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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2015
If I could sum up my willpower As Oscar Wilde once said " I can resist everything but temptation'. I turned 47 yesterday and have been drinking heavily for the past 30 years. All the usual crazy incidents, rows, relationship break ups, losing things, unidentified drinking injuries, possessions lost, hangovers, being terrified if I saw a police car in the morning whilst probably still over the limit driving to work, spending thousands of pounds with nothing to show for it and feelings of utter helplessness in the face of alcohol. I have tried so many times to give up by various means, nothing worked. The only way I could ensure I didn't drink of an evening after work was to lock my purse in my office drawer until the morning as I couldnt resist the temptation. That was until I found this book. I'm writing the review because the other reviewers inspired me to give it a go with a huge amount of scepticism, not necessarily for the author or ethos but just because I lack willpower. I followed the book to the letter and bought the audio version too to get it in to my brain and here a month later I haven't had a drink, but more importantly I don't actually want a drink! That's the key to this method for me, you don't feel as if you're giving up anything or missing out, in fact I feel quite superior knowing I have beaten booze. I would recommend making your last drink something utterly fowl, for me it was a big tumbler of neat white rum, I almost gagged trying to finish it. Since then the thought of alcohol gives me a slight feeling of nausea, I'm not sure how this happened but it's brilliant. I spend years in relationships with drunks that I should have got out of had I not been wandering around in a drunk or hungover stupor. A few nights ago I saw an ex of mine unloading a box of beer in the supermarket & I just felt so sorry for him. I spent a fortune on fancy diet plans & face creams when all I needed to do was quit alcohol to lose pounds and visibly see the bags and lines under my eyes disappear. Quite how a highly educated, successful woman was so stupid for so many years will never cease to amaze me! I don't look back on the bad old days and beat myself up about things I can't change, another positive message from this book. I live in the present full of hope for the future. I know lots of people will be sceptical but I think if you are really ready to give up buy this book. I don't mind admitting I think I've been brainwashed and have on a couple of occasions come out with some of the phrases used in the book to describe alcohol (funnily once in front of work colleagues) but I don't care because I've never managed more that a coupe of days away from booze, for my this book has been a miraculous revelation which has set me free. I will update in time because I'm sure readers will be convinced I'll start again but I know I will never drink again with more certainty than I have ever felt in my entire life.
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on 17 June 2009
I sent off for this book after waking up with yet another hangover on a Monday morning and wanting (again) to do something about the amount I was drinking. I have been drinking every day since my marriage broke up 14 years ago, leaving me with a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby.

Although I have always been what I used to call a 'normal' drinker since the age of 18 or so, when my ex husband walked out I really turned to the bottle to help me deal with my feelings of loneliness, despair and misery . As soon as the boys were in bed I would start on the wine (luckily, my mum moved in with me so I wasn't the only 'responsible' adult around), and this has pretty much continued as the boys have grown up, so they are more than used to seeing me with a bottle (or two) of wine every evening.

It says something about the durability of the human body and spirit that I have been able to bring these boys up to become normal, great teenagers, and hold down a responsible and stressful job, which takes me away to Europe most weeks, whilst dosing myself with poison on a regular basis.

I read the book in one sitting, and I have never felt so positive about the future, both for me and the boys. I haven't had a drink for 7 days, which in itself is a miracle, but the thing that has amazed me is - I haven't WANTED a drink! After tea, the norm was for me to slouch in front of the TV or my laptop, watching inane programmes, or chatting rubbish to strangers in chat rooms. For the past week, the boys and I have gone out for bike rides, we've gone for a walk in the park to feed the ducks and done loads of things I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before because it either interrupted my drinking or involved driving, and I have never driven whilst under the influence.

The weight is melting away, my eyes are sparkling and I feel like I'm 20 years younger than my 45 years. A binman whistled at me this morning! I'm going away on separate holidays with the boys in the summer, and I cannot wait to get on the beaches on the Isle of Wight with the youngest and to boogie in the hotspots of Berlin with the eldest. The great thing is, I know I won't be tempted to drink when I'm there! I feel truely set free, and would encourage anyone who wants to escape from their 'prison' to read this book, now!
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on 18 March 2012
no change!
THREE YEARS UPDATE - Jan 2015 - I have absolutely no interest in alcohol at all! There is no will power involved - I have just re read my iinitial review - my life today is so completely different. So many more hours in the day, so many things to procrastinate about doing - incredible book. If your life resembles mine 3 years ago - don't hesitate - buy it, read it and be brainwashed and get your life back.

UPDATE - almost a year on and i am still amazed! Absolutely no interest in alcohol, even on the odd occasion when it is hard to decline e.g a toast at a wedding - i cannot bring myself to drink it. I rarely have a bad nights sleep. I've lost weight,prior to reading this book i was obese, i am now have a healthy BMI, I can think more clearly, easier to cope at work. Absolutely love the freedom to go out with friends and drive home. I enjoy the evening just as much if not more without alcohol. Best of all is I feel I am able to be 'there' for my grown up children and partner 100% of the time - not the 'diluted' version of me which i thought was normal. Friends comment on how well i look and question their own drinking - I have to encourage people not to read the book unless they really want to stop drinking altogether because there does not appear to be an option!

I don't usually leave reviews, but the reviews for this book persuaded me that the book may just help me. And it really did. So I hope this helps others. It is now 2 months since I read the book and I have not had or wanted any alcohol since. It was as other reviewers have said ' like turning a switch' I ordered it through kindle in the middle of yet another night when i had fallen asleep easily (passed out) and then woken a few hours later, wide awake and regretting yet another day of being a slave to alcohol. I had been drinking too much for the last 15 years, steadily increasing to 1 or 2 bottles of wine every evening. Every morning wishing I hadn't indulged the night before. Problem is vicious circle - tired because of poor sleep, struggled through day at work - felt I deserved a drink because of tough day at work -drank too much - poor sleep. This book has set me free!! I'm still finding it unbelieveable.So much less stress in my life, not having to hide bottles, dispose of them and drink from a mug pretending to be tea, It was exhausting. I surreptitiously bought a hard copy of this book a few years ago -but when I realised that the 'crazy' author was advising total abstinence, I gave up reading the book - I only wanted to control! By the time I ordered this through Kindle I knew I had no option - I needed to stop - alcohol was in charge.
Be prepared this book will work. Good luck.
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on 16 January 2014
I bought this book on boxing day after waking up with yet another terrible hangover and wanted something that would help me control my urges.

I'm 35 and have been drinking abnormal amounts since the age of around 20. I was a professional musician at the time and was always around it - as well as other "Stimulants". Throughout my 20's I was drinking anywhere between 4 litres of cider to a couple of bottles of wine and some vodka/whiskey. After a battle with what I can only assume was alcohol induced depression, culminating in an attempted suicide I decided to clean up my act and managed to cut down quite considerably, but as I felt feeling happier in myself I drank more again.

As I passed into my 30's I was on the same intake. I'd changed my career and now worked in an office feeling very unfulfilled and felt like alcohol helped with the boredom and dread of having to go into the office the next day. As my career progressed and I earned more money I drank more and more, missing days at work due to being too hungover to get in or still being pissed. It got to the point where I could just about manage to get into the office if I concentrated on the fact that lunch was only a couple of hours away and I could soon go to the pub for a couple.

Nights out with the team from the office would invariably end up with me throwing up from drinking too much, but I had developed the ability to get straight back on it after having thrown up, so I was always the last man standing. Comments in the office about my taste for quadruple Jack Daniels were rife.

As Christmas 2013 approached I was drinking at least 2 bottles of wine a night and necking half a bottle of spirits - no mixer as it didn't give me the kick I felt I needed.

Christmas day - 4 bottles of wine, a bottle of vodka, several beers and half a bottle of Baileys.

Throughout this time, my wife has been trying to get me to stop. If we had alcohol in the house, it would be drank there and then. I was totally incapable of leaving the bottle alone. This caused many arguments and invariably drove me to drink more as that was the only mechanism I had to deal with life.

So I saw this book, titled " Easy Way to Control Alcohol". I didn't believe there was an easy way but I didn't want to be totally abstinent which I know AA advocates, so I decided to give it a go. I bought the audio book as I get bored with reading really easily. I planned on listening to it over a few days but once it was on I was hooked. The narrator has the perfect voice for this - a bit like the actor from Just Good Friends... I forget his name and too engrossed in this review to bother googling the him.. Anyway, I listened to the book over 2 days. The book itself was a bit of an emotional roller coaster - I laughed, I felt embarrassed at how ridiculous I had been over the years, and I cried at a few home truths.

I must point out that I was worried when it said the only way to control it is to stop completely as I really didn't want to - I still wanted to be fun and have fun down the pub and at parties, but I felt as long as it helped me drink less, or look at alcohol differently it would be worth it - but I'm not giving up 100%.

I finished the book and had my "last" drink... Yeah right!

I didn't have anything horrible to drink in the house - I've never been fussy and enjoyed all forms of alcohol, so I decided to open a bottle of my "last" champagne and drink that. If it's my first drink of the day I would normally drink a bottle of wine in 10 minutes - fifteen for champagne due to the bubbles.. It took be over 2 hours to finish the bottle off and I didn't enjoy it one bit, plus it was lunch time and this meant I was pissed and couldn't drive for the rest of the day. The next morning I awoke with no desire to drink.... Very odd !! It's been three weeks now and I have no desire to drink. I've been going to the pub just as much as I used to, I even went to a party on new years eve and stayed sober (whilst all around where off their faces), not because I couldn't drink but because I didn't WANT to drink.

My wife said I should write a review for this book as it's so amazing how it's transformed me - we still have all the booze in the house (I was looking at this this morning - cider, beer, wine, vodka, baileys, JD etc - all my favourites!), the booze is kept in the same cupboard as soft drinks, so I see it EVERY day, yet still no desire to have a drink...

The feeling of freedom Allen talks about, for me, is just the little things.. It's 10pm and I just remembered I need to refuel the car as I have an early start the next morning - no problem I'll go and fill up now - normally I would have been too drunk. We can go out to lunch and have a really nice time and when back home we can get on with house work, no stopping off and the off-licence to get my "Supplies" followed by lounging and accomplishing nothing.

This book is truly amazing. As I said I didn't actually want to totally stop drinking and had no intention of it, but I have and I really don't think I'm missing out on anything! I don't look at others drinking and think "I wish I could just have one beer", I revel in the fact I can go places and drive - no more expensive taxis, no hanging around for anyone - I'm in charge of my own destiny and it feels great !!!

It took about 2 weeks for my energy to start to come back, at first I was EXTREMELY tired - I now sleep for approx. 6 hours a night and feel far more refreshed than I ever did when drinking and sleeping in.

I feel happier, more confident, way less grumpy and I just can't sit still - I really feel like I can get out there and experience life now, with no restraints - nothing holding me back!

If anyone reading this is wondering whether or not to try this book, I really would urge you to give it a try. I was sceptical at first, but it really has changed my life.
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on 24 November 2008
I want to start by saying to the people who are looking for this book to magically solve their drinking won't. You have to do the work! If you read the book and don't follow the instructions, and end the book hoping it will cure you..... it won't. Alan VERY CLEARLY gives instructions and VERY CLEARLY tells you that you MUST follow them. If you don't agree with what he says, this book is simply not for you.

My story.....I am a 38 year old female who has been drinking heavily for 15 years. As my drinking got worse I was drinking a bottle of red wine or more every night. At the weekends 2 a night, sometimes 3. My life was just devastated. I was an emotional wreck. Totally crippled with guilt about my drinking, I felt disgusting. My confidence was shattered. I didn't visit people because it meant I couldn't drink so I became isolated from friends and family. I used to wake every morning feeling so very bad. My eyes red and sore. My head foggy and my concentration gone. My stomach sick and my energy gone. My balance was going and I often stumbled and bumped into things. I often had a drink to try and make me feel better. It was a vicious circle I could not see a way out of. I knew I had to stop, for my children and for me. I couldn't tell anyone how bad it was because they would try to make me stop and the thought of life without drink terrified me. How empty it would be. What would be the point. I would hate life. Wouldn't be able to enjoy it without a drink. Looking back I think 'What the hell is that all about?' I started off around 3 months before I bought the book saying the affirmation ' I am alcohol free' Over and over, day and night, even when I was gulping down the poison. I bought the book. I read it, following the instructions, feeling so nervous and so frightened of what was to come. I got to the important part and thought 'no, I don't feel that I fully understand'. I went back, as instructed and read again until I did and then I took my final drink, still a little unsure but I was going to just do it. I was terrified I would fail. This was my last chance. I stopped. I still didn't tell ANYONE in case I started drinking again. Week after week the fear gripped me. I had nightmares for about 3 months where I had an empty glass in my hand and I had finished a glass of wine. How could I go back now, I had failed. Then waking up and thinking. Wow, that's not going to happen. I will never drink again. I worried that if I was offered a drink I would forget that I had stopped and screw it all up. It didn't happen. Every time the thought of a drink came into my head I acknowledged it, I didn't run from it, I thought to myself 'is that what I want to go back to?' NO WAY! I said with a big smile on my face and such a fantastic feeling inside. I'M FREE. I'M FREE. MY LIFE STARTS HERE. I haven't had a drink in over a year and I am so grateful for this book. I will never look back. I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN! Isn't that so good? The fear will be will be overwhelming.....just go with will soon see that the fear is are so much more than that stupid little monster. You will see that the fear comes to NOTHING. And still has it's ups and downs but your confidence and pride and sense of achievement will do more for you than any glass of poison ever could. I really hope this helps someone else.....UPDATE....3/1/2013 and STILL ALCOHOL FREE!
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on 21 January 2006
And it actually works. Just basically gives you the reason why drinking is pointless, in a clear and sensible way. When you read the book, you'll wonder why you ever bothered wasting your life getting drunk. It may be difficult to believe but giving up alcohol is quite simple, and Carr will dispel the myth that once a drunk.. always a drunk..You don't need the AA, read this book. It actually works.
I used to drink a couple of bottles of wine on most nights and try to hold down a very professional job. I'd wake up feeling awful, and look extremely haggard. I'd have to have regular facials, go on strict diets and spend long periods of time in bed in order to recover. How I managed to hold down my job, I don't know. On top of having a professional job, I'm also quite vain about my looks and despite what the drink was doing to my face and my body, I still continued to drink but find ways to get around this by foolishly taking milk thistle and drinking loads of water to counteract it.
anyway, a few months ago, I decided enough was enough, I bought this book and I’ve stopped, just like that. I thought it would be hard and i could never imagine my life without alcohol, but actually its pretty easy once you realise what alcohol is.. even 'nice' drinks like baileys and good ole champers. Carr knows what he is talking about. I have very little faith in most therapies, as I believe that if you're gonna stop the abuse, you have to do it by yourself. Well this is what Carr does, he hands the choice back to you, but without you even realising it.
Do not read the book 'pissed'... read it sober.. and then have a drink.. by the end of the book, you'll realise that you don't actually want to drink and for sensible reasons.
If you aren't really a 'reader'.. get the web address of the book and attend a seminar.. you pay about 200 quid for it (one off) and they guarantee that you won't drink again or your money back.. If you don't drink again, then you lose 200 quid.. but really and honestly.. is that anything compared to the amount you spend on booze in 1 or 2 months?
Since not drinking, I have lost weight naturally, I look amazing., my skin is glowing, I feel positive about life. I feel confident again. Ive started my business, as well as continuing to work at my job. I can get up in the morning without feeling pains in my kidneys, or headaches.
You CAN cope without alcohol.. and can you socialise without alcohol too. You'll notice all you friends getting pissed and chatting sh*t whilst you remain sober and coherent. It's much better. You may think getting drunk makes you a great conversationalist, it doesn't. If you could hear yourself back after a night out getting drunk, you'll know exactly what I mean. And if you're getting bored with your company whilst your sober then think about parting company with them. If you can't have a decent conversation with someone when they are sober, then what's the point of being in their company?
Since reading the book, I have lost a few friends, but have realised that they weren't really friends, merely drinking partners, who were encouraging me to drink. They were bringing nothing into my life but pain and misery.. Drink clouded a lot of things for me in my life because I was too frightened to face them being sober, but drinking only makes the problems worse. Now that Im sober, I still have the problems, but i can now face them with a clear head and with confident which comes from inside, not from the bottle. Don't be fooled into thinking that alcohol gives you not real courage..its fake.. alcohol turns you into a fake person.. a great laugh in the pub, but a demon to loved ones indoors..a nuisance to your boss, a bad breathed old hag to your other half.. it's a dreadful, devastating, dirty, horrible drug which ruins your life. If your reading this and you're at rock bottom, then hear my story..because you can get out of the addiction, without having to carry a ball and chain around your neck worrying whether you're gonna touch your next drink..
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on 3 May 2002
If you think you might have a problem with alcohol, don't let anyone put you off reading this book. It could change your life.
I stopped smoking (30+ a day) with Allen 10 years ago and never looked back. In fact, when I first spotted the alcohol book I was actually quite scared to buy it! I knew it might work and I wasn't quite ready to relinquish my precious Chablis 'habit'. I'm so glad I did.
It's hard to summarise the book in a review, so I'll just concentrate on the effect it's had on me, which is probably far more useful anyway.
I stopped drinking at the beginning of January (after some 20 years of over-indulgence). I haven't been tempted to drink even once since then. And I feel absolutely fantastic! Totally liberated. The weight's falling off me (and I've been eating for England) I look years younger, I'm more positive, my self esteem (absent for so long) is finally back. And my natural drugs (that we're all born with but spend our lives supressing with chemicals) have kicked in again. So I still go to pubs/parties etc with my friends and get high - but naturally (and very cheaply). For example, I was up until 4am at a party the other night and instead of dozing off/staggering around with rolling eyes/getting embroiled in a nonsensical political arguement I was still bopping around and having a great time.
Also, because I just don't want to drink now, I don't feel vulnerable at all. Some friends are still a bit amazed by my attitude and make sure they don't leave me alone in the same room as an uncorked Chardonnay. But, as I say to them, you could pour a bottle of Bolly over my head now and I wouldn't even be tempted to lick my lips!
My advice is this. Be as cynical as you like (in fact Mr Carr actively encourages it) but whatever you do READ THIS BOOK. Don't just fly through it. Really open your mind and study it (although I think I could have stopped after reading the book once, I read it twice to make sure everything had sunk in).
For the record, The Easy Way to Control Alcohol isn't psychobabble, it's FACT. It should be on the National Curriculum. It makes you look at alcohol, and our culture, in a completely different way. And when it all clicks into place, it's fantastic because you just don't WANT to drink again. You're not stopping yourself. You're not having to live miserably, one day at a time. You don't have to get religion. You don't envy people who do drink. There's absolutely no willpower involved. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.
Allen Carr already gets a lot of stick from the tobacco industry and I daresay the drinks industry will now join the fray. Remember, they've got £billions to spend on propaganda. Allen started with nothing and has already cured around six million smokers (at last count). I think this book could do the same for drinkers.
I really can't recommend Easy Way to Control Alcohol highly enough (and no I haven't been brainwashed, nor do I work for the author!). If you want to do yourself an enormous favour - buy it now!
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on 29 May 2011
Thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who thinks they're drinking too much and would like to cut down or to even quit. Didn't think it would be possible to do it without missing it badly.
This is the way to do it without feeling like you're missing out or being made to feel you have some genetic problem that makes you different to other drinkers. The book doesn't contain much you don't know but it makes you see how we've all been conned by the alcohol trap and how any benefits we think we get are a con.
If you're thinking about cutting down or stopping but dreading a lifetime of no booze again at social occasions, weddings, parties, holidays and nights out with your mates - this helps you quit without missing it at all.
After 20 years of increasingly heavy binge drinking - usually at weekends - and waking up not remembering the night before or being embarrassed by what I'd done, I was bored and depressed with me and alcohol.
I decided to give up for a month (I've done this almost every year for the last five years). I've never found giving up for 30 days too bad (after the first week) but could never contemplate giving up altogether. By the way Allan Carr advises you to keep drinking until you've finished the book.
Again half way through these 30 days I was jealous of watching other people drink and couldn't contemplate the depressive thought of never drinking again.
I was sick of always ending up drinking as much as ever after my month of sobriety though so googled things like easy ways to stop drinking and came across this book.
Since reading the book I've have absolutely no desire to drink alcohol.
I've been to a wedding, week's holiday in the sun with my family, nights out with my mates and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them - more than when I was drinking.
I'm reading the book again to make sure it sinks in fully but after three months off the booze I don't think I'll ever be back on it.
I feel healthier, more confident, more positive and have more money to spend on clothes, books, cds, and have started exercising again.
I can't recommend this book highly enough to anyone who is bored with getting pissed out their heads and making a tit of theirselves!
It's also a highly readable book that I'm enjoying reading for a second time.
Read it and enjoy your freedom from booze!
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on 30 December 2014
I read this book recently, ten years after successfully giving up smoking so I knew what the style would be but I was sceptical it would work considering alcohol is a more complex problem.
Just for some background, I am in my mid thirties and have drunk heavily since my mid teens. I had always enjoyed it but since my early twenties I was aware that I was indulging too much. This was never a problem as in my work life, social circles and familial situations it was the norm to drink heavily. I became a parent a few years ago and whilst other new parents I knew seemed to lose the urge to drink (as I presumed I would) I continued to drink a lot. A nagging guilt was getting louder and louder that I was not being the best parent I could be as I was always irritable and in the mornings I was non compos mantis. I was also starting to think about how my children would remember me growing up and whether I would actually still be there when they do grow up. I was showing all the tell-tale signs of being an alcy: regularly intentionally misleading my partner about how much I was drinking, drinking on my own. I was always the first to finish a drink and bang on about the next round, I would drink the flat dry if any booze was left around.
I hid the drinking from my family and friends well, knowing that if they knew exactly how much I was drinking it would shock them and I would be forced to face up to the problem - believing that I would not be able to overcome it (I've tried numerous sober januarys and never been successful).
Apologies if this is all a bit self-indulgent going on like this but I read a lot of the reviews on here before buying this book and a lot of the anecdotes rang true and made me take the plunge with this book.
Moving on. So, I read the book and whilst the writing style is clunky and some of the arguments are just a bit weird when you get to the actual core of this book it is incredibly powerful.
I never thought I would be able to control my drinking but over the course of a week my world was turned upside down. As I say, the reading of this book is a bit annoying (because of the authors writing style) but PLEASE do not let that put you off, read with an open mind and it will change your life forever.
I've never written a review for anything but I really want people to feel what I feel now. It has been three months since I read the book and I have absolutely no urge to drink whatsoever - and I've had Xmas, my partner's birthday, numerous boozy works dos and family get-togethers to attend and I just didn't fancy a drink.
Some of the positives: Waking up every morning fresh-headed and ready for anything. I've started to read a lot more, read a handful of books in ten years and I've now read three this week. There are vast swathes of evening time which I get to enjoy as a proper working human and not a zonked out drunk. A better, calmer relationship with my partner. Saving money every night.
One of the best things is that as a drinker my life was cloaked in the fug/fog which I couldn't shake, everything was a bit of a struggle, a bit of a hassle, I felt groggy about everything - small worries filled me with anxiety and happy times were always paired with either a hangover or a slight zoning out (depending on what time of day it was). Now it's the opposite, I view the world with a lot more clarity, worries are dealt with in reality and good times are enjoyed to the full.
Sorry if I come across like a bit of an idiot/cliche but all the above IS true and I want anyone in the situation I was in to read this book and turn their life round, it is as easy as the book says it is (i've zero willpower).
One important thing to add, don't worry about the change. When I first stopped I was worried the feeling would fade and I would start to want to drink again but the beauty of this book is that as time goes on you become more and more firm in your non-drinking. I now look back on my drinking days with more and more confusion as to why I ever drank and having a drink, let alone getting drunk is just the last thing I'd want to do.
I'm looking forward to updating this review in the years to come.
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on 22 March 2010
I assumed I had an "Addictive Personality" and I thought I was destined to always be a heavy drinker and almost took pride in the fact I could drink more than all of my friends and still act relatively sober. I couldn't ever think about doing something socially without having a drink. I realised I had a problem when I started carrying alcohol around the golf course with me, rather than waiting until the 19th hole. If I can follow Allen Carr's simple rules and be successful, then believe me, so can you. The book is enjoyable throughout and is just a good a page turner as any crime novel out there, albeit with a pretty predictable plot. I've now gone 7 weeks without a drop, loved every single minute of it, had no cravings at all, lost 21 lbs and saved over £350. Buy it, enjoy it and afterwards be thankful for it.

Edit - It's been 6 months now and every day I feel thankful for reading this book. Every aspect of my life has improved. I have lost 5 stone in weight, saved hundreds of pounds and have a completely different outlook on life. Life is exciting. Life is full.
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