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4.6 out of 5 stars39
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Collector's|Format: Box|Change
Price:£35.69+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 26 March 2013
When I opened this as a Christmas present in 2011 I was very impressed with the box design and general presentation of the goods inside. It is rare that I find a "limited edition" or "collectors edition" that stands out enough to not be stashed away out of sight, I find this one is good enough to be seen on display.

As for the game, I was not entirely convinced the first time I picked this up as I was not getting into the story and found the new skills and control system annoying. This pit me off playing the game for a while and it spent a couple of months collecting dust. However, I was reminded about the game when I heard the announcement for Assassins creed 3 and I wanted to complete this one to follow the story through and see what happens to Ezio at the end of his journey. Surprisingly I got into the game really quickly and this time I was able to enjoy it and, although it took a while to perfect the new skills involved in this game, I played it right through without any further complaint. I am impressed by the size of the game and the level of detail shows how much games are progressing in terms of quality, not just in graphics but also in storytelling and the immersion of the game that makes the player feel emotion about the events they are watching.

I don't quite know why I didn't like it at first but I am glad I picked it up once more and played through. This is definitely one to play through and if you find it slow, like I did, just give it time.
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on 23 November 2011
The latest instalment of the Assassins Creed franchise sees us bring Ezio's story to an end in Constantinople. As with previous releases, you play through sequences of memories revealing the events as you go along.

Familiar features from previous games see a return here including occupied dens (that once liberated become your dens), sending your recruited Assassin's on missions around the Mediterranean, as well as collecting items to unlock other 'events' (Animus data fragments unlock Desmond's story and memoir pages). New to this game is the construction of bombs (a feature that you are likely to use a lot throughout the game) Graphically though, the standard has been maintained if not better than previous seen.

There are just a few complaints about the game. First is that if you are just playing the main story without completing any of the side quests (Dens, fragments etc.) the game itself feels rather short compared to it previous outings. Of course once you complete the game there is the option of return to complete missing side quests and get 100% memory sync.

Another negative comes from the multi-player side of things. It's done through what is called a Uplay passport, which means that if you have two PS3 consoles and one game, then you're going to need two codes (you can apparently buy another code from the Store but at the time of writing, they didn't seem to be available at the time) or start a trial version.

Overall though, the game itself is a good addition, combining what we already knew and loved but brings some new elements into the mix. A must for those that have played the series so far.

With regards to the Collector's Edition, in addition to the game, it also comes with an art book, Soundtrack selection from all the games and the short film CGI animated film, Embers. Present in a box where sliding the assassin's seal upwards reveals the box contents.
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on 20 November 2011
Assassin's Creed:Revelations is a game that exceeds all my expectations. Unlike the first three it brings out more of thrill when you fight against the templars/other foes. Constantinople is overall fantastic with a lot of detail within. Although i have yet to complete the story, So far it has been thrilling, enjoyable and still gives me the same feeling as i got Assassin's Creed 2 (first one was not as great as it could've been which was a shame) that feeling is a "wow, i'm going to enjoy this" thus cannot wait to find out what happens in the end. Away from the actual game, the Collector's box is just simply amazing, if you are going to play the game and then sell it on afterwards, don't get this. The box aswell as the Artbook are things to keep for a very long time and there would be no point if you bought and were just going to play the game. Overall so far, i have not been let down by this game and i recommend it to people who like the mid-paced, "thinking" game and not to people who just like the run and gun fps. 9.9/10 , Enjoy
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on 18 November 2011
Once again Ezio takes the main stage. Sadly this wasn't the 3 way split I was hoping for or even a 50/50 split between Ezio and Altair. The main story follows Ezio searching for the keys to Altair's library. With each key Ezio witnesses a piece of Altair's memory allowing you to replay as Altair. The first time this happened I felt a warm feeling of familiarity I got to play the good old fashioned version of the original Assassin's Creed. The memory was short lived however and the four or five that followed with each key became further from being a true assassin as Altair becomes an old man (rather rapidly).

Sadly it was while playing as Altair that I felt perhaps Ubisoft have given us a little too much. Allow me to explain. In the move from AC2 to Brotherhood, we were given new weapons, a remodel of the "upgrade the shop" system, capturing Borgia towers and the addition of gaining Assassin recruits. With this installation we get this and even more. The hook blade is a great addition, allowing quick climbing, rope gliding and flipping over guards (or flinging them to the ground). As a new weapon it makes sense in the AC universe. The bombs however just feel unnecessary (but I'll come back to those).
Then there's the RTS style "den defense" a mini game that I played all of three times (the first being a tutorial). And on top of all that, in replacement for the glyph puzzles there's now the Desmond memory sections where you get to play a strange first person platform puzzle that will have you screaming in frustration (or that might be just me).
Assassin's Creed just seems to offer too much. For example, the side quest for Brotherhood where you sent your assassin's out on missions made sense. It was part of a game that was designed to sit side by side with its multiplayer child but in Revelations it just seems pointless.
Then the bombs, ooooh the bombs. These were supposed to be a big feature but I barely used them. Some people may enjoy experimenting but I never reached a point where I felt the need to use them. On one mission I tried to use one to distract guards but ended up losing my romanies (this game's courtesans) and being spotted instead. So I just gave up.

**maybe spoilers**

The story was still good if a little short. I finished at about 12 hours and I'm the kind of person to play around on rooftops for hours on end, avoiding the big exclamation mark. The final mission seemed an odd choice as well, going for parachute mini game, rather than a final test of your assassin skills. Though the end cinematic was fittingly cliff hanger-y leaving me waiting for the next game.

**spoiler end**

The more I think about it, the stranger I think this game is. It seemed too focused on finishing Ezio's story and playing around with new mini games rather than just doing what it does best. It was about halfway through the game that I realised I hadn't assassinated anyone yet. I felt myself yearning for a more "vanilla" Assassin's Creed, focusing on exploration and hmmm maybe some assassinations? I was disappointed that yet again I was limited to just one city (and one not as big as Rome).

You may have noticed that I gave 5 stars for fun and really it deserves it. All critiques aside, AC Revelations is an immensely fun game. The tomb levels especially offered some fun climbing sections and nothing quite beats messing with the city guards. The multiplayer has a couple of new modes which have made it that much more interesting to play (and now allows you to vote for the next game mode and map between matches)

Collector's Edition:
The Collector's edition comes in a very attractive box, opening with a fancy assassin's seal. I bought mine mainly for the soundtrack which rather than being a soundtrack to this game is a choice selection of the tracks from all the games so far. The art book is a nice edition and the short animated film was unexpectedly poignant and a nice end to Ezio's story (I advise watching it after you've finished the game). Anyone who has played the last game or two but not the first will enjoy the edition of the first AC though it might be rather frustrating if like me you'd already bought it through the PSN.

Overall AC Revelations is good fun but just tries to fit too many different things in to too small a game. There's still enjoyment to be had but sadly I feel I have to be strict and stick to my 3 stars. Here's hoping that next year will see a clean sweep of the side quests and have AC start from scratch with an all new assassin.
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on 26 November 2011
I find that the game has a good vibe about it and a great edition pack. Although some parts of the game i find odd like the fact that the main character in the other creed games, looks nothing alike.and other parts seem different. although it is good. I do like this game but still feel it could be better and capture the feeling as in previous ones, yet saying this i haven't completed the game but the follow up doesn't seem as good as brotherhood! I will say though that if you have had the previous creeds then you really should get this game which has its bad points but overall... goooood
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on 21 December 2011
Bought this for my 19 year old nephew for xmas. He is acting like a 4 year old and is desparate to open it to start playing. An added bonus is the extra material which you can download when a code is sent to you from Amazon. Have printed off the e-mail and that also is wrapped up with the game. Most of the fun now is watching my nephew come up with various excuses as to why I should give him his present early. Another great result from Amazon.
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on 10 December 2011
My son eagerly awaited the delivery of this game and has not been disappointed with the sequel to Brotherhood. He says that the new features of "hookblade and bombs" are fantastic fun but the added dynamic of "den defence" can be mildly irratating, as it constantly interrupts a mission! Overall, extremely pleased and I can vouch the fact, that he spends hours playing it on his PS3!
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on 22 November 2011
Having purchased AC1, & AC2 but missed out on AC:BH I was keen to get the latest in the series.

Well I'm not disappointed, it's great. You have to look real hard to be picky with this game.

I'm actually enjoying it so much I've used the discount voucher that came with it to buy AC:BH.

Oh well playing them back to front, but I don't care ... I love this series :o)
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on 19 January 2015
Many people class Revelations as one of the poorer games in the Assassin's Creed series. However, the improved graphics, tie-in story line to the first Assassin's Creed game and a personal aspect of the storyline concerning Ezio. Assassin's Creed Embers beautifully ends the Ezio trilogy with great animation and original voice actors. Absolutely Great!
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on 5 March 2013
It was really hard saying goodbye to Ezio after all we have been through with his games..
Basically the gameplay is the same, Ezio gets some new weapons and a hook blade, combat feels fast and jumping from rooftop to rooftop never gets old.
5/5, get out there(or stay indoors) and buy it!
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