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on 23 March 2010
This isn't a book about maths it's about numbers. It's another in the series of little hardback books that give you the interesting stuff from schooldays plus a bit more. So yes, some maths do appear but so do numerology, discussions about why certain numbers are lucky or unlucky in certain cultures, an entertaining round-up of film and book titles and popular phrases where numbers appear, explanations of the Golden Rectangle and the Fibonacci sequence that actually help the reader understand them, and a number of other short tours of the worlds of numbers.
I hated maths at school, I wasn't good at it and I never thought it would interest me. I got this book because I have others in the series and found them readable and informative, and with pleased surprise can report that this one is just as good.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 4 July 2009
There are many better maths related books than this out there, indeed the "author" cites quite a few of them (Why do buses always come in threes etc) and it has to be said that the layout and design is a bit haphazard. When discussing the significance of certain numbers he doesn't mention 69 for instance (eh?) and this just comes across as another attempt at cashing in on the increased interest in things mathematic (at a certain level)
Sure I learned a couple of new things here but there are websites that cover a lot of this stuff a lot better and obviously a lot cheaper.
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on 20 July 2009
Having always been a bit of a maths geek and after reading other books in this series I thought that this one was worth a look too. It includes all kinds of entertaining trivia on numbers, from uses in TV programmes (the fake telephone number section is funny) to the role of numbers in religion. I found it quite educational and my parents also really liked it.
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on 4 November 2009
I saw the title to this book shortly after I had been told that one of my grandchildren had learned Pi to 36 decimal places. I was familiar with the series so without knowing anything more about the book than its title I ordered it. It has excited three of them (ages 7-12)and they love to demonstrate to me not only that they have looked at the book but that they have learned something from it! A book that achieves a result like that does not need a review!
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on 12 November 2009
I love these types of book, and this one is no exception. It is an easy read and one can cherry pick from any part of it. Open it at any page and there will be something of interest to most people. alternatively, just read it from end to end, as I have done, a little each morning over breakfast. Anybody who reads it will learn something, I don't care who they are! And excellent value for the price of a couple of pints.
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on 21 July 2009
My maths knowledge is not great - in fact ratios bring me out in a cold sweat!
But this book really is interesting........not boring sums and stuff this really does make numbers fun!
As an example - 7 - why is the number 7 everywhere........7 Deadly Sins, 7 Heavenly Virtues, 7 Wonders of The World - this book will tell you!
Also 666 the number of the beast - can you believe there was a highway in the USA numbered 666 - its now the 491!
Well worth a look.
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on 4 March 2013
... I had hoped for a book that would discuss/explain the patterns in maths and numbers, an everyman's guide to the science of maths and how number theory works etc., but that doesn't feature much.

Unfortunately, a lot of the book (which all seems a bit of a mix) is just about particular numbers in a way that is nothing to do with 'popular science', but is just trivia. For example, it explains that telecoms companies in the USA have agreed not to issue some batches of phone numbers so that they can be reserved for use in TV shows or films etc. What has that got to do with maths or numbers?!

It does touch on the 'popular science' of maths, but only briefly. It's more a book of numbers trivia.
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on 5 April 2013
This has been said by other reviewers, but this is essentially a book of facts about numbers, rather than a book about maths. I guess that's OK in itself, but don't expect too much if you have any kind of background in mathematics, science or engineering. The book is written well enough and held my interest, but it didn't take me long to read it and there weren't many things that I found particularly interesting. I expect this book would be a lot better for kids or people with little familiarity with the subject.
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on 9 April 2013
Never having mastered maths whilst at school, I still harbour a desire to learn more in the subject.

This ebook is just one in a series that cover all manner of subjects 'missed' at school level, when as a child I would rather swim (competitively) and train as much as possible to the detriment of my studies.

I recommend it for any parent out there that now find them self with an inquisitive grandchild to 'teach' and assist with maths homework.
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on 5 March 2012
A poor coverage of numeric facts. Nothing more really than a list of numbers and "facts" about them. I accept that this is not intended to be an "in depth" book on mathematics, but the material is really weak and barely worth it. I skimmed it all within 30 minutes.

Many of the "facts" about numbers are just conjecture. There is a list of common phrases involving numbers, most of which the author cannot give any origin for (the whole nine yards), so why bother? Another list is of numbers in fiction and films (the 39 steps). I don't see what any of this has to do with mathematics.

Overall, nothing worth reading at all. Just a list of numbers, and most of them are irrelevant references to films or common phrases.
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