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3.7 out of 5 stars159
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2012
I bought this mic to complement my Zoom H4n recorder when doing DSLR video work. For the price I think it's an excellent product. It sounds really good with spoken voice and I definitely recommend it to others - and might buy more if I had a need. I do have a couple of observations that might be useful to others though:

Firstly, the lead is long (great!) but it can only be used at full length. So, if you're intending to put the recording device into the pocket of the person you're interviewing, you still have to use the full length (unbalanced) chord. It would be nice if there was a male-female adapter in there somewhere (such as by the battery casing) to enable a shorter connection when needed- even if the lead isn't supplied. That said, I've been using it in my office a lot which is full of gadgetry and all kinds of sources of interference and not had any issues at all. This is only reason I give four stars rather than five.

The second two observations are really for users of the Zoom H4n so may not apply to others, but I mention here as it's a very popular recorder.

Firstly, the output of this mic isn't particularly hot, so you have to use the rear external mic input. I tried converting the 3.5mm jack from the mic to 7mm mono and also to XLR using a Rode adapter I have for my VideoMic pro and it sounds REALLY quiet. The XLRs on the Zoom are nothing like as sensitive as the rear mic input. This does mean you can't use the stereo mics on the H4n at the same time. It also means that you won't be able to run two of these mics into the XLRs for multi-track recording which may be relevant to other potential purchasers. If this is an issue for you, you will probably need a (more expensive) mic with a hotter output. When using the 3.5mm input on the H4n - or any other recorder with a sufficiently sensitive input, this mic sounds fantastic and therefore, for my needs, I'm very happy with it.

Finally, the 3.5mm jack on the ATR-3350 is straight and not a right-angle jack. That might be great for most uses, but with the Zoom H4n and the need to use the rear-input, this does mean you have to either hold the recorder, or lie it on its side as the mic lead is going straight into the back of the H4n. It also makes putting it into the pocket of the person you're interviewing nigh on impossible. I think a lower-profile right-angle jack would actually be more practical for use on a microphone like this that will very often be used with pocket recording devices. So, while this isn't really a criticism of this microphone, it's something I mention here in case it applies to other potential customers - as I'd suggest buying a 3.5mm right angle adapter at the same time.

In summary - a great sounding microphone, very fit for purpose and I'm a very happy customer that would definitely recommend it to others with the slight caveats / recommendations above.
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on 27 February 2015
 A great budget lavalier microphone - sound is nice and rounded and will suit most novice/entry level users. I recorded the audio for the review with the mic into a Zoom H1 recorder - I then tweaked the audio in Adobe Audition (just to boost the volume slightly). I am really pleased with the results. I have been using a borrowed Sony mic that cost over £300 and to be honest, the Audio Technica faired pretty well (prob because I'm not very technically gifted).

My only issue with this mic is the extra long cable. If you are planning on recording your audio straight into the mic port on your camera, then this would enable you to get some distance away, but for me I find it a pain to store/untangle, and as I am putting the recorder in my pocket, the cable has to trail down my leg and on to the floor. Other than that, a cracking little mic!
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on 12 July 2011
I bought this microphone to replace a Hama LM-09 Microphone which I believe was a defective unit. I didn't replace the Hama like-for-like because I was recommended this Audio Technica model prior to sending the Hama back.

This mic is suitable for capturing speech from a single person, when coupled with a camcorder or sound recorder that can accept a self-powered mic input via a 3.5mm port.

From looking at previous reviews it would seem that some people looking at the product think it will serve as a PC or laptop microphone. It won't - a lavalier mic is not the appropriate technology at all. You will end up with sound so quiet that digitally increasing the volume causes unacceptable distortion. Also I would suggest that if you want perfect crystal clear audio from any type of microphone you need to expect to be paying substantially more money, and trying to get it from a lav is setting yourself up to fail in any case.

The mic is "okay" for jobs where speech needs to take precedence in the recording, but only if sound quality is not critically important. As with most other cheap lavalier microphones I have used, the mic needs to be pointed straight at the sound source and not placed too close, otherwise the sound is either flattened or clipped respectively. With some devices a distinct hum is created in the sound recording, as other reviewers mention, but this is to be expected from low-end kit, especially since it is not shielded.

I have had variable experiences recording with this, which largely came down to the other equipment in the local environment causing electromagnetic interference. To get the best possible recording from this mic, you will likely need to do the following:

- Know your device's capabilities, e.g. does your camera have an "attenuate audio" function, and do you know how to use it?
- Know the limits of what your software can restore, e.g. if your audio editing package has no high-pass filter then you're going to want to avoid rumbling background noises;
- Turn off your phone/tablet/Blackberry or any other devices using the mobile network BEFORE recording. Air-plane mode will suffice, but simply silencing them will not. You WILL get network chatter embedded in your recordings if you don't turn them off;
- Turn off nearby electrical devices that involve any form of power transformation. This would include power adaptors, chargers, computer towers, laptops, particle accelerators, televisions... basically if it's not a simple circuit (i.e. a lamp) then it's going to cause interference.

This seems quite tedious but it is best practice when you are dealing with low end equipment like this. I don't wish to over-criticise the microphone, because you can only expect so much from a lav at this end of the market; I'm just pointing out the reality of the product.

The build quality is absolutely fine for the price. The control box is in a much more sensible place than it is with the equivalent Hama mic, and it's a more reasonable size. An on/off LED indicator would have been appreciated as I have done the whole "massive long take with the mic turned off" thing already. At 6m long the cable is a really good length, although it also acts as an antenna for interference so this is something of a double-edged sword when you are in an environment you cannot control. I would have appreciated some kind of belt-mounted winder for the cable.

The wind-shield is about as effective as you would imagine (so not very) and pops off the mic head whenever it feels like it, so I can see that being lost fairly soon. The clip however is very enthusiastic and has a firm, positive action. Lastly it is probably worth mentioning that this is a mono microphone, so when you import sound to editing you will need to duplicate it to the second speaker channel if you want stereo.

All in all, it's about what you would expect for the price. Assuming you don't expect the moon on a stick, that is.
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on 13 July 2012
This is an amazing microphone for the price. I've been using them for years in situations where I don't want to risk expensive equipment and they have never let me down.
A few important points after reading the other reviews.... they are not really designed to be used for Skype-type applications so don't expect them to be great at that. The clip is fine if you slide it on from the back of the mic. If you force it on from the side the strain will eventually break the plastic so treat them carefully.

A very important point I've just discovered is that the design has recently changed slightly. They used to come with a mono plug which was fine except that it meant you'd only get sound on one channel of a stereo recorder. No real problem as it's obviously a mono mic and you can always sort it out while editing. The new ones have a stereo plug which gives you the same signal on both channels. Good in that there's slightly less fiddling during the edit BUT, for some reason it won't work with some video cameras, for example the Panasonic SD900! They produce a LOT of electronic noise which makes them unusable. I've tried two of them and they both have the same effect. I bought the Hama equivalent microphone, which still has the mono plug, and that works fine. I haven't had a chance to look into it further but just be aware that these mics may not work with your piece of equipment.
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on 14 October 2013
This product was recommended to me as part of a getting started kit for my video creation. It is better than what I would expect from a starter kit type scenario. Professional quality and budget pricing. Yes, I would buy it again.
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on 19 November 2014
So... Upgraded to a new camcorder and required a lavalier microphone to step up the quality of our recordings. When I received the microphone it was well packaged and included everything required to get started, however the quality of the product is terrible and the design is the worst I've seen yet. This is a condenser microphone and requires power from a coin cell battery. The issue with this is that there is no LED to indicate if the microphone is operational, how much charge the battery has left, and an indicator to let you know that the battery charge is so low that it will yield poor quality recordings with a high noise floor. This is a massive design overlook as it makes this microphone pretty much useless. If you consider that most people will be buying this to add to a setup where they will not be monitoring the live audio feed, this microphone can ruin perfect takes or not even capture the recording at all. I was caught out with this as after hours of work was completed the battery turned out to die.

Next the clip is of poor quality. The part that holds the microphone is made out of plastic and mine broke on the first day of use. Next this plastic is held to an crocodile clip by a metal screw. What this screw did in the first day is scratch off the black anodising - making the microphone have silver marks all over it. It looked so scruffy. In the end I had to superglue the microphone onto the clip... After another day I gave up with this useless lavalier microphone and phoned Amazon for a refund (which was granted). I have recorded a YouTube video about this is you want to see what happened:
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on 15 February 2013
This mic works well for interviews, sound quality is good. A good mic for the money. I recomend it. bye
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on 5 July 2013
I bought this for a series of interviews I recently conducted as this mic is intended. A few people on here have been saying they have bought it to use as a web cam mic. It is not intended for that, so if that's what you're looking for I suggest looking elsewhere. If however you need an affordable mic for interviews this is a great little piece of equipment. Remember to either switch it on or always leave it switched on otherwise you won't record any sound as it by passes the camera built in mic.
The lead is quite fragile aswell, so just make people aware that there is a trailing lead along the floor!
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on 15 August 2015
If you plan to record anything of value I would urge you not to buy this as it is almost certain that at some point the cable will short out and stop working!
For the price you could buy a backup unit but unless someone is monitoring the audio being recorded in real-time there is no way to verify if the device is even working.
Personally, this was an issue as I needed it for scenario's where the person being interviewed was walking, thus the mic cable and recording device needed to be hidden on the interviewee and I could only check the audio in between takes to check that it was functioning correctly.

The first device I bought begun to short out literally the second time I used it, approx. 3 days after it arrived & I thought maybe I was just unlucky and got a replacement. I then borrowed a friends a few months later for a job where I needed an extra mic and guess what, when I checked the audio from my friends mic, it was shorting out in places and caused me to lose some audio as I hadn't been able to listen to the whole recording until after the interview.

The nail in the coffin for this device was when my replacement unit just stopped working half way through a job ruining the quality of the video. The jobs were cheap jobs of course (I'd have bought a proper mic if I was at professional level) but nevertheless, it's wasted time and lost money.

Another small gripe is you basically need tweezers to get the battery out. I've seen some complain about having to remember to switch the device off to save battery but the amount of time my parents smacked me around the back of the head as a child to leave things how I find them means this wasn't an issue for me as I found myself automatically switching the device back off after use!

My conclusion is that although the quality of the audio is 'quite' good (The signal to noise ratio isn't super clean but more than decent) particularly if you use a high quality wave recorder such as a 'zoom' to record, the gauge quality of the wire is so cheap and thin it is like buying earphones from the pound store... you know it is only a matter of time before they stop working!
And don't get me started on the length of the cable! I suspect the ridiculously long length of the cable contributes to the devices shorting out by causing tiny breaks in the thin cheap wire. In fact as soon as I saw the wire length I brought Velcro strips and ensured I coiled the cable as they do in the professional audio industry but this didn't help. Keeping the cable straight may help but just isn't practical due to its length.

If you need a mic for a situation where your subject is static, this mic may be useful (if you have a spare too) as you can monitor your audio as it is being recorded and spot when the shorting happens. The added bonus to is you can even be in a different country as you're monitoring the audio due to the ludicrously long cable! To be honest however, it's probably a better idea to save your money and buy something of a higher calibre rather than deal with the headache of false economy.

I don't know how the product has so many positive reviews but then again, I always wait a few months before I review an item and I suspect a lot of the positive reviews here might not be so positive had they been made further on down the line.
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on 28 March 2013
I have just done a quick test of this microphone attached to my Cannon HG10 video camera & it works OK. I did have problems in inserting the battery into the container, due it's small size.

I did a test with my computer on & fans blowing, & you could hear the computer.
A further test with the wind shield on the mic. and a house hold fan blowing away
about 2 feet away from me, you could hear a slight dull drone of the fan, & would
say that this was good.

To summarise, this is a reasonable quality product at a great price.
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