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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2013
Having reviewed this seller and the item in February, before purchasing, I was lead to believe it was a NEW phone. Review from other buyers were positive, so I proceeded to buy. The item arrived in good time, wrapped PERFECTLY in packaging as if new. In early April the phone developed a mic problem - no incoming calls could be heard at all. I have tried to contact the seller twice since this happened, but have had NO REPLY. On exploring how to fix this issue, I was referred to Apple, who confirmed that the phone was previously owned and not in warranty obviously. I AM LIVID, Sellers like this should not be allowed to trade through Amazon. On entering my order history with Amazon, I discovered a string of reviews on the seller - made in April - which warn against used, faulty, fraudulent iPhones being supplied. DO NOT TOUCH THIS SELLER! We are now left trying to mend the phone or will indeed have to have it refunded by Amazon - a slow and laborious process which would leave my husband without a phone! Grrrrrrrr........
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on 5 February 2014
I ordered this "new iPhone" last week. All I can say is this was a huge mistake. Firstly it's not new(screen was damaged, strange Apple ID appeared, iTunes Store was set in Slovakia...). Also a cheap fake earphone came with it. The worst thing is they tried to make it looks like a new one, if it's second hand, please write on the site. Do not pretend like it's a new phone. I'll send this back and want full refund.
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on 4 November 2010
* a huge range of quality and unique apps available, miles ahead of anything provided by any of it's rivals 9/10
* screen is a thing of beauty 9/10
* music player is awesome, nothing on the market is in it's league, for me it is the best thing about the phone, perfect 10/10
* iTunes store very simply to navigate and instantly purchase a huge range of music, films and other stuff 9/10
* iTunes sync makes it a breeze to transfer files as well as keeping everything organised 9/10
* build of the phone is of high quality, really feels and looks like a premium product 9/10
* ideal size a phone should be (for me)
* multitasking and folders are really easy to use and adds great flexibility 8/10
* responsiveness and interface makes it a real pleasure to use 9/10
* camera and hd camcorder produces great results, results you would not have thought possible 8/10
* usability is the cornerstone in all apple products, iPhone 4 does not disappoint in this area, anyone could pick it up and use to it straight away, its just so easy 9/0
* battery life is a huge improvement lasts 24 hrs straight comfortably (heavy usage) and charges fairly quickly 9/10
* Internet and Internet speeds are good 8/10
* ability to use the phone as an ebook reader 7/10
* FaceTime adds another dimension to the way we communicate 6/10
* a huge range of dedicated third-party accessories available

* antenna issue (not a problem for me as I always keep the phone in a case)
* lack of flash support (not a problem for me as the videos I watch on the Internet work; YouTube, skysports, catch up tv and iplayer)
* expensive
* no removable memory card
* widgets have not been incorporated would add a lot to the interface
* not all apps have been updated to allow multitasking and are not compatible with the high res screen (not sure if this is apple's fault or the developers)
* no fm radio
* issues with Bluetooth
* headphones provided are not up to the standard of the phone
* lack of customisation
* FaceTime only works over wifi (some apps work around this)
* nice if phone had dedicated buttons for the camera/camcorder

Standout selling points for me; apps store, battery life, iTunes store, iTunes sync, screen quality, ebook reader and music player

Drawbacks for me; fm radio, widgets and headphones

Only two serious issues the antenna problem and no flash support. Firstly the antenna issue, it's easily avoided (granted it should of been avoided by apple in the first place) keeping the phone in a case sorts this out, I've always kept my phones in cases so shouldn't be a problem for those who do the same. No flash support, for me this is not a problem but for some I can understand why it would be, a lot of the popular websites videos work (most flash content is advertisements anyway, who'd want to see that). Its well known flash is not supported so its not something someone can complain about after purchasing the phone (by buying the phone you acknowledge this loss). Apple are loosening the rules on the app store so flash is available in one way or the other if it's vital for you (skyfire).

Phone is expensive but if you keep the phone in good condition you'll get most of your money back if you sell it, so over 18 months believe or not the phone will cost considerably less then it's rivals. All iPhones hold onto there value really well, so the overall cost of owning the phone isn't as high as first expected. This is only for pay as you go, personally on contract the phone is way too expensive, I'm not sure how it works when brought on contract but I can't see the value for money this way. When purchasing the phone you don't just get a great phone, you get great services only available on the iOS operating system, providing a unique experience for iPhone owners.

Taking all things into account iPhone 4 (for me) is the best phone on the Market hands down. It's deservedly a five star phone for me but the issue with the antenna (easily avoided) doesn't justify a five star rating hence the four stars.

Had the phone for about 1/2 a year now and still going strong. The selling points I've listed above are the reason why I would recommend this phone above anything else available at the moment. The app store is going strong, apps are becoming so advance, some of them are huge, FIFA 11 is nearly 1gig in size. Tons of games that are proper games, games you would of expected only available for dedicated portable gaming devices but at the fraction of the cost. Comparing this with the android Market, google limits the size of an app to I think 50 megabits, which is a fraction (5%) of the size of those available on the app store (at the moment), because of this limit manufactures have to create there own app store to really take advantage of there hardware. A couple of criticisms of the app store is if you loss all your apps you cannot re-download them all in one go, you would have to re-download them one by one (for free) which can be very annoying if you have a lot. Another is not having a list of all of the apps you've downloaded, with an android phone there's an area in the android Market and in the settings where you can see all the apps that have been downloaded, in this list it shows how big each app is and other relative information, it's all in one place, very convenient.

Battery life is amazing when comparing with previous smartphone I've owned. Battery life is, for me one of the key areas for a smartphone. I've owned the iPhone 3g, htc desire and the desire hd, when going from owning those phones to this one, the jump in battery performance is huge. I'm a heavy user so battery life is very important for me, here some stats I've just checked;

From Fully charged
* usage - 6hr 15min
* standby - 1 day 12hr
* 23% battery remaining
(wifi and 3G on the entire time and screen brightness 30-40%)

There always room for improvement but I'm more than happy with this. You could further improve on the battery life by disabling wifi and 3G connection when not needed but for me I keep them on for convenience.

In the iTunes store theres plenty to keep most people happy, I love the iTunes U, everything is free here, the amount of educational information available is staggering, something I would recommend others to check out, really is impressive. Again don't see anything that provides this level of service, it's amazing all this is available within a few clicks.

iTunes sync not only keeps all your music organised but also all of the other stuff; ebook, podcast, films and so on. Yes you are completely dependent to iTunes for transferring media but the benefits of this completely out way the negatives. This is my only criticism of the using iTunes to sync media, once you sync with one iTunes that's it, you can only use that iTunes otherwise you would have to erase all the media on the phone to sync with another itunes. The whole transferring media aspect can be a pain if you plan on using multiple computers but if like me you just want to transfer media from your computer to your iPhone and back then it's perfect. There are third party software that allows you to transfer media off your iphone onto another computer without losing your media on your phone. Even when I didn't own an apple product I still used iTunes for my media stuff because it is I believe the best (free) media player/organiser out there, once you know how to use it.

Screen is beautiful, great to see other manufacture going to release phones with screens that are just as good or even better, no matter what we the consumer should benefit. But at the moment the iphone screen is the best, before owning this phone i never thought I would care too much about the screen quality but once you use it, Its like comparing an bluray image to a DVD one, the content is exactly the same but the jump in quality just adds to the experience. The difference is so clear and now very hard to use another phone with a lower quality screen.

All smartphone I think have the ability to be used as an ebook reader, so cannot recommend this phone over others for this but it's another feature that adds to the overall attractiveness of this device. One piece of advise use amazon kindle app as I believe it's better then apple's iBook; books are cheaper, amazon kindle app is also available on other os's so in the future if you decide to change to another platform all you books you've purchased on the kindle app will be still available to you unlike iBook. The kindle app also has some better features like changing the colour of the text, hopefully apple will incorporate something like this for iBook.

I've said it already and i'll say it again the music player on this phone is perfect, amazing. Everything else in the iPhone can be improved one way or another; app store can be improved, battery life can be improved but I can't see how apple can improve the music player, it is perfect and one of the main reasons why I would struggle to leave the iPhone brand, others being the app store and iTunes sync.

Its a lot of money so make sure you really need and want an iphone 4.
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on 29 March 2012
First I want to say this - if you are thinking about getting an iPhone 4S - don't. Get an iPhone 4, and wait for an iPhone 5 when it comes out instead. I'll explain why. First of all, you can buy an iPhone 4 on the cheap now (less than £300) while an iPhone 4S with the same storage space is £100-150 more SIM-free. It's not worth it. All you get is a slightly better camera (still not a match for a dedicated camera, even a compact camera is better), a dual-core processor (which makes it very very slightly faster for daily use, but it is almost negligible), improves graphics (if you like playing graphically intense games on a touch screen device, then this might be the only thing that is worth considering. For me though, touch screen games suck and I would rather play on a proper portable console with buttons), and Siri (this is a voice-recognition feature that allows you to do tasks such as sending texts, asking questions or making reminders through speaking to it. It's a gimmick. It's gets things wrong all the time and the practical uses are questionable (will you really be using this feature in public? It will just be embarrassing)). On top of this, the iPhone 4S battery life sucks compared to the 4. Don't believe me? Search it on Google. You would have to charge it everyday. I can get over 2-3 days of usage with the 4.

The iPhone 4 is just a great phone to use, and the most enjoyable. Sure it's got it's faults that seem to be more apparent because it's Apple, but it does a lot of things right, things that I actually care about. First things first, the battery life. As I've said, for a smartphone the iPhone 4 has really good battery life. I was expecting to charge it everyday, but it will easily last a day with heavy usage, and moderate usage gives 2 to 3 days. I've managed to get up to 4-5 days of use, which is really quite astonishing for a smartphone. Standby times are astounding and very long - iOS 5.1 means it only drops 2-3% overnight, which is really great. The phone charges very quick too - about 1 and half hours from 0 to 100%.
The build quality is in a class of its own. It just feels great to hold - not too thin but not too thick either. It feels slightly heavy but gives it a sturdy feel to it. It's a beautiful gadget - shiny, feels like a quality, premium product. And that's because it is. There isn't a removable battery, no - but that hasn't stopped the success of iPods. It would have interfered with the design of the product, which is the best really. It just feels...right.
Despite the phone being on the market for 2 years, the Retina screen is still looks fantastic. Sure, it's smaller than competitors at 3.5 inches, but it fits with the design so you can easily use this phone with just one hand. The resolution of the screen makes it still one of the sharpest screens on a phone, even if the contrast of the phone isn't the best. The screen itself makes it a joy to use in every day tasks. You don't have to zoom in a web page because you can still read it when zoomed out. Text looks clearer. Everything just looks clearer.
The 5-megapixel camera is pretty good for a phone, and is even better when there is a lot of light available. For night shots, it's not great, but that's expected for a cameraphone. It's decent and does the job, but don't expect to buy this phone for the camera alone (it produces lots of noise at night). The front facing camera is worse, but it's useful for portraits.
Despite the phone being only single-core, Apple proves that specs on paper don't mean everything. The phone is just so slick and smooth to use, from scrolling to zooming to just using it as a phone. It hardly crashes, it barely freezes and is so much more reliable than an Android phone. It's just feels good to use, and it's intuitive. Some things are simplified, but it doesn't make the phone worse.
Now for the negatives. Sure, it doesn't have flash. It's hardly a negative now these days. Most websites cater towards the iPhone now and you will hardly miss it when web-browsing is so slick on this device. No expandable storage. This is quite major, but I have a 16gb version and have managed to get a lot of what I want on it and still have room to spare. I often just moved any pictures/videos taken to my computer to make room, so it's not that much of an issue. It's a desired feature, but it's easy to move things about and make it less of an issue. Non-removable battery isn't much of an issue since the battery life is great anyway and by the time the battery does die you'll probably want an upgrade. iTunes is both a plus and hegative. Since I have an iPod I understand how it works and therefore putting things like music on it is easy. Photos and videos are a bit tricky since it gets fussy when it comes to supporting certain formats, but there is so much support for iPhones nowadays that there are many solutions to getting what you want onto your iPhone. The speakers on the phone are about average, not overly loud but it gets the job done. In the case of reception issues, I never get any, and I've even tried holding it 'the wrong way' and still nothing happened.

The iPhone 4 still has so much mileage in it, it is unbelievable. It runs just as fast as when it came out 2 years ago. Considering it's cheap as chips now (for an Apple product, haha) it's definitely an essential phone and it just doesn't disappoint on the whole. It's a lovely phone to use, and despite its age, iOS5 makes it feels new and up to date. Awesome phone, Apple should be proud of it.

EDIT: Thanks for the positive feedback! Just to give you a quick update: It's the 21st August, and the iPhone 4 is still going strong as ever. However, I'd like to inform you that it is strongly rumoured that the iPhone 5 will come out on September 12th.. If you can wait a few weeks, no doubt you can pick yourself up a brand new iPhone 5 and avoid buyers remorse, or at the same time pick up an iPhone 4 at an even great reduction when the new one comes out. Regards!

EDIT 2: So, the iPhone 5 has been released. My thoughts personally? Rather disappointing. I can't see much difference from the 4, let alone the 4S, that would make me want to upgrade and buy a brand new iphone. I still think the 4 has been the best iPhone that Apple has made, and it does represent good value since it retains most of the essential features from newer iphones. Apple only sells iPhone 4s in 8gig versions only so I recommend finding a higher storage model online. The iPhone 4 still has better battery life than the 5 (judging from tech specs). Still very happy with the 4, and I think the design is nicer too.
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on 28 January 2011
I can honestly say that I don't know what I did before owning my iPhone, but it's true. It's easy to navigate and user-friendly (although I've yet to master texting on the move, which is slightly tricky). I can check email and facebook and play scrabble with friends all with a tap of the screen. The touch screen is responsive and it doesn't freeze very often, which was my previous touch phone, the Nokia Xpress Music's party trick.

However, there are many negatives: although the phone is stunning to look at, the fact that I need to attach a rubber band to the edges in order to obtain decent reception is, in my opinion, a serious flaw! The edging of the phone, quite frankly, is the best part, it's what makes it stand out. Secondly I find that this phone is awkward to hold compared to the iPhone 3GS - it's a little boxy whereas the 3GS fits snugly into the palm. Thirdly, there is an ongoing issue with the alarms: the one-off alarms have failed spectacularly in the past and mine hasn't worked since 1st January! I don't expect much from my phone, but I do expect to be able to set an alarm on it without having to go through the motions of setting a 'recurring' alarm which I then have to remember to switch off. All very annoying, and examples of where Apple really need to raise their game. It seems as though they've focussed a little too much in the aesthetics of the phone, and not enough on what's inside.

Overall, I feel as though Apple still need to do a lot of tweaking on their iPhones. I would buy another one in the future, but I would want to be satisfied that all these glitches have been resolved before I do so as it's a very expensive phone to have these faults.
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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2010
I had finally decided to step up to the king of smart phones, and upon the announcement of the iPhone 4, I have spent a month trying to find an 02 store with stock and finally being able to upgrade.

The box is a matt white cuboid shaped object, quite small when you think that the box contains the phone, instructions, a power adapter and USB cable! All is neatly packaged, with the instructions located on top of the phone, with the USB cable and power adapter situated underneath.

The phone is protected with the familiar protective sticky plastic sheet on the front and the back, easy enough to remove should you wish without leaving and glue behind, but the touch screen is still functional with it on.

The phone is different in appearance to any other iPhone. The front of the iPhone looks very much the same except for the inclusion of a small camera located to the left of the speaker at the top of the phone. The back of the phone has lost its old curved back style for a more square shape that makes the phone a lot thinner. Located on the back is the camera in a similar position to the old iPhone, but located this time more to the top left hand corner with the addition of an LED flash as well. Around the outside of the phone is a metal silver casing which I really like the look of. However, this has been the culprit of many reception issues, of which I'll come onto later. On the left hand side, is a plus and minus button for volume controls, and a switch for turning off and on silent mode. On top of the phone are the headphone jack to the left hand side and the lock button to the right. Apple have developed the technology for the screen and have included what they call retina display. This makes colours more vivid and text clearer and sharper. When you first use it, it doesn't seem like much of a difference to older models, but when you compare them side-to-side you immediately notice the difference, especially on 3D games and photos.

One of the differences between the iPhone 4 and the last 3 models is that a micro sim is required for it to work as opposed to the standard sim card you will find in pretty much any other phone. This is something to be aware of otherwise the phone is useless without it. Mobile phone networks will be able to provide these free of charge, and you can swap your number across to it, (this only took about 20 minutes on 02 when I did it!)

Inserting the sim is very different to that of a conventional phone. In the instructions pack provided, there is a small metal tool stuck to the inside cover of the instruction guide. You need to use this to open up the sim card holder located on the right hand side of the phone. This is easy; use the tool and press it into the hole at which point you will feel it pop open so you can enter the microsim and push it back into the phone.

Finally before you can use the phone, you have to sync with iTunes on your pc or Mac. This will transfer all of your music, videos, podcasts etc that you select it to. This does take a while and is a bit frustrating, I'd recommend plugging it in and doing something else for an hour. If you can, downloading the latest iTunes update in advance before you get the phone will cut your waiting time!

The operating software of the iPhone has not changed much. One of the immediate differences is the addition of personalised backgrounds. You can choose one of Apple's included wallpapers or choose your own photo. You can even set different wallpapers for both the homepage and the `menu' page.

Another feature that is quite useful is called folders. This allows you to put more than one app into a folder. For example, if you have games that you want to keep separate to everything else, you can select them all and put them into one folder. This folder takes up the space of one app square, hence making things easy to find. You can call the folder whatever you wish, but an automatic name will always be suggested. An example of this is shown upon first inspection of the phone, which groups the clock, compass, voice memos and calculator in a folder called utilities.

Putting the apps into folders requires you to press and hold any app until the icons shake and they indicate crosses in the top left hand corner. You can drag one app onto another for a folder to automatically be created. Should you wish to re-expand the folder you can drag them back out at which point the folder will disappear. The indication of the shaking icons also lets you delete apps you no long want as well as rearranging the apps across different pages.

Facetime is a brand new feature which is why the inclusion of the new front facing camera is included. Although I haven't been fortunate to try this out yet, the promo videos from Apple make it look very interesting. It is basically Apple's version of video calling, however making it look very easy to use, incorporating both the front and rear cameras that can be switched at a touch of a button. This is quite limited in use at the moment because currently on iPhone 4 users can use this feature over wifi! There has been recent speculation that the new iPod touch will have front and rear cameras so that they can also be used for Facetime over wifi, but we'll have to wait and see!

The rear-facing camera is also improved and is now 5 megapixels compared to the previous 3.2 megapixels. This is also improved with the addition of the LED flash, which is very good in low-level lights. You can also shoot 720p HD video with the camera, which is also controlled by the same camera application. Apple has also announced an iMovie application, which can be bought for £2.99 on the app store, which allows you to manipulate raw video footage.

Switching between apps on your iPhone is easily accessible now due to the way Apple have adapted their operating software. Quickly double pressing the home button will bring up a sideways menu at the bottom of the screen. You can view all the recently used apps, in order or most recent to least recently used, and select the app. You can completely close no longer needed apps by touching and holding any app until the crosses appear in the top left hand corner and closing them. You can scroll across to view all the apps. If you scroll to the left, you can use quick access iPod controls as well as an orientation lock. This orientation lock will hold the screen in portrait or landscape view until you choose to unlock it. You know when the lock is on because a symbol of a padlock with arrow around it indicates so.

With the recent introduction of the iPad, Apple has created a bookstore, which can be used mainly on the iPad but also on the iPhone. You need to download iBooks for free, which is a bookstore and an easy to use text reader. Many books are free to download and read, the books which need to be paid for are available to have a sample downloaded for free before you spend your money on the books. I find it is very easy and a lot better than I imagined reading the books. However, the seem to retail at the same price as normal paper books in store, but you don't pay for any of the paper, ink or delivery charges associated with downloads, so why are they the same price?!

All of the new features I have mentioned are also available as an update for the old iPhones and iPod touches as well!

The only gripe I have with the iPhone, which you can most probably guess is the problem with the network and signal. I'm on 02's network, which is pretty much, the best in the UK. Now, when I'm at home, I have always had full coverage on previous phones. However, sometimes I will have no bars and a pop up message saying `Network Lost'. This happens when I block the bottom left hand side of the phone with my hand. I can press dismiss and the message disappears and signal bars will recover once I move my hand. Should I wish to make a call or text, I know I have to hold the phone in my right hand (which I would anyway) and the signal bars recover and the coverage is there for me to complete the action. However, it is most annoying when I'm using an app and I need two hands; especially for games; and the popup message interrupts me. Apple say they're working on a fix, but in the mean time, any case that surrounds the edges of the phone will prevent any problems. You can h get a free case at Apple's expense, which they say will cure this problem in one of two ways.

1, Buy a case when you get your phone, send off a copy of your receipt to Apple and you will get reimbursed the funds.

2, Download an app from Apple's app store, search iPhone 4 case, and you can select one of 6 cases, which Apple will send free of charge. They are the ones made by Belkin and gear4 and you will get them through the post in 4-8 weeks time. I'm currently still waiting on mine!

As of current, there are two memory sizes for the phone, 16 and 32GB. The 32GB version is around £100 more for the handset on both sim free and contract. Apple does also have a white version planned, which is apparently meant to reach the UK for Christmas. This is white on the front as well as the back, unlike previous models!
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on 5 May 2011
Before buying this phone, the question I asked myself was "do I really want such an expensive phone when all I need to do is make phone calls?".

Well, having taken the plunge and bought one my answer is now yes. Why? Because this innovative little product has opened up a whole new world of technological delights which I never knew possible on a mobile device. I now have everything I could possibly need from sat nav to a spirit level in my pocket and the list of extraordinary things this little phone can do seems endless.

Internet access on the move is great. I havn't even noticed that it doesn't support Flash as most of the sites I visit have their own App made for the phone such as Youtube or the BBC.

This is the first smart phone I have owned but I did compare it to a friends htc phone and I have to say that in comparison the build quality of the IPone was far superior.

If you like games then your in for a treat as the IPhone really is competing with dedicated gaming systems and doing very well. Games like Infinity Blade look as good as an Xbox 360 game and the Sword and Sorcery game is pure art.

Ive been using my phone a lot and the battery lasts throughout the day. I just leave it on charge before I go to sleep every evening.

All in all Im very pleased with this purchase. I now own a bit of technology which makes me question how I ever managed without it in the past. 5 stars!
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on 24 December 2013
Came packed in bubble wrap, no adapter to charge up, no pin to change sim card, bought for a Christmas gift so had to go out and buy these as extras so the phone could be used.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 October 2013
I was squeamish about Apple products as they seemed the result of a cult untill I saw my gasman with one. I was worried about the delicacy of a touch screen but he was using it with dirty workmans gloves so my fears were quashed immediately. If I had not got a great deal with my iphone5 I would not have parted with it.
Apart from all the bells and whistles, most of which mean next to nothing to me, the connection to my Fatman hybrid valve amp with tv output gives me a fantastic sound and vision experience that is close to broadcast quality. I found the 16GB to be more than enough for all my stuff and never saw any reason for the larger size hard drive. I have not used all the apps and have hardly bought any as I have little use for items that would be considered features rather than benefits. The most useful app I downloaded was the torch which is much cheaper than installing a light abovr the keyhole in the front door.
If you would like a review of the toys and game capabilities and frivolities then I am no judge as I just wanted a fully functional phone with a camera that I could do some work on.
As I said, I would never have parted with it if I had not got a great deal on the 1phone5
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on 10 October 2013
My son had his iphone stolen from him and so we were looking for a replacement. The seller had good reviews and so we bought from him. My son has been using the phone for about 2/3 weeks. I am constantly asking him how is the phone and he states it is brilliant. I am very pleased with this purchase. The phone does not seem to have any adverse problems.
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