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As I found out when first acquiring one you will need to download the "iTunes" software from the internet. It is really simple and just a click and install process. Once iTunes is on your desktop you can store any cd/dvd onto your computer and consequently onto your iPod by connecting the device which then synchronises to your stored library and updates the material on your ipod. I must say that I found it really easy and continue to regularly update my ipod as I store more of my cd collection onto the computer (and onto my ipod). ITunes also allows you to buy downloads but I have yet to do this as I am still working through 2000 of my own cds! It is a great device and I only wish I had invested sooner. (I also bought the Sennheiser earphones through Amazon and they are a fantastic addition.)
15 Feb 2014 by D. I. Hill
No, it does not unfortunately.
8 Apr 2014 by Bambola
Hi Mr P, the simple answer is "yes". When you add MP3s to an iPod , they are stored in the pod's library (the same as a book library). What the user then does is to create playlists. These, like a library's classification like drama, autobiography etc, you can set up playlists for whatever you want. I have playlists of particular artists favourite tracks, I have playlists of eras and, as a musician, I have playlists of my own performances in a number of playlists. You can create a playlist by highlighting the track(s) you want from your library, right click and select either "New playlist from selection" to create a new one or "Add to playlist" if you already have one created. Once you have a playlist, you can also create CD's of your compilations. Hope that all helps
30 Nov 2013 by Aremess
Mine runs 20hours with some still left before I have to charge it
17 May 2014 by Mrs Kate Hall
Hello No I have not experienced any problems I hope this helps
16 Jun 2014 by Mr. S. Holmes
Hi Helen, The most recent iPod classic (7th generation) has a rough finish to the front that won't show any fingerprints at all. Plus, the edges are slightly tapered and the 7th generation comes in larger capacity sizes that are 80GB, 120GB, and 160GB.
21 Jun 2014 by Phil B
Works with any OS so long as you can download iTunes. I use W8 64-bit as well, and it's fine :)
20 Nov 2013 by Cameron Hector
I don't think there is a difference in the sound quality The change as far as I'm aware was just the larger storage capacity It has been stated that there will be no more changes to the ipod I love my ipod classic and have found it to be reliable I hope this helps Kind regards Stephen
22 Mar 2014 by Mr. S. Holmes
If I were you I would go to www. i pod .com and compare the two as there are to many differences to write down hope this helps.
4 days ago by Paul
21 days ago by Jonathan Gomez
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