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4.5 out of 5 stars455
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2009
Like many other reviews here, I couldn't put this book down, it's very well written and enjoyable to read. I have to admit that I find it a little harder to believe than other angel books I have read. I have a very open mind to these sorts of things, and I genuinely hope all that Lorna says is true, but I did struggle at times, as some bits felt very far-fetched, that said, she has obviously helped many people - so, true or not, she is having a positive effect on people's lives. I would highly recommend you read this book and make up your own mind.
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on 13 January 2009
I've never read anything that has moved me as much as this book has - I hope we all listen to our angels and make this world a better place...
If you don't get this feeling while reading this book I hope you will later in life
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on 2 August 2008
This book has all the ingredients of a wonderful fairytale; poor girl with a beautiful heart, shunned by society, finds and loses love, has adventures with angels and spirits along the way, then becomes a famous and much loved healer, techer and author! But the incredible thing is, it's not a fairytale, it really happened!

Lorna's book brings angels to life in a way other books I've read on the subject don't because on every page, there's an everyday example of her connection with angels, which she describes in graphic detail. To her, communicating with and obtaining guidance from angels is as normal as brushing your teeth and she tells us that it can be like that for everyone, we only need to ask.

This is a simple and honest but beautifully written memoire that also contains advice and practical guidance.

I think it's a book that most people would enjoy and I'd defy even the most hardened sceptic not to become at least more open to the idea of angels after reading it.
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on 25 August 2008
I'd read an interview with LB on the Daily TElegraph, ordered it immediately and read it in one day.At 6pm having put the book down, I went to the computer to see what others were saying about it. While doing that, came across [...] and opened that, found that Lorna invites us to write to her and ask questions. As my young husband is dying, and I had been interested in the way she coped with her husband's passing, I told her about it and asked her to pray for me. Within 60 seconds of me pressing 'submit', the bell to the outside door rang. I went out and there saw a beautiful young woman full of life and laughter. She asked if she could show me a portfolio of oil paintings done by herself and friends. I agreed. The paintings were all beautiful, and then she came to one,saying: This is the one I did, it is of an angel. My jaw dropped, my hair stood on end as I realised that this was Lorna's answer to me to tell me that she, and/or her angels had been listening to my prayer for courage and help. Can you believe it? An angel was sent to me!
I believe it.
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on 11 July 2008
I was so looking forward to reading this book and I was not dissapointed. I could not put it down. Lorna is an amazing & gifted woman I am only sorry that I have never met her. I loved the way she described the angels & she has an amazing faith. She had a tough life but it never seemed to get her down, all the people she helped she is amazing. I recommend this book so much & hope she publishes another.
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on 10 December 2008
Lorna Byrne has written a book about the fascinating subject of "Angels" that even an eight year old child can read. Her amazing gift of communicating with the Angel and spirit realm goes way beyond most people's perception, her language is kept simple, and yet her description of seeing and communicating through thought and words is intriguing.

The appearance of for example Archangel Michael is full of detail, how he chooses to appear as human or not, she describes his dress, the colours of his robes, his eyes and the power she senses in his presence. lorna has had a difficult life, she has had to overcome all kinds of challenges, from her impoverished childhood in Dublin to nursing her dying husband and being a mother of 4 children.

Read this book with an open mind, yes Lorna does describe some amazing accounts of working with the Angels, but she does it with lashings of humility, her innocence on the subject of Spirit and Angels is very endearing, maybe that is why she was chosen to write this book and give us humans an insight into a life beyond the 5 senses.
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on 20 July 2009
To many people,this book would be simply unbelievable - but is it? The subject matter is so far removed from the experience of most (I would go so far as to say virtually all) people, that I must say it is sometimes hard to know just what to make of it.
Here is the story of a woman who despite claiming to walk and talk with angels, even Archangels, has been quite poor for much of her life, and who could not prevent the early death of her husband, which raises the issues of karma and/or predestination, and the obvious question that if someone with her supposed ability can't have a happy life, what hope is there for the rest of us?
Yet there are numerous books "out there" that the "average Joe" will never read, or even come across, that detail stories as beautiful, unusual and compelling as Lorna Byrne's. Surely - at least I hope so - they can't all be total rubbish, can they?
Call me crazy but I would rather believe in angels, or spirit guides as some call them, than not believe. After the numerous "way out" books I have read, I would certainly not dismiss Byrne's book as "tosh".
Most people presumably have not read Brian Weiss' books on reincarnation. These are incredibly beautiful and very, very moving books, full of love. I do not dismiss Weiss' books because Christianity says reincarnation is untrue. I would be a fool to do so. By the same token, because numerous sceptics would deny the truth of Byrne's book, I am not going to just dismiss it. There are too many things in this world - as Shakespeare might have said - undreamt of in a sceptic's philosophy.
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on 17 May 2008
I was looking forward to reading this book as I had visited Lorna a few years ago and she had given me very helpful and accurate information about a health issue. The book was even better than I was expecting - a very moving account of a child growing up with this extraordinary ability to communicate with angels - A wonderful gift but one that had the effect of distancing her from others until, as an adult, she found people that she could confide in. The book also sets out what Lorna has learnt from the angels and so there is plenty of food for thought here for anyone interested in their own spiritual development. I found it an incredibly comforting book - it helped me visualise how much help might be out there if we ask.....
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on 30 December 2008
For those of an open mind this will bring some comfort and an insight into a part of this world that you may or may not be aware of.

I have read this book and would hope it brings you equal amounts of love and hope into your life.

Just for a moment pretend there was such a thing as an angel.
Wouldn't you want them in your life?
wouldn't you want to know more about them?
Read this book.
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on 7 January 2010
This is an amazing story. I laughed and cried so much and I could'nt stop reading even though I have never made a habit of reading books and get bored quickly.
I had never believed in angels before but I have a whole new outlook and attitude on life now and I feel protected.
I first heard Lorna Byrne being interviewed on the radio about this book, then I found film footage of her and I knew that this woman could not be telling lies.
I thank you so much Lorna for letting us share in your life and of course I thank the angels too for letting you write it.
Sincerely Yours,
Patrick Bonner
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