should be OK. I have been told that an old-fashioned (non-electronic) one will work, but have not verified this personally
22 days ago by Dadio
Hi - overall depth is about 7-8mm as there are components on the back. They do however fit the fairly standard recessed cabinet lights you find in kitchen cornice etc. The connector is mid depth so you need about 3mm in front and 4mm behind where the connector is on your fitting. I know you didn't ask this, but be aware that these are only 3W or so of power and therefore you must take a look at your current transformer and see what it's minimum load is. Most 100W Halogen transformers have a 20-30W minimum load so you'd need 7-10 of these to make it work without flicker. If you have the flicker problem or need lower rated transformers I can recommend the Aurora LED transformers, they are good quality and very well priced.
27 Jan 2015 by DaveK
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