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4.1 out of 5 stars21
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2001
Is it just me or did this particular volume seem to be a little rushed...Also for a student of political systems not of America he seems to have missed the obvious answer to Manticore's political crisis, Queen Elizabeth could simply threaten to create dozens of new peers (from out of distinguished naval officers, as a reward for their service). This devaluing of their titles would shock the opposition into behaving themselves, the British government did much the same thing in 1911 to reform the House of Lords.
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on 17 March 2000
I read this book expecting more of the same from Mr. Weber -- lots of space battle, convoluted conspiracies, back-stabbing galore, and rising above it all, the will and courage of Honor Harrington.
I was not disappointed in this, and -- having read the first eleven chapters on Baen's website -- I was looking forward to it. What I got in the rest of the book, however, was completely unexpected, as Mr. Weber mixed in more and more political turmoil along with his conspiracies. The end result is something that no one could have anticipated, and I look forward to seeing what he makes of the situation he has created in the next book.
Loved all the new ships -- getting to try out Ghost Rider and the Harrington (sorry, _Medusa_) class ships was a high point for both Mr. Tremaine and me. And I think Honor has found her niche -- she makes an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed the scenes with the students.
Overall, really happy with the book. The only reason it didn't get five stars is the number of times Mr. Weber resorts to lengthy paragraphs of technical information about his new ships' capabilities -- I feel this would be better included in an appendix, as he has done before.
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on 7 August 2000
I had high hopes for this book. After the resurrection of Honor Harrington there was tremendous scope for humour and developing characters. Instead we get pages of technical data on ships battle capacities, while the people and events are sketched over, flicking from one area to another without developing any. This is definitely one for the 'boys'.
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on 12 April 2000
A new David Weber book is something greatly anticipated by my father and I, and when Ashes of Victory turned up he wouldn't leave me alone until I'd finished it !
Moving back to focus on the Manticore / Haven War once again, Ashes of Victory deals with Honor Harrington's apparent return from the grave and the social and political reprecussions this has on Manticoran and Peep subjects alike. We see less actual in depth combat in this episode (although there's still plenty !) and more political manuevering. Don't let that put you off though, the book is just as explosive in parts as the others in the series, it's just that Mr Weber seems to be enriching the story, there's a lot more to a war than the front line you know.
I was once again blown away by a Weber, the characters are well drawn and familiar, there is intrigue, politics and mystery in abundance. The new ship classes and battle sequences are well up to Mr Weber's usuall high standard and the ending is superb - but if you want to know what happens you'd better buy the book ! (And if you haven't read any Weber before buy a copy of On Basilisk Station as well !)
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on 15 February 2000
Having taken advantage of the publisher's new service that lets readers read their new books before publication I was able to find out what does happen to Honor Harrington and the rest of her companions. There is the expected details of both the miltary and political happenings in this compelling universe and there is only one problem with it - I want some more! Oh and the best line in the book -- "Oops", but I'm not going to say who said it or when ;)
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on 27 August 2007
It is axiomatic that, at a certain level, the military professional increasingly gets involved in politics. This is the case with Harrington.

Regretably, Mr Weber fails to demonstrate any understanding of politics and politicians, and the way they interact with the military.

This has resulted in a story which employs some of the worst and most hackneyed stereotypes seen in recent literature - indeed many of the characters in this novel fail to rise above the level of cardboard cut-out.

The shoot 'em ups were entertaining, but the lack of sphistication makes this one irritating.
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on 23 February 2015
Yeah Weber is a wargamer at heart and it shows: The characters are developed enough for him to make earnest attempts to make you FEEL (an american writing style I don't enjoy. I don't want to be told when I'm supposed to cry and grieve) The war fighting is all tech stats and numbers with Arbartry ship losses that a real Forces personnel wouldn't just write off like he does. Check out Jack Campell for something better done. The whole series to date has been exactly like this. Its worth reading if your following the series and if you made it through to this point keep going to the end.
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Much of the book has to do with politics, the healing of Nimitz and Honor, and Honor having to deal with all the problems of coming back from the dead. She finds much embarrassing. Readers find much satisfaction!
Readers will also be excited to see all that happens to the Peeps and the manipulative bas...uh, citizens who govern them. There are not as many battle scenes as in previous books, but let's face it, Honor is coming back as medical mess and healing takes awhile. But just because she is only involved in one actual space battle, does not mean you won't see the Manicorian and Grayson Navy kick some serious butt!
All-in-all, another winner by David Weber!
Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 12 April 2000
I have just finished this book the other day and even though I'm over 30+ the first few chapters nearly made me cry, the book has humour , drama, tension, and above all a very good cast of characters, human and otherwise. All I can really say is please sir can I have some more.
The Honor Harrington series has been one of the best series of books and I look forward to the next one.
Graham Wilkes
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on 22 January 2014
Such an amazing, and detailed read. I actually feel am there witnessing and experiencing the events happening in each of the books. If a film is to be made, as rumours are running rife on the internet, then please please please make sure it's true to the books, and a decent director and script.
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