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4.6 out of 5 stars14
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2005
I read this book in one day, I could not put this down! I have a lot in common with Sylvia Hurt, and this book has helped me more than she will ever know! For other Survivors out there who have suffered child abuse this is a "must" read! My heart goes out to Sylvia, and I am so happy she is no longer a victum, but a Survivor!
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on 29 August 2003
Sylvia tells her horrific life-story in such a way that all the emotions she writes of, you can't help but feel them too. For so long she kept her horrowing secret and when she turned for help she was let down so badly. I read this book in one sitting, ignoring the housework that needed doing around me because I was intrigued as to what would happen next. A very well written book, it will help others in her situation. God bless you Sylvia and I hope you find some solice somewhere
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on 18 February 2005
If this book helps just one child-teen-adult overcome the terrible ordeal of physical and sexual abuse, then the author has done a brilliant job. My eyes are wide open after reading this book, "AM I NOT A PERSON" and another book titled NIGHTMARES ECHO. For the author to live through abuse is one thing, to have the courage to make a stand and tell about it is pure courage at its best
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on 9 April 2005
This was a fantastic book of courage and determination.Icould not put it down just willing Sylvia to come through her struggle and find the light at the end of the tunnel.This book has given me the courage to confront my fears from the past.So thank you Sylvia.
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on 31 May 2003
I just couldn't put the book down ....... This lady has written the book that truly tells it how it feels to be a survivor. The best I have read and I have read a few. The words in this book sang to me, moved me and Sylvia has inspired me to move on with my journey. ... A Truly Honest, Frank and Moving book. I am tempted to give it to my therapist and tell him "Read This" ..... Maybe I will.
A Must for All Survivors and Significant Others it will help those who live with a survivor to glimpse at what their loved one is going through .
My Grateful Thanks to Sylvia for having the courage to write this book.
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on 1 September 2004
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read the whole book in one night, just couldn't put it down. It was easy to understand, well written and straight forward, which is what I like in a book.
Sylvia must be an incredibly strong person to have suffered all she was put through and still achieve so much in life, 3 well educated and stable children, numerous jobs, publish a book etc. She carried on fighting through her very unfair life, with odds stacked up against her, when most would have given up completely. I don't think Sylivia realises just how much strength it takes to do this, carry on fighting, pick yourself up off the ground time & time again after being pushed down so many times. Her true character remained the same from being very little to when she grew older, she is a miracle lady, a brave soldier and needs to remember this daily. It must have taken a lot of guts to tell her true life story as it is very personal but in doing so she will silently help so many other victims, without even knowing it. There will be lots of people who have remained silent, but after reading the book will realise that it was not only them that suffered and that you can actually fight back and lead a near enough normal life if you want it bad enough.
The part that affected me most and I can relate to personally, is that Sylvia never gave up trying to win the love of her mother. It made me so sad and tears were rolling down my cheeks reading it. There is nothing as sad as a child not being loved by their Mum. Mums are supposed to be wonderful, kind, loving people and when every else in the world goes bad, your Mum is supposed to be the one person to comfort you. If you don't have this from an early age it can screw you up 100%. The only question on your mind is WHY? What have I done wrong? Why don't you love me? What's wrong with me? There was nothing wrong with Sylvia she was a lovely innocent child with all her love to give to her Mum but it was cast aside like an old rag. I think Sylvia's Mum had her reason for hating/not loving her and she should have been honest, discussed the issue and tried to overcome it. Instead she left her child alone to suffer alone, this is unforgiveable, especially when she had so much love for most of the other children. It's strange how it was just Sylvia & her twin John who were outcast. It's not for me to say but I can't help thinking that Sylvia's Mum may have been a rape victim and that is why she did not love Sylivia & John. I cannot think of any other reason, apart from her being mentally ill, which I don't think she was. The way Sylivia has to look upon this abysmal situation is that she may have lost the love of her mother but her mother also lost the love of Sylvia. By not acknowledging Sylvia, her mother was never able to experience the bags full of love that Sylvia was ready to give her Mum. Therefore, to turn a negative situation into a positive one, and to be able to move on, Sylvia has to admit that "it was her Mum's big loss" and "her Mum lost out on so much" due to her own stupidity.
Books like this are very healthy as it encourages people to discuss the subject, which in the past has always been "brushed under the carpet" which is how & why the abusers got away with their crimes so easily. It is much different today, but still a taboo subject & lots of room for improvement on openess and encouragement for the victims to "come out"
I truly hope that justice will be done to those people who violated against Sylvia so badly. They deserve to be punished for what they must have known was so wrong. Hopefully they are not today inflicting themselves upon other innocent children/victims, which it is so important for justice to be done, so noone else suffers needlessly.
Well done Sylvia you are an insperation to us all.
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on 23 June 2005
I have read many true to life books, but this one really pulls at the heart strings. How Sylvia coped in this situation I'll never know. After years of torment and mind games she carries on looking after her children. You have to read this book!!!
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on 2 November 2003
Sylvia Hurt tells her story in her own words about the sexual abuse and neglect she has endured throughout her whole life and not just by abusers but also by so called professionals who are suppose to know better.
The ending is poisitive and the feeling that despite everything Sylvia is a fighter.
I personally felt whilst reading this book ''For god's sake somebody give this woman a break'' and they did she gave herself one.
I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone.
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on 7 October 2004
A really moving emotional book, I read this in one go not able to put it down, I feel this book is a must read for all those learning about Social Work, Health Care, Nursing and also all those who are qualified who need reminding about children who constantly slip through the net.
This book would also appeal to anyone who enjoys non-fiction and is a people person.
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on 7 August 2012
My mother had this book recommended to her when she finally sought some help to deal with her demons. It helped her massively to know she was not a disgusting person, that she wasn't alone and that most of all there are people who truly understand her. Most of what Sylvia talks about my mother has experienced herself.
When she was finished she passed it on to me. That was a few years ago and I never got the guts up to read it. I guess because I was afraid of really knowing the horrible true facts and not just that my mother had been abused.
Well, all I can say is I should have read it sooner. It would have saved many an argument between us when I thought she was being a mental drunken woman, not realising that it wasn't her I was arguing with. It was the anger inside her. She always showed us all so much love but she had episodes of going off the rails completely and I used to hate her. Now I understand the reasons for it I have nothing but more love and admiration for her, none of us are or ever have been in care, none of us has carried on the abuse, none of us have gone off the rails ourselves. She did her utmost to make sure that we grew up knowing we were loved despite the poor examples in her own childhood.
Please, anyone who is living with or close to an abuse survivor, read this book. It is hard to swallow knowing that your loved one went through that but it is invaluable in helping you to understand them and help them (and you) overcome the past. xxxx
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