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  • Apple iMac MB950LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop (OLD VERSION)
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Apple iMac MB950LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop (OLD VERSION)

by Apple

Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.06GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
  • 21.5-Inch Screen, GeForce
  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
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Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Product Information

Technical Details
Item Weight11 Kg
Product Dimensions64.5 x 55.9 x 23.4 cm
Item model numberMB950LL/A
Screen Size21.5 inches
Processor Speed3.06 GHz
Processor Count1
RAM Size4 GB
Computer Memory TypeDDR3 SDRAM
Additional DrivesDVD+-RW
Wireless Type802.11abg, Bluetooth
Number of USB 2.0 Ports4
Number of Firewire Ports1
Voltage230 volts
Wattage241 watts
Lithium Battery Energy Content0.57
Lithium Battery Packagingbatteries_contained_in_equipment
Lithium Battery Voltage3 volts
Lithium Battery Weight0.1 Grams
Number of Lithium Metal Cells1
Additional Information
Shipping Weight13 Kg
Date First Available21 Mar. 2014

Product Description

Apple iMac 21.5" 3.06GHz Processor Desktop21.5" Display; Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz Processor; 4GB Memory; 500GB Hard Drive.

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107 of 112 people found the following review helpful
Elegant and powerful, it simply works 18 Nov. 2009
By James Peterson - Published on
Verified Purchase
I've been a PC users since the PCXT days. Now I have a mac. I really have been suprised at how easy it is to learn the mac way of doing things.

I'm a programmer by trade (not a desktop coder, but mainframe/database) and I actually decided to buy the iMac because of my desire to create apps for my iPhone. I was shocked to learn that I could keep my windows environment. I could have both worlds.

So far, everything has been very easy to install and use. I had the windows/vmware setup and the iPhone SDK install the first day. Coming from a PC, I'm delighted at how elegant the interface is, even the mouse and keyboard are elegant. The screen is very nice. Colors seem very good, but I haven't done any photo editing and color correction/matching (so you'll have to get the pros opinion on that one).

Windows runs very well on it and I've had no problems with it.

I can't see changing back to a PC for my uses (not a gamer). This iMac was the best value IMO, compared to the other mac's and macbooks. Even compared to the new mac mini (if you add in the additional cost of a good monitor, bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse, the mini was closing in on the iMac price). I'd recommend this iMac for any deveoper to use as a base system. Power seems more than sufficient add to that the capability to run windows as well and you have one of the best values in a development system I've seen.

All this and lets face it the mac experience is very pleasant, and it doesn't hurt to expand your development into the mac arena.

After one week, I'm already a satified mac user.

I'll update after a year or so of use and abuse.
39 of 39 people found the following review helpful
Amazing small form Big Screen computer 23 Dec. 2009
By Santosh Geddamuri Sr. - Published on
Verified Purchase
This version of imac is amazing.
1 This computer is fast and sleek.Looks beautiful.
2 No noise of fan or so.If one close there eyes,they can hardly tell if it sunning.This is not the case with any other ALLINONE desktops i owned.Ex dell studio 15 makes more noise then my kitchen fan.
3 The hardware is just enough for any thing.500GB hd is PLUS.The ram 4gb is hardly used.
4 Screen is beautiful.For some people the screen is like mirror and gets lots of reflection.But for me i love the screen.The screen can be moved easily if you getting any reflection.The glossy screen makes the view more enjoyable.
5 THE LEOPORD SNOW is very good.No issues so far.For PC users it will take little while to learn the shortcuts.But once they are used to it it will be very fast to access any thing.
6 The MOUSE was never a problem for me.I am so used to use forward and backward on the web pages using this mouse,When i use other mouse my fingers automatically slide.One can really admire the mouse once they get used to it in couple days.
7 Keyboard is small.i would love to have wireless keyboard with the numeric pad.
8 The sound is good on this computer.for a medium room i think this is more then enough.

1 The keyboard could be little better.i mean with numeric pad and more F buttons.
2 there should have a hard button for ejecting the DVD.When i was installing Windows 7 i was stuck with the DVD.Couldnt find a way to eject without loading OS.
3 DVDs with paper stickers on it stucks some time.So be careful if you are inserting a DVD with sticker labels.

Overall very happy with this purchase.
24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
Love it! 1 Jan. 2010
By M. Dai - Published on
Verified Purchase
After 15 years of using PC, we decided to switch to Mac and so far we are very happy with our iMac. The 21.5-inch screen is bright and sharp. Glare is not an issue to us because our window is on the left hand side, not directly behind. Also, when we were at the apple store, we saw both the 21.5-nch and and old 20-inch on display. The 21.5-inch seems much bigger - not merely 7% judging from the number. So we were really impressed. The 27-inch seems WAYYYY to big. It almost makes you dizzy sitting right in front of it.

When I first set up my iMac on the desk, I immediately noticed a buzzing sound caused by certain vibration. It's not loud but sufficiently disturbing. I searched the internet and found many people had similar problems with their iMacs too. Some people brought their iMacs back to apple store for service and had some parts (mostly air fans) changed, but not much help. So I decided to have some experiment with my setup. First, I tried my iMac on my kitchen countertop, which is granite. No vibration, no buzzing sound at all. Then I put my laptop PC on my desk, same spot where I put my iMac. LOUD and LOUD buzzing sound. So I knew the problem was caused by the desk, not the iMac. Now I have a photo album with leather cover underneath my iMac. No buzzing sound any more. Very happy with the machine thereafter.

The switch from PC to Mac is easy. We do not need to take any special course or tutorial to get started. Everything is exremely intuitive. From here or there we had some questions, we checked the video clips on apple's website and at one time called apple hotline. Our questions were solved immediately.

Overall, this machine is wonderful. Starts and shuts down super fast. Launches and closes programs super fast. Extremely quite - once we solved the buzzing sound problem, we could hardly hear anything, even the cooling fan sound that we constantly hear from our PC. The built in speakers produce a wonderful sound that fills the entire room with no difficulty - almost to the same level as my Bose mini system. And finally, we love the magic mouse. It is so fun to scroll up and down, left and right, and rotate everything on your finger tip without the need to drag it all over the screen.

We strongly recommed this machine to anyone who's tired of PC and wants to have a different experience on what's a computer can do to you.
40 of 43 people found the following review helpful
Broken Logic Board in 2 months 19 April 2010
By T. Zee - Published on
Verified Purchase
I bought the iMac in Feb 2010, and in April 2010 the iMac started freezing at random times. Finally, it wouldn't even power on. I only installed Photoshop and Sophos Anti-virus onto the iMac. Thank goodness it was in the 1 year limited warranty period. However, I did a quick search and found that Apple has been having logic board problems for a long time. It was certainly a disappointment to find that my first mac failed in 2months!

On a second note, if you still really want to buy an iMac, consider buying it from the Apple store instead of Amazon. When I brought the product into the Apple Store, they told me that if I had bought it there, they would just give me a new one. However, since it was purchased from Amazon, they would have to send it in for repairs and replacement parts (which may or may not be refurbished parts).
26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
Long time Mac hater finally gave in 9 Mar. 2010
By Mr&MrsV - Published on
Verified Purchase
I've been strictly a PC guy for as long as I can remember (only used Macs in college writing labs). Since graduating from college over 14 years ago I literally have not used even one Mac. I was pretty much anti Mac because I thought they were over priced, underpowered and Steve Jobs really got on my nerves. I mean for the money you could get a faster, more feature packed PC for much less. I was also concerned about compatibility with PC files and software.

Well, now that I've matured and gotten over my childish hating of Steve and Mac now has PC emulation software, I reconsidered. My first reaction was to get another PC and continue along my merry way as I've always done. When I started my shopping I thought what the heck, let me check out the latest Macs on the apple Web site. I was blown away by the new iMacs. I ended up spending about 2-3 hours over a few days looking at the iMacs and reading reviews around the Web.

Long story short I finally got my iMac. It was a tough decision because I was purchasing one of these things I thought was overpriced and underpowered years back. The specs on these new iMacs got me intrigued. The large screen and all-in-one form sold me. The Core 2 Duo and 4GB ram was decent enough for me to give it a try.

In short I am VERY pleased I bought this computer. It's outstanding. Pros and Cons:

- Design: This all-in-one design is absolutely better than any other all-in-one out there. Just a stunning screen, keyboard and a mouse (and no large brick connected to the power cord!). When I took the thing out I was looking for the other "components". Simply refreshing. How can Apple create such a slim, light and usable machine while HP, IBM and the others produce these clumsy all-in-ones?

- Screen: Just one word: amazing.

- Ease of use/setup: It's obvious these Apple guys really think about what users go through from the point they open the box, to the point they start using the computer. The process was so simple and easy. This old PC guy was almost looking for warnings or errors to pop up or something. Well done.

- Login process: OS X boots up so quick that sometimes I sit there waiting for the computer to do the hourglass thing like a PC. But it doesn't. You log in, you see the main screen shortly thereafter and you're ready to go. It almost seems wrong. Doesn't this thing need to boot up a bunch of stuff to get going? Apparently not. Also the clean layout of the icons on the bottom of the screen with no other pre-installed craplets or other desktop icons is such a refreshing change vs PCs.

- Software: I will hold off on commenting here until I've spent more time with the installed and purchased iWork software. Can't wait to get my hands on Garage band. My kids and I will have a blast.

- Keyboard and Mouse: Keyboard is so sleek and small you'd think it was a toy. It takes a bit of getting used to because some of the keys you'd find on a PC keyboard are missing (the back space and delete keys are the same key...use the Fn+delete to do forward deleting of characters). All in all though, not a problem. I haven't gotten used to all the multifunction keys yet, but I'm assuming these other cool stuff I can do with it that I'll figure out later.

- Magic mouse: One word: Schweet! I'm using it now to easily scroll through this comment I'm writing.

- Speed: So far haven't done any real heavy lifting with it like movie editing or MP3 encoding/transfers, but my Web browsing and video watching are blazing. And overall system response is excellent. Will report back as I use the system more over the next few weeks/months.

- Integrated with my home Wi-fi without a hitch. Even automatically found the drivers for my HP All-in-One printer. I didn't even have to download the Mac driver or anything.

- Oh, and it's real quiet too.

- Screen can show a lot of glare. This can be a problem for some folks and in certain room settings

- Could have gotten a unit with more ram and faster processor if I got a PC. But to be honest, given my experience so far with this thing, I really don't care. Technical specks aint everything. User experience is important as well. I guess a gamer would care though. But they can get the 27" model with the intel i7 processor.

- PC guys have to learn some things like how to cut, paste, undo, use safari, navigate around the OS, etc.

- That's all so far, will report back over the next weeks/months with new issues/concerns.

In summary, I am one happy customer. We still have two PCs in the house and I'm still a PC guy; but check back with me in a year or so -- that may change.

Hey PC guys/gals out will not regret buying this thing. Go ahead, do it.

6/25/10 Update:
Now that I've had my iMac for several months now I can provide an updated review:

Overall: My family and I still love it and would definitely buy it again. My next computer purchase will be a replacement for my IBM ThinkPad -- it will certainly be a Mac Book.

- Screen size, resolution and design (with caveat noted in Cons)
- Operating system/User Interface -- just plain smooth, fast and user-friendly.
- Various utilities that come pre-installed.
- Reliability - Rock solid. The thing is like an appliance. When you need it, it's ready. When you don't, it fades into the background and sucks very little power.
- Overall design and form factor of the entire unit. It's such a pleasure to look at and use. The keyboard (with caveats noted in the Cons section), mouse and screen work together very well (especially on a small desk)
- It's so quiet that when it's on and you're not using it, it just fades into the background. You forget it's there.

-Keyboard missing a dedicated key. While I really like keyboard (I type faster with it than a standard PC keyboard), I will be upgrading to the full iMac keyboard because I REALLY miss my forward delete key and number pad. Omitting the forward delete was a real big mistake in my idea. It's driving me crazy! Having to do the Fn-Delete combination each time is very annoying.

- I was annoyed that I couldn't do some standard PC things on it, like tile all displayed windows with a few key or mouse strokes. To be fair, a Mac is a Mac and does not try to be a PC so it's not a Mac's fault it can't do these things. But PC users will have to spend time figuring out "how do you do [insert routine PC function here] on a Mac" . Again, not fair, but a Con nonetheless because I had to spend time figuring it out rather than just doing.

- Screen gets a lot of finger prints and smudges. A magnet for kiddie finger prints. Screen glare is bothersome under certain lighting conditions.

- Kinda makes me kick myself for being so anti-Mac for so long and not buying one sooner. I could have avoided so much PC pain.

That's all for now.
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