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Let's stop buying from Amazon until they create a separate Kindle section

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Initial post: 20 Apr 2011 19:17:35 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
I have written to them twice and nothing has happened. I am sick to death of opening the 'books' tab, where once there were 'what's hot' and 'what's not' in books, real papery things, and seeing 'Kindle this' and 'Kindle that'.

I don't want a bloody Kindle I never will want one. I am not interested in free Kindle downloads or ones that cost money. All I want to do is to be able to look at the best sellers WITHOUT seeing Kindle editions. It's not much to ask for is it?

Posted on 23 Apr 2011 12:39:09 BDT
Last edited by the author on 23 Apr 2011 12:39:58 BDT
I agree. I have no intention of buying a kindle. And don't want to hear about kindles. They should be in a separate section. But I'm not stopping buying from Amazon.

Posted on 23 Apr 2011 13:31:08 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
I agree with you too! Trouble is if Amazon was marginal it wouldn't be an issue but it is simply one of the best on-line shops. I am happy to continue using them but I just wish they'd realise that Kindle isn't for everyone. It won't kindle any interest in me unless it's used for kindling ;-)

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Apr 2011 15:31:40 BDT
Mrs Pisaroni says:
What a fabulous post!!!!!!! I am surrounded by over 1,000 books and every one is a friend, something to be held and treasured. It doesn't particularly irritate me when 'Kindle' editions are mentioned but the premise that 'Kindle' and its like is the 'WAY FORWARD' with reading really does irritate me. To me its a sterile way of reading and holds no romance or interest. I won't be going as far as stopping buying but an glad that there are some like minded people out there who prefer paper over 'pad'.

Posted on 26 Apr 2011 16:10:08 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
What annoys me isn't so much the Kindle thing, that's fine, it's that if you want to see what's in the top ten books, or whatever it is infected with Kindle editions which might not reflect the true books at the top. All I want is a separate section for Kindle, or keep it as it is and add a separate section for 'Non Kindle' - can't be difficult surely?

In reply to an earlier post on 3 May 2011 14:37:27 BDT
Surely the kindle-reading population enjoy the same books as the commentators in this thread? They may not be as 'romantic' as one reader posted in that they don't have a tactile 'book' to touch, but the majority of enjoyment from reading a book stems from the authors imagination. And that can be experienced to the same degree through reading it on a kindle. So, with that in mind, and also remembering that kindle e-book sales are soaring, would you like to be left out when books that you may have enjoyed discovering through what's hot etc. are not presented to you because they are now in a kindle-only section? A section that you'd likely never visit?

(Or have I misunderstood the original post?)

In reply to an earlier post on 3 May 2011 14:41:54 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
I see what you mean, but is it going to be the case that very soon there will only be electronic versions of some books? I doubt it, well I certainly hope not. What annoys me is you can go through the section and find all sorts of books that are not new and hot but because they're free they're on there e.g. some of the classics. All I want is a book only section, that's not much to ask for is it?

Yes perhaps I am a Luddite ;-)

Posted on 5 May 2011 15:28:01 BDT
Paul Willcox says:
I like to skim through the top 100 bestselling books in fiction to see if I have missed any good uns. The list is now almost exclusively Kindle books bought mainly on price, not on quality. Makes the whole list pointless.

Posted on 5 May 2011 15:41:02 BDT
[Deleted by Amazon on 29 Nov 2011 04:53:35 GMT]

In reply to an earlier post on 5 May 2011 15:41:21 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
Exactly my point but put much more succinctly! I did check after my last rant and Pride and Prejudice was in the top 10 (may be 20) which as far as I recall is not a new best seller.

Come on Amazon change it!

In reply to an earlier post on 5 May 2011 15:43:15 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
Is your post in Kindle-ese or just full of your own errors ;-)

Posted on 5 May 2011 17:21:00 BDT
Timeoff says:
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In reply to an earlier post on 5 May 2011 20:24:30 BDT
Rob Sawyer says:
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Posted on 18 Jun 2011 18:41:51 BDT
J Elliott says:
I used to be totally against e books but - I can see their value when going on holiday by air, so light! But it makes much more sense to me to buy an ipad, which is multi functional. By the way, my 16 year old grandson is an avid reader too, and he is also anti Kindle, despite being of his generation. June

Posted on 28 Jun 2011 20:45:24 BDT
R. Thomas says:
What absolute claptrap. E readers, Kindle or otherwise, are not a substitute for books, but an addition to the library. As a teacher of English I own many hundreds of books; some I love, some I like, some I tolerate, but all of them take up space and I needed to find a way of dealing with that without getting rid of any. The Kindle was the answer. It is tactile and lovely (green leather cover) and I have introduced myself to new writers through it. My Kindle is in my handbag, it is streamlined and light and I can take, if I wish, a whole library on holiday. The preposterous link between Kindle reading and masturbation says a lot more about the commentators' interests than the Kindle users, in my humble opinion. Literature is literature. The creation of images through words is the same whatever the mode of delivery.

Posted on 28 Jul 2011 14:51:25 BDT
Blue Opal says:
I too would like to see a separate section for Kindle when looking at Bestsellers/Whats New etc; but I'm happy with the comparison list under the title of each book. This way you can see when each version is published and how much each costs.

I buy both paper and Kindle for PC books, and I'm unlikely to stop buying either.
Currently, what I DO dislike is the higher cost of the Kindle against the paper novel, and I refuse to buy Kindle then. I also dislike that Amazon charge more than the current exchange rate on certain American publishing houses - so I go directly to the US websites and buy in US$ - cheaper in the long run.

Posted on 6 Aug 2011 09:36:58 BDT
R. L. Warren says:
I have a Kindle, due to the fact that I love my books too much to ever get rid of any, and not being able to afford a library I was fast running out of space! I love my Kindle, it's convenient, light and practical. I still plan to buy hardbacks from my favourite authors, as a treat for myself. I think some people are clinging to the 'technology bad' attitude just to be stubborn at times, when they have not even attempted to read on a Kindle. I do however agree that a different section on Amazon would be useful, I too would like to see new books rather than the free Kindle downloads.

Posted on 22 Aug 2011 03:39:22 BDT
Last edited by the author on 22 Aug 2011 03:40:23 BDT
T. Banting says:
I suspect that many hundreds of years ago there were people who despised the printing press, believing it brought literature to the uneducated masses. These rants against Kindle users are ignorant. Why can't people who love to read enjoy their Kindle as well as 'real' books? I read at least two novels a week, many on the Kindle, others in traditional hard back or paper back. I have a degree in History and teach dyslexic students to read. I resent the ridiculous assertion that using a Kindle makes me some sort of lonely sexual misfit. It is pathetic, showing a total lack of imagination and intelligence.

In reply to an earlier post on 25 Aug 2011 07:28:46 BDT
I agree that Kindle and Paper lists should be kept apart - as a recent Kindle owner, I am disappointed when a book I want to buy DOESN'T appear in Kindle format. Of course, I won't be refraining from buying from Amazon - I have a Kindle to feed!

In reply to an earlier post on 25 Aug 2011 14:19:06 BDT
Pink's says:
Entirely agree. I love books, particularly hard backs, but the Kindle is great..perfect for travelling and indeed reading in bed (holding and turning pages is so much easier). And to order and download a new book in seconds is amazing. Highly recommended to those who show disdain.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Sep 2011 10:09:34 BDT
I agree with everything you say. I am 67 and have read books since the age of 4. I must have read thousands of them and did try to do a rough estimate. However because of my age and bad arthritis, I have difficulty in holding a book. I used to buy paperbacks as they were easier to handle, but I hated to break spines and still found it difficult to hold. Now all my problems are solved. I can also make the font bigger should my eyes deteriorate more as I get older. Yes - of course I miss the actual paper books and the smell of them, but I love my Kindle and would never part with it. This is my second eBook, the first was a Sony which I was never enamoured with, so sold it on eBay and bought my Kindle. I have never looked back and never regretted it. I always used to read in bed. However, since having the Kindle - I find myself reading it whenever I have a spare moment. This means that I am forever getting more and more books. But some of the authors whose books are under a 1 can be really very good. So am enjoying reading other materials instead of top notch best sellers. Free ones too. Now there's a bargain!

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Oct 2011 15:00:29 BDT
Thanks so much for your thoughts on Kindle - I have just ordered one from Amazon and like you at 65 I also have arthritis in my hands and cannot hold even a paperback for more than a few minutes at a time and also like you I hate to break the spines - so I am thrilled to read in your post that your problems are solved - it bodes well for me too and the ability to change font size will be a real boon to me too - happy reading - I hope I shall be joining you just as soon as mine arrives!!

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Oct 2011 15:45:20 BDT
Donna says:
But you can't read an iPad in sunlight unlike the kindle ( I have both!) - it comes into it's own reading on a dark plane so swings and roundabouts etc. I totally agree though about the joy of taking technology on holiday weight wise

Posted on 19 Oct 2011 22:22:48 BDT
I am sick to death ofeople ranting about kindle being an inferior reading experience. I have read in the last 11months, since I bought my kindle, 93 books. This is about the same rate as previously but now I am not endlessly trekking back and forth to charity shops - both to buy and give back books. I fail to see how reading the written word is any different electronically to on paper. Surely one uses all the same brain functions? Words are spelled the same aren't they? Grammar is still the same surely? How on earth is it causing people such anguish?
Yes, there are disadvantages. Not every book is available yet. Yes some of the cheap downloads are of poor quality. Others are surprisingly good and are almost certainly books you may never spot otherwise.
By all means Amazon, set up a filter for the complainers. Let them carry on filling up their shelves with dusty books, paying for postage and lugging books around. In turn perhaps these people will stop trying to make kindle responsible for poor education and everything else wrong with the world. (Incidentally, my 6 year old daughter is currently reading Charlie and the chocolate factory on my kindle - it isn't harming her reading skills much is it?)

Posted on 26 Oct 2011 15:37:29 BDT
sadie says:
I really enjoy reading books. I am just back from a holiday in America where I read 9 books on my kindle. Just imagine how much my suitcase would have weighed if I had had to take that lot in paperbacks. Surely there is place for both types of book. I do agree though that separate listings would be preferable
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