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2.7 out of 5 stars32
2.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2008
I'm amazed there are so many positive reviews, it drives me completely nutty.
The pointer is forever disappearing and I have to keep lifting it up and moving it around to find where it has gone off to. When I bought my imac the ones in the store did this and I hoped it was just the display models.

I have replaced it with my old logitech nano and this never happens anymore so it is definitely the mouse and not me or the computer settings that is causing this trait.

I will agree with everyone that the scroll ball is a very good feature but doesn't make up for the disappearing pointer.
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on 13 September 2008
Since I switched to Mac from PC six months ago, I've been through three Mighty Mice. The only area of concern is the scroll ball. It works brilliantly for a while, but the internal gubbins soon gets dirty and the ball becomes unreliable.

I love the Idea of the Mighty Mouse - clean and simplistic to look at, uncluttered but capable of much more than you'd think, and that scroll ball is a work of genius. It is precise and customisable and it looks flippin' cool. But it soon goes wrong. The scroll ball, one of the Mighty Mouse's biggest plus points, is also its biggest problem.

Who remembers the mice of yore, the ones with the rubber coated ball-bearings used to track movement? After a while, the crud that was picked up by the ball and got deposited on the mouse's sensor wheels built up and stopped the thing from working properly. The good thing was that you could take the ball out and remove the crud to get the thing working properly again (an unfolded paperclip was my tool of choice :-) The Mighty Mouse's scroll ball works on the same principle as the old fashioned ball-bearing mice, and it gathers crud in exactly the same way. But the Mighty Mouse is a sealed unit, so you can't take it apart to clean it. The only cleaning method that provides a short term fix is to hold the mouse up-side-down on a piece of paper, apply pressure, and roll the ball back and forth and side to side rapidly. This sometimes improves things, but soon becomes ineffective.

I'll never go back to Windows PCs, but the Apple Mighty Mouse is being ditched as soon as my current one starts to play up. The only bad apple (ahem!!) in an otherwise excellent package.
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on 3 February 2009
I've had my iMac for less than a year, and was surprised and disappointed when the Mighty Mouse began to malfunction, by failing to scroll down. Having read the reviews on this site, I decided to try cleaning it externally. Pouring a small amount of Methylated Spirit on a cloth, I raced the scroll wheel of the inverted disconnected mouse up and down, and side to side on the cloth. I am delighted to say this has worked, and all functions are restored. If the fix doesn't last long, I'll report in!!
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on 12 March 2009
The mouse looks lovely, but unfortunately it has so many problems:
- The tracking is awful, I mean truly appalling. A good test is to move the mouse in little concentric circles - look at the mess on the screen! Compared to my old Windows Sony mouse which was 100% accurate, this thing jumps around all over the place.
- The side buttons that launch Expose are too hard to squeeze.
- The right-click button needs to be clicked right its edge, like you're dangling your finger off the edge of a cliff. Any further in and it does a left-click. Annoying. It is all very well Steve Jobs saying he doesn't like buttons, then trying to 'hide' the fact that it has a right-click, but if the solution is more aggravating than the apparent problem he wanted to solve, then what is he really achieving?

A bitter disappointment of form winning out over functionality. Please step your game up with your next accessories Apple.
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on 11 August 2013
Placed the order 7th August and received it on the 9th August, so impressed with the delivery time.

As stated by the seller the mouse isn't boxed but was very well packaged and rolled in plenty of bubble wrap to protect it, so no complaints there.

The mouse itself is near perfect, with one faint blemish on the top near the Apple logo, but accepting it is second hand, clean and in perfect working order, happy with the product. If there are any problems with the mouse I will update this review, so its longevity can be calculated by comparison to the date it was bought.

As for the compromise between this being 2nd hand and the cost compared to a new one... including postage this cost me £19.58. Compared to buying it new from Apple through Amazon including postage at £35.98 (direct from Apple with free delivery at £40) saved me at least £16.40.

I use a Mighty mouse at work and really needed the same at home for light use with my MacBook, this was the cheapest price I found on the net. But even for office use, I can't see a reason why this isn't a good purchase.

Be aware that there is a well documented quirk with the Apple Mighty Mouse in that the scroll ball has been known to stop responding to sideways scrolling. This happened to the Mighty Mouse I use at work, until it was pointed out that while holding the mouse upside down and vigorously rubbing the scroll ball with a wet screenwipe, the kind that comes in a sealed little envelope after squeezing a couple of drops of the liquid onto the ball will clean the contacts and return the scroll ball functionality (or use a screen cleaning fluid moistened lint free wipe after dripping a couple of drops of the screen cleaning fluid onto the ball) once the mouse is allowed a minute or two to dry completely.

You will see all the gunge that comes out of the sealed unit onto the wipe... this stuff has come off YOUR hands and is not a fault of the mouse. It is not unreasonable to have to keep your kit clean or *wash your hands*, though you wouldn't think it when you read some of the complaints about the Mighty Mouse. The one I use at work has been flawless, as long as kept clean, for a 7 hours a day, 5 days a week use for... 3 years to date.... and still going strong.
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VINE VOICEon 11 December 2008
This is perhaps the weakest part of my new mac.
Although , due to the great software , it offers multiple options to control the screen , the wheel can break and if that happens it is not covered by the insurance.
Thankfully amazon were very kind to send a replacement ,but it should not have broken so easily.
Otherwise it feels very light and responds very quickly making very easy to switch from application to another.
Needs updating.
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on 11 April 2009
Why attempt to 're-design the wheel'?! After approx 3 days, the ball will no longer scroll up-down. Initially, disconnecting, then turning the mouse upside-down & rolling the ball on a piece of material etc, is effective. Initially... Eventually, even this tedious process becomes ineffective & the ball will not scroll up-down.

Back to the drawing-board Apple, pronto!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 March 2014
I've been using Mac gear since the 80s and this is the first piece of Apple gear that I've come across that is fundamentally flawed.
I've had three of these things and every one of them failed after a little while, always with the scroll ball ceasing to operate, sometimes intermittently and then terminally though the first one I had, a replacement for a previous non-scrolling mouse, never worked at all for upscroll. As I was using an unsupported version of OSX at that time I thought it might be glitching on the system, but a subsequent OS upgrade after the warranty was up showed no upscroll either.

Second mouse upscrolled about once in every three or four attempts and then failure rate gradually worsened until it didn't scroll at all. Thorough cleaning - as best I could as the track ball is designed to be completely inaccessible - brought back intermittent, partial success.

After the third one also stopped working. I tried to clean the ball by rubbing it on a mousepad at which point it basically fell apart. By this point I'd lot the will to live and went back to a previous version

This is a lousy, not fit for purpose P.O.S. that shows the beginning of Apple's now legendary contempt for its users.
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on 2 November 2008
The Apple mighty mouse is overpriced and is poorly designed.
The scrolling ball will only work for 2-3 months before it starts to stick. The grease on your skin will foul the rollers inside - and unlike other types of "mice" you cannot clean it!! So end up throwing it away. You can try taking it apart, but the base is glued down, and it is very difficult to remove without breaking it!
You would be far better off buying a Logitech wireless bluetooth mouse for less money, and it will last a much longer time!
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on 21 March 2010
Yeah yeah yeah, there's the fancy window changing buttons on the side and of course the handy side scrolling... But it's so sensitive and has a mind of it's own!

If like me, you've bought an iMac for editing audio on logic and video on FCP, this mouse will drive you NUTS! It constantly sticks and the cursor has fits and heart attacks on screen, especially when you're doing very precise editing. It picks the moments where you need the most precision and concentration and THEN decides to fly off somewhere else and click something random. This is enraging when doing destructive editing as it can ruin everything and replace a creative flow with nothing but frustration and anger as you've just opened up some random program. I can't count the times that I have engaged the simple process of dragging a file across to another location (eg audio editing - dragging and scrolling out audio/video files) and editing length and position precisely to a point and this mouse fits around for a second and then flies off and puts it somewhere really annoying.


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