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3.9 out of 5 stars15
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2011
This is a good book but the KINDLE version is a complete waste of money. The ARABIC fonts are NOT SCALABLE so you can increase the size of the English text but much of the Arabic script, especially the displays of verbal paradigms (which is one of the main attractions of this volume) remain in TINY print. This renders the KINDLE version pretty useless. Given that it is only slightly cheaper than the paper version, its a complete rip off. I searched in vain on the Amazon website for some displayed pages of the kindle version before I bought it, to check precisely this point, but ended up risking it: I figured that since a major selling point of the kindle is scalable font, they surely would have sorted this out. But how wrong I was. Don't waste your money.
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on 15 August 2011
This grammar book is best for learners who are already comfortable with the arabic alphabet and a few words and phrases. Nonetheless, most words in the early chapters are also transcribed into the English script to help beginners with pronunciation. It's a fairly slim book, at 150 pages, divided into short chapters so it can be consumed in manageable chunks. It's long enough to cover all the issues at the beginner to intermediate level, but short enouch not to overwhelm you with unnecessary detail.

Verb conjugation takes up about two thirds of the book, but it also briefly covers gender of nouns and adjectives, plurals and the 'dual' form, the definite article, personal pronouns, possession, and forming questions. One of the best things is the index of 400 common verbs at the back, arranged in both English alphabetical order and then Arabic alphabetical order. The index tells you the transliteration (including short vowels), the verb type, and a page reference to where that type's conjugation is explained.

Each chapter gives an explanation of the rules (usually reasonably clear), examples in sentences, verb tables for each verb-type and a summary of key points. The only annoying thing is that the dual form is omitted in the verb tables, for reasons of space, leaving the reader to work it out themselves from the pattern of the other verbs.

You can use this book to methodically learn all the rules, or dip into relevant chapters to clear up problems, or just use the verb index as a quick reference when writing arabic. I've found it clear and helpful and would definitely recommend it.
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on 3 September 2009
I saw the following review of this book on which I thought was a good description:

"If you don't study Arabic script first, this book is going to be unnecessarily difficult. Otherwise, it is the best introduction to verbs I have found. It is a short book (123 pages + the Appendixes and Verb Index). The chapters are clearly organized and with easily understandable explanations focusing on verb grammar without any distractions.

Key words in lessons are transliterated (using a easily comprehensible system) along with the Arabic text.

The book also has something that I have not found in any other Arabic language instruction books: It has two verb indexes (Arabic-English and English-Arabic) listing 400 common verbs that are used in the lessons. This is something I have been very frustrated in searching for--a list of commonly used verbs to study that I can access through English-Arabic as well as Arabic-English. Additionally, each verb entry in the index has 1) the 3 or 4 letter root, 2) the two principle parts, 3) transliteration of the principle parts, 4) verb type (for example: I, defective), and 5) page in the book that uses the verb.

Since I have spent a lot of time searching and not found any verb index nearly as helpful, the verb index alone is a study tool that seems worth the price of the whole book!"
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on 7 October 2009
Using this to accompany the 'mastering arabic' books by Gaafar and Wightwick, is a useful addition to learning arabic for an improver to intermediate learner.
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on 19 February 2010
I have a well thumbed copy of the First Edition and bought the Second Edition purely for the Verb Index at the back. This is a great help to unlock the value in 501 Arabic Verbs!! It is concise, good for reference and very useful to "dip into" while travelling on the train etc. The US selling price is USD 14 and worth the money. However, at the UK price here it is a "Must Have" for anyone in the early stages of learning Arabic
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on 16 October 2011
This is a 5-star book given 2-stars simply because the arabic text is difficult to see, let alone read - even with my reading glasses on. So I resorted to using a magnifying glass to pick out all the vowel signs like fatHA, kaSra and the like - but this method is of no use at all, if one is learning something and wishes to make notes as one progresses. I have already learned the script elsewhere, and can read a little Arabic, but EVERY single book on learning Arabic I have purchased succumbs to the same problem (including this one) of tiny Arabic script. It's as though no-one really wants non-Arabs to learn or read their language! I spent time in Arabia, and I saw their children in school learning to read and write Arabic using large letters all the time in the early stages, including all the vowell signs quite large also - it's what we want too. Anyone know a book teaching Arabic with large Arabic script?
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on 6 February 2012
1. Delivery very fast, so I didn't have to wait such a long time.
2. Book - clearly written, a plenty of examples, Arabic script + pronunciation, essential information included.
3. I'm studying Arabic in the university and I would recommend this book to someone who likes learning on his/her own (addittional or refilling studying). It's also comfortable to take this book with yourself due to the size, weight and
information in brief.
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on 25 June 2013
Seems like a decent little reference. I'm only just at the stage where I recognise the isolated alphabet and some or most (depending on the font) of the joined letters. Most handwriting... Forget it!
Nevertheless, I know what's coming and understanding some of the tenses and other forms of conjugation will psychologically spur me on.
I originally purchased the kindle version thinking it would be handy for a quick reference check but none of the Arabic typeface scaled - very disappointing if seemingly common with Arabic ebooks.
Quite happy with the printed version - will take readability over convenience. Time will tell if the descriptions make sense but the word lists look very useful.
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on 28 August 2011
This book was good for me, as I'm trying to learn Arabic at the moment and was finding grammar hard.
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on 15 November 2014
I found it extremely useful. The grammar is explained in a very logical manner. Very happy with it.
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