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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2002
This is the first book in the Artefacts of Power tetralogy (followed by Harp of Winds, The Sword of Flame and Dhiammara).
Aurian is a red-haired young girl, daughter of the Magefolk, who lives with her mother Eilin in the crater left by the magical accident that killed her father. Upon hearing of the catastrophe, Forral, a skilled Mortal swordsman, friend of Aurian's late father, comes to offer his help. Although most unwelcome by Eilin at first, he'll take care of Aurian's education and physical training as she grows up. It won't take the little girl very long to fall in love with the man.
But soon it's time for Aurian to move to the city of Nexis and its Academy, to be trained among the Mages. Only then does she realize the social chasm and power struggle that exist between the Mage and Mortal casts.
Anvar is a slave boy working in the kitchens. Being regularly beaten by his master, he escapes one day from the Academy, and stumbles upon Aurian. Being of a gentle nature, she decided to takes him under her wing, as her personal servant.
For Miathan the Archmage, this is going to far, for he wants Aurian for himself. Before long, his jealousy and thirst for power will lead to a terrible confrontation, releasing deadly wraiths, unleashing Hell. Aurian has no choice but to sail away. But in the magical storm created by Eliseth the Weather-Mage, she stands no chance and she soon finds herself stranded on the shores of the beautiful yet hostile Southern Kingdoms, where she'll rediscover the history of the only weapons that can defeat Miathan: the Artefacts of Power.
Aurian is a wonderful fantasy, packed with action and unexpected turns. The world created by Maggie Furrey is enchanting and mysterious, her characters endearing and real. And even though Aurian's capricious and impulsive temper sometimes had the tendency to get on my nerves, I grew very fond of Anvar and I'm looking forward to seeing their friendship evolve and the story unravel.
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on 20 April 2001
Why has it taken me so long to find this author! A superb fantasy, rich in characters, ideas and texture - a must for anyone liking this genre.
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on 26 September 2000
Wow. Absolutely fantastic. After reading Lord of the Rings, I doubted I would find another fantasy novel so enjoyable, so quickly. This book was perfect. If you are looking for something which you won't want to put down, this is it. Combines magic, unique characters and situations, each with sub-plots and depth not normally accomplished in one novel. Original, fast and funny whilst emotional. Easily one of the best books I've ever read, I just can't wait to read the next three !
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on 30 July 2015
I first read this book as a teenager, after having loaned ot from my local library
I have since purchased all from this series and the shadow league series. It is immediately entertaining and drags you into an addictive reading situation! I bought these because I immediately knew it would be the kind of book I would happily read again and again over the years! I am sucked in whenever I read and am thoroughly happy to say it is a big middle finger to all those who say a woman cannot write a decent fantasy book! Suck on that E L James you big perv you!
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on 30 June 1996
Maggie Furey writes a gripping tale of mages, mortals and
the love that can keep a world going. Aurian, gifted with
fire magic from her late father and earth magic from her
mother, grows into the only mage capable of preventing
another cataclysm caused by dark magic from destroying the
world. Her love for a mortal, frowned upon by other mages,
proves to be the critical factor in her growing skills.

Unfortunately, Aurian has conceived a child by her mortal
lover, Forrel. Mithial, the Archmage and Aurian's teacher,
attempts to abort the child without Aurien's knowledge but
is interrupted by Anvar, Aurian's servant and bondsman, and
Forrel. Mithial unleashes a host of dark wraiths against
Forrel by using the forbidden cauldron, an artifact left
from the old ages that was used for evil and hidden away long
ago. The death of her lover causes Aurian to vow vengance
against Mithial and rid the world of the cauldron and its

This is an excellent story, with many well developed
characters and an engrossing plot. The story is continued
in Harp of Winds.
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on 4 November 2006
This is a difficult book to review. I could spend ages listing all the things wrong with it(cheesy writing, predictability, horribly obvious baddies with names like 'Blacktalon'), but for all that it was good fun, and I will be buying the next one in the series.

Aurian is an absolutely typical fantasy novel, full of fearless females and power-hungry maniacs; the fantasy equivalent of Mills and Boon. Don't read it expecting Lord of the Rings, and you should be ok.
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on 9 November 2012
I've owned the series The Artefacts of Power for more than ten years & yet still find all of them a pleasant read.

Aurian was my introduction to the fantasy genre & despite branching out to David Eddings & Ann McCaffery, I still find myself occasionally picking up Aurian & happily reading my way through the entire series.

Furey has written what I consider to be the definition of the fantasy genre. The plot is a classic good vs. evil, the language is reasonably simple, description is competent to strong; the characters are interesting & easy to associate with &, to visit a cliché, features plenty of magic, combat & the odd dragon. Furey hasn't reinvented the genre by any means, but the world in which the story plays out is well formed & you get a good picture of what is being presented.

It is fairly obvious from this series & her other fantasy series, the Shadow League, that Furey is a fairly strong feminist. Her principle characters are all strong females & some of the male protagonists are a bit pathetic at times. While the chief antagonist is male, there is a swathe of female antagonists as well. That said, I wasn't particularly bothered by this, the characters principle traits are consistent & Furey cleverly injects ways of speaking that give characters the accents that show they are from different countries despite the convenience of language being translated through magic.

As with many fantasy novels, it doesn't take a genius to work out where the plot will go & the antagonists are classic villains whose motivations are simply to take over, but this doesn't mean the reader isn't rewarded for the time invested & as there are four books to the series, Furey takes her time building up to finale, but offers plenty of rises & falls throughout the plot, even happily killing off what the reader might think as indispensable characters, keeping the plot interesting.

Prior to Aurian, my tastes lay with firmly with Sci-Fi, so to be completely hooked into the genre speaks volumes for how accessible the plot is. I'd thoroughly recommend the entire series to anyone looking to enter the genre as well as to anyone familiar with the genre & looking for an enjoyable addition to any library.
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on 31 December 1997
This exciting fantasy novel tells the story of Aurian (a red-headed mage), of her adventures and of her friends. I enjoyed this well written book and I recommended it to my sister and my mother. They both love the book. I have already read "Harp of Winds,"The Sword of Flame", and have just started "Dhiammara!" I hope that Maggie Furey will write more of these fantastically magical stories! I loved this book and hope that everyone who reads it will enjoy it as much as I have.
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on 5 September 2004
Normally I have always dimissed fantasy books, until this book. I picked Aurian and Harp of Winds in my local libary for 20p each and left them on the self. I was going to throw it out but I read the first page and the one after that and the one after that. I was completely and utterly hooked and it was agony waiting for the next installment. It has everything! A kick-ass heroine and two heroes who you fall in love with. It is a love story and action-adventure and myth yet you never feel stupid for reading it. The only bad thing about the series is the last one is disappointing but apart from that a great advertisement for legend fictionWarning: get them all at once you will not want to wait for them to arrive.
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on 2 January 2013
This was actualy one of the first things I ever got from amazon,
I got it as a quick test to make sure all went well and gave it to my partner,
I'm guessing the book must be good as she consistently went ahead and read every other book in the series

The book was a used book, it was in good condition though and arrived in only a couple of days, certainly can't grumble for the price I paid
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