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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 210.5|Colour Name: Black|Change
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on 10 August 2011
Try breaking one of these in normal use - I dare you! Mine has been sat on, dropped, soaked, carried between teeth (dog's, not mine) and still looks like new - and works!

My Working Cocker Spaniel responded to this instantly, and she was only a few months old. I don't work her and she only really gets basic training, but for a recall over big distances and in dense woods, this whistle is great.

I've found that quite a few other dogs pay attention when I use it, and even though they haven't been trained to it, they often sit in front of me or stand there waiting.

Best dog accessory ever!
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on 11 February 2013
After mine was delivered, I was keen to try it out with my dog (springer spaniel). Worked great, he came back straight away. Then I lost it on the field. By some miracle I found it again the day after, at which point I put it on a lanyard.
My tips: to start with, wait until your dog is running back to you anyway, then give a couple of toots (always the same whistle 'pattern') and give him a tasty treat. A few walks like this and he associates the whistle with sausage. I can now call him back from anywhere and he always comes. Next I'm going to try introducing a new whistle pattern to my vocabulary to see if he'll respond accordingly; maybe a down on command.
To sum up: definitely get one, plus a lanyard. Use it along with lots of praise and reward and you won't be disappointed.
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on 6 August 2011
Purchased my first whistle several months ago...very successful. My dog can hear this at 300 yards across fields and soon learned to come to the whistle. I have not tried any other complicated training. Left the first one at my home in Spain and needed a second after 2 days back in UK....its that good. Once used becomes vital. Whistle is small and discreate, first one came with a chord for around the where is the chord on the second ...soon found my own. Does not sound loud to the human ear but must be at a pitch which works for dogs, so its deceptively good. At this price... unmissable!
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on 21 November 2014
For much of my 20 years of married life, there has only been one love - my English Pointer. He's everything a man needs, but seldom gets with a wife...
Appreciative; comes complete with a fur coat; sits in the car and doesn't talk; is non-judgemental; doesn't need reassurance about weight / looks / what to wear / breath ; isn't too fussy about what we're eating, and always ready for some 'exercise'.
Unfortunately, he's now getting on a bit, and the realisation that there's an imminent chance he'll depart this mortal coil and I'll be left with just the wife to talk to has been causing some distress.
Luckily, in a flash of brilliance I remembered how I trained my pal in the first place, so this review is for the brand new Acme whistle that I bought for what people call my wife, but friends and I know as 'The Devil's Disciple' (TDD).
Now, I've been accused in the past of insensitivity. I took this on board when I chose what whistle tone to get for TDD and went for 210.5 - the highest pitch you can get in the range, and a sound many humans cannot hear. This meant I'd be able to train 'the mad-woman' to respond in public, without disturbing most of the peasantry.
It's worked a dream. She's already learnt that 1 toot means bring me a G&T; 2 is a 30 minute warning I'll be requiring food; 3 toots has been recognised that I'll be requiring the car to be outside the door of the pub as soon as I've finished my pint (she can hear the high pitch whilst waiting in the car park with the windows closed) and I'm working on 4 toots to be recognised as a variation on what in dog training terms would be known as 'down'.
A most satisfactory purchase, for use in training of all sorts of animals.
Thank you Acme!!
P.S. There is an old adage that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Acme proves that isn't necessarily true, but my Father-in-Law has said that whilst my Acme whistle is doing well with his daughter, in his experience an electric cattle prod works best with older cows...
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I have a Labrador who is reasonable good at coming back when called so long as there are no distractions around her. However, as soon as we go down to the field where there are people, other dogs and fallen apples she conveniently turns deaf to my calls. A friend suggested that I try a dog whistle as it is a very different noise to those that they are used to and it can often grab attention where a familiar voice doesn't.

This whistle is a couple of inches in length, made from black plastic and it has been sturdy enough for our use at home. It comes with a nylon neck cord attached which is extremely useful as I am forever losing things like this. I just pop it around my neck before leaving the house and it is easy to find when I need to use it quickly. No more having to rummage around in my pockets amongst the treats, poo bags and balls!

When blown the whistle makes an extremely high pitched noise which can hurt your ears if blown for too long - it tends to be better to blow it in short spurts both for the sake of your ears and for getting your dog's attention.

The sound travels far; my dog can hear it right across a very large field. It is also useful to use when there is a lot of background noise such as traffic, wind or on the beach. Usually when she hears it she does stop what she is doing and look back at me. However, it doesn't guarantee she will come back - but that is not a fault of the whistle, more that I haven't reinforced her training with the whistle.

Overall, I have been pleased with the quality of the whistle, I just need to be a bit more consistent in my training with it.
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on 29 June 2011
We bought an Acme whistle when we bought our rescue dog, it was lost within 24 hours, found and then lost again. I immediately ordered replacements but in the interim we bought a non Acme whistle locally. It was useless. No comparison the the Acme at all which is simply the best!
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on 11 June 2009
After trying several whistles which was all differant tones and wondered why my springers did not respound i met a young women in the park with her springer and she told me about the whistle she had and that she brought it from Amazon so that it why i sent for one and its the best thing i have bought in a long time.
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on 1 July 2012
This whistle is very clear. It is much easier to whistle commands, when your dog is some distance away, than it is to shout!
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on 24 June 2011
I trained my (pet) working cocker to come back to this sound rather than my voice. It works a treat. Even when you are stressed, there's traffic or kids are shouting the dog can hear it and responds immediately. Now I don't even bother to use my voice... perfect for people who can't/don't want to shout but need their dog to come back RIGHT AWAY even when they are not visible or far away (working dog owners will know what I mean). It even over-rides his 'nose'. Obviously he also gets treats on return most of the time (which is why he's now brainwashed to respond). But when you need that 'get back to me right now' recall this whistle is far more reliable than a panic yell or repetative calling. It's even louder if you use your hands to amplify the sound in one direction. It hasn't failed yet - at any distance...
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on 5 June 2012
Easy to give commands, dogs hear the sound from a considerable distance, would never go out without it now, excellent value for money
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