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4.2 out of 5 stars63
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2010
Dear Readers

If you are thinking about looking at any drink related issues, this is the book for you!

I was drinking approximately 80 units a week, mostly wine which I thought was acceptable and had been drinking at that level for at least 8 years.

A few incidents happened in my personal life that made me realise that alcohol was making my life worse, not better. Subsequently I looked for a book that would help with my decision to stop drinking.

I am happy to say that I have been sober for nearly two months and this is 90% down to this book, the other 10% being support from my friends and family. I am much happier person and if I do feel like a drink I pick up this book and read it again. I cannot stress enough that this is the best book to help with addiction.

Best of luck and here's to a much happier life.
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on 12 December 2010
There are only a handful of books out there which I can say changed my life and this is one of them. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, whether it be an alcoholic or an occasional social drinker. Easy to read, this book lifts away all the illusions surrounding alcohol and allows you to view drinking for what it really is (which is nothing more than a confidence trick) - once the illusions are removed it's incredibly easy and the desire to drink just melts away. In fact after reading this book I would need to find willpower to drink.

I never would have believed that such a small and simply illustrated book could have such an impact, however, I have not drank and more importantly I have NOT had the desire to drink ever since reading this short book. After just one hour of reading my life had changed and I am now a happy non drinker. What compelled me to buy this book was like most people I had developed a fractional addiction (I'd have a few drinks after work, on most occasions just one drink would turn into six and I'd wake up with a debilitating hangover nearly every Saturday morning). Then one morning after yet another drunken escapade I was sick and tired both physically and mentally and so I decided to search on-line for some resource to help me at least cut down on the quantity I was drinking. However, after reading this book and understanding the true nature of alcohol I have not desired to touch another drink ever since. I must say my life has really taken off since a year and half ago, I have great looking skin, stacks of energy, more self confidence and mental strength than I've ever had in my life and my interests have increased significantly (tennis, running, mountain climbing, skiing etc.). Furthermore, I've saved a fortune, no more self-disgust, emotional outbursts or degenerating my body. I'm unrecognisable compared to my old self in terms of new found mental strength. Not drinking leaves you feeling better equipped to deal with life all round (situations that used to seem tricky or difficult are much easier to deal with). I still enjoy going out and socialising with the same people and places I always have, even in bars, so stopping drinking doesn't necessarily mean changing your current social pattern, it just means you start living your life to its full potential. For a few pounds this book is definitely worth a try!!!!
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on 24 June 2005
I read the only other reveiew for this book and was taken aback by the incorrect statments and insults thrown at Allen Carr.
This book is fantastic! Does it need to be long-winded and complicated to control drinking? Only if the answer is complicated, I would imagine. Allen simply explains just how easy it is to control your alcohol intake, with no added colours perservatives or fuss. A simple sweet method, unique in every detail. However should you require a more detailed explanation of just how easy it is to control your intake then buy his other book, 'The Easy Way to Control Alcohol'.
Have you ever played snooker? Difficult isn't it! When you watch good players on television like Ronnie O'Sullivan they make it appear so easy and simple, and to them it is, because they know how to play it. Allen Carr knows how to make it easy for us to control alcohol and what he has done here in this short book is to make the method understanable to everyone by condensing the information. There are no gimmicks, exercises to follow, waiting to see if it has worked on you, no substitutes. Just instant results. The book is brilliant and for a few pounds it is worth taking a look at.
Good luck! Although you wont need it with this book!
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on 13 September 2012
There aren't many books I can remember reading that changed my life, but this is one of them. Four months ago I read it in an afternoon (with a wicked hangover!) and haven't had a drink since. I did not consider that I had a drinking problem, but was worried at how much I looked forward to a drink or two after work and of course the occasional 'fun night' on the weekend where I would pay for it the next day.

I loved the sweet taste of a brandy and ginger ale or a g&t, and Chardonnay as well. I never in a million years would have considered myself to need AA but picked up No More Hangovers from the library on a whim. I am so grateful I did! Once I took it back I bought myself a copy for reinforcement but haven't needed to reread it yet. I truly do feel free of alcohol's grasp now and happily have a ginger beer or tonic water when out with my husband and our friends.

At home after work I enjoy a tonic water, ginger beer or Coke and often serve it in a champagne flute, just for fun. I also have my little bowl of potato chips or some cheese and crackers so I am enjoying my cocktail hour before dinner, just with a nicer drink.

Something funny I have noticed though is that people are quite concerned when I don't have an alcoholic drink when out. 'Are you sure?' they say, and I have to reply 'I'm driving tonight' or 'I'm on a health kick'. I have been asked more than once if I'm pregnant (no) and it seems that you have to have a reason for not drinking. How about the fact that it's a POISON that sucks you in and I want nothing to do with it? Probably not a socially acceptable answer.

When I have told the truth ('I read a book about alcohol and now I don't drink') people don't know what to do with it and they can become quite upset. One person said most emphatically after my admission that I didn't drink anymore 'I would NEVER give up drinking'. But I hadn't asked him to, I just told him that I did!

My evenings at home now are fun, productive and relaxing and my head is always clear the next day. I am less grumpy and all round happier too. I feel like a million dollars and this book cost far less than that. Thank you (and rest in peace) Allen Carr.
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on 5 February 2013
Amazing, I'm only 24 but I'm fully confident I'll never feel the need to drink alcohol again. I'm a really bad weekend drinker and usually spend Sunday in bed feeling ill and embarrassed about the night before behaviour or what I can remember. From today I'm a non drinker. Sober
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on 20 November 2010
I purchased this excellent book for a measly 3 quid from Amazon. When it arrived I flicked through it and laughed to myself 'How can such a small book lay claim to help you control your drinking?' It literally took 90 minutes to read, cover to cover, and afterwards there was no light switch that went on in my head, no moment of clarity, no dawn of realisation - I just thought 'Oh! is that it?' But the following day, a Friday, when I would normally down a bottle of vodka in the evening - I oddly enough didn't have 'a taste' for it. I have now been booze-free for over 2 months and feel great. I've been to parties, comedy nights, gigs, social functions all of which I would have previously had several drinks or worse - but now I do not crave booze at all and more importantly do not feel I am missing out on life. Now, the mere smell of booze makes me feel queasy and I recently went on a 'lads night out' where I was the only one on soft drinks and I was the only one standing at 2am - I definitely had a better night watching my friends anesthetize themselves in public and talk crap. When you stop drinking you will start living! Since reading this book and quitting alcohol my happiness has returned, I run every morning before work and I feel fantastic and have lost weight and gained energy. I can't sing the praises of this little book enough - do yourself a favour and read this book. For a price of drink you can be released from the tyranny of the bottle and start living your life!
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on 12 June 2006
I've read this book over the weekend and it's like a light going on. What an idiot I've been. Please, if you wonder if you've got a drink problem you probably have, read this book. It makes so much sense. Allen Carr is a life saver, I only wish I'd had this book to give to other family members!!
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on 7 May 2014
I'm a 46 year old mother of 3 grown up children who slipped into the habit of a couple of glasses of wine every night, then that couple became a bottle every night over the last 6 years...I have wanted to stop for along time but when all my friends do the same its hard. Have already done 3 days without a drink so am now stopping for good thanks to Allen Carr explaining a few things to me and changing my mind set.
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on 19 May 2013
Not sure how or why, but this book has triggered something in me to say no to alcohol. I thought I wanted to cut back but right now feel like I never want to drink again and I don't feel sad by that. I'm going away next weekend and am actually looking forward to trying alternatives to alcohol, where as before it would have been an excuse to order a beer or wine with every meal.
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on 8 August 2006
I have to say that for a problem as serious as alcohol addiction, you would never have thought that a small book like this could help. I can't believe it, I just don't want to drink at all. I would never have thought I could say that honestly.

Don't miss alcohol one bit and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Perfect. Thanks Alan
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