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on 16 February 2011
I am a person with AS who is 30 and have never managed to get paid employment. I left school without qualifications due to bullying but subsequently went to College and University achieving quite well. I therefore purchased this book in the hope of some insight that would help me get a job. Sadly I found this was not here. The sections including interview tips and the personal job maps were rather short and quite weak. They appeared to merely be a quick addendum to an other-wise excellent book. While I appreciate these are difficult issues to fully address, I obviously do not have the answers myself, it is for these reasons I remove one star.

What this book does best is to describe the difficulties in AS and NT interactions in work settings, drawing upon experiences of Aspies, and providing recommendations aimed at the Aspie employee and their employer, or manager. The book may also be useful to colleagues of people with Aspergers. I feel this book is most useful to Aspies and their employers. While the recommendations may often not be black or white dos and do nots for Aspies, they will definitely help Aspies understand the relevant issues and take any action from a more reasoned perspective, aimed at achieving the best outcome all round.
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on 15 June 2010
I found this book well-organized and convincing; every chapter includes realistic information and useful pieces of advice and requests for HR staff members and employers. Since the author herself has Asperger's(AS), I suppose she understands quite well how hard it is for Aspergians(people with Asperger's Syndrome) to find their suitable jobs. And at the same time, I realized something in common between Asperger's on the Job and Asperger's Syndrome & Employment written by Sarah Hendrickx. Both of them includes lots of experiences Aspergians have been through. Not all of them are negative, but I think the most challenging or difficult thing Aspergians have faced is socializing because I know most Aspergians suffer from chronic unemployment all over the world. Most Aspergians have found it extremely tough to put up with flexibility, change, noisy environments, and subtlety which NTs(neurotypical people) can cope with. And the striking difference between NTs and Aspergians is likely to widen the gap. By showing us specific examples of AS, I would say both Rudy Simone and Sarah Hendrickx tried so hard to convey AS point of view to employers and HR staff. Let me put it this way; their books are a lot more satisfying than typical job hunting guides. For NTs, job hunting guides sold everywhere will do, while they won't always be helpful for Aspergians. Therefore, Asperger's on the Job is a must read to prevent ignorance, misunderstanding and prejudice against Aspergians. A whole bunch of employers still aren't aware enough of Asperger's, that's why.
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on 20 September 2010
I have read half the book and glanced at the second half reading the chapter titles.
I rate this book a five star, because there is plenty of helpful information. Any employer would be left in no doubt as to the need of any person with Aspergers Syndrome who was working for them.
As a person diagnosed with AS in 2005,at the age of 38, I am still learning about what AS means for me, and the advice and information within this book has been helpful, in explaining some past experiences. Although this book relates to the work place,some chapters like Blunders,Boundaries and emotional detachment(Chapter 5) would be helpful in other areas of everyday living.
The writer who has AS as well obviously has done alot of work and research for this book, and clearly has insight into what AS is and the things that help us to be good employees.
The only thing I find of not so much use is where she talks about research into the effectiveness of working in Open plan offices,the information is interesting, but mostly of American origin.
The infromation is relevant, but any legal requirments would be different in the UK.
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on 19 June 2013
I'm pretty much allergic to self-help books, so this was bought more out of a sense of determination, than anticipation; I felt like I couldn't ignore what this book may have to offer, and that it wouldn't represent a great loss of money or time if I hated it. But once I got started, I went through the whole book in less than a day, and was pleasantly surprised.
Be prepared: it's not intellectually stimulating - in fact, at times it's overly simplistic. The happy illustrations will drive you bonkers. And (for me), the final get-your-carreer-on-the-right-track tables were pretty much useless. But after reading the book, I still feel as if I gained a lot: more confidence, perhaps, in actually being worth something in a workplace. Seeing my differences, and what Ioften think of as limitations, framed as valuable tools, in a believable way, was well worth the money and time I spent on and with this book.
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on 10 January 2015
If you are an adult on the Autism Spectrum this is absolutely worth reading, it has some very very useful information. If you are an employer with Autistic staff this is useful as well, if nothing else it may give you a way to discuss issues with your staff. I appreciate it is American in writing and some of the references, but that doesn't make it any less useful or relevant. Read it as a resource and maybe you'll learn some stuff from it.
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on 7 September 2013
This is a really good confidence builder.
It takes you chapter by chapter through the issues an Aspie may encounter in the world of work.

When I do Seminars on Aspergers and ASD I am definitely going to refer the Learners to this book as a useful insight.

I have always liked Rudy Simone's style of writing which is informative and easy to read.
It doesn't talk down to you or bombard you with Jargon, everything is explained thoroughly.

I gave this a 5/5 for content mostly, it is a good to have different perspectives, she has information for the Aspie, the employer and the employees that work along side the Aspie, and the information is logically displayed.
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on 22 July 2013
This book would be helpful for both people with Asperger's themselves and those teaching or employing them. I would recommend
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on 28 December 2014
Bit pedantic, but useful as a reference book. I have used it several times and it is helpful.
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on 22 October 2014
A great and very helpful book for the job I am doing
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