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on 11 July 2013
I like this deck, for what it is. To begin with the packaging is very clever indeed. A sturdy box with a fliptop lid that quite simply folds back to be propped into little grooves on either side to create a frame into which you can slide any of the cards for contemplation and admiration. That's so fantastic I think I may change my previous declaration that 'all decks should come in a tin' to 'all decks should come in a clever multi-purpose box in keeping with the theme of the deck'.

The cards inside are fairly large. The cardstock is a little on the thin side but sturdy enough to riffle shuffle without fear of damage. The backs of the cards are decorated with a detail from a Klimt painting, a tree with little birds in it.

Each card consists of the traditional tarot title at the top, a painting (all of them quite well known, which some art lovers may find too familiar for the intended use, but which for me is okay, because I don't really know that much about art, and I don't mind the images being familiar), and a quotation from a variety of authors. The paintings and quotations have been selected by the deck creator to embody the essence of the particular card. For the most part, I believe she has succeeded in this.

As an example, the Three of Swords, contains a picture of a dejected man. (When you check the credit, it's actually 'The Agony in the Garden', which means it's Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Now that is surely a 3 of Swords moment! Good heavens!) But without intellectualizing any Jesus references, you can certainly see the suffering and dread in the figure. The images in all the cards go a very long way to expressing the emotion of the traditional tarot card meaning. Then there is a quotation provided, and its role seems to be to embody the essence of the uplifting message inherent in the card. This is true for every card. The meaning of Three of Swords is heartbreak, dejection; the Thoth deck labels it 'Sorrow.' But in this deck, you don't get key words, you get inspiration. 'Difficulties exist to be surmounted.'

I think this is a lovely deck and I am glad I bought it! It's quirky and interesting, and could be a way into tarot for those who are resistant or fear it. (I'm thinking of a work colleague who turns her face away as if avoiding Old Nick himself when I open a tarot deck, but when she saw me playing with this deck the other day I told her, 'These are art cards, each one has a painting and a quotation' and she was quite interested. :) )
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on 1 October 2013
A lot of these types of things tend to fall into the mawkish and overtly sentimental, but here we have a collection of wonderful quotes from some of the greatest philosophers, writers and thinkers the world has ever known, coupled with extraordinarily pertinent art works. All wrapped up in the frame of Tarot. Doesn't matter whether you believe in the cards, use them faithfully, or don't have an opinion; these really are inspiring, beautiful, and put together with such a huge amount of thought and care.
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on 16 March 2013
I purchased these after recommendation from a friend. They are totally beautiful and I've used them a couple of times already today and I've only had them since this morning. They are very accurate and the words of wisdom would help even a novice understand the meaning behind the cards so therefore, you don't have to know what each card means. Perfect for introduction into tarot. Also, there is so much content in the pictures for me personally, I can see more and get a better feel for what is going on. I am very happy in such a short space of time that these cards are already surprising me!
I would have given 5 stars had they been a little thicker. This is my own gripe as they really are thin and I just wondered if for a few extra quid, these could have been so much better BUT, don't let that stop you purchasing. I shall just be more careful shuffling!
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on 9 November 2012
this is a deck i use for private meditation. a lot of the quotations are apt and good to work with on their own. The art work is mainly early/late 19c some 18c and early 20c and a lot are paintings in private collections so this is the only medium a member of the public could see them. I was a little unhappy with historical figures being used as your personal view on the person will cloud a understanding of the usual meaning of the card.I would normally describe the king of pentacles as a astute and practical man of business I think i wouldnt have many customers if i saw charles the first and told my client you are a arrogant megalomaniac with no redeeming features who brought your country to ruin and richly deserved your fate. Other than that its a nice deck to work with
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on 28 July 2013
This is a very nice tarot deck. I use it for a card a day readings. Often with astonishing results. If you're interested in art, it's all the better.
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on 1 November 2013
Love looking at them and also comparing my own with national gallery portraits.
What I needed for my project of tarot reading And tarot cards
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on 1 October 2015
Beautiful illustrations with terrific words in a nifty display case. I bought them for this reason, and not for tartot purposes
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on 29 January 2015
Happy with these cards. Great to have the poetry as well as the artwork!
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