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on 15 April 2014
I really loved this tablet, it is slightly wider than my wife's Kindle HD which fits my hands a lot better.
The Acer Iconia arrived well packaged and protected from the bumps and restacking that is involved with modern multi drop deliveries.
Once out of the packaging setting up was straight forward and very easy. The Apps that were preloaded had, had some thought put into them and most have been utilised already.
The styles ( pointer ) which is also a pen is a great touch and more useful than I first thought.
Downloading apps is very simple and the 1GB RAM makes things run so smoothly, video and audio playback is crystal clear and watching things is sheer pleasure.
I have already, and will continue to recommend the Acer Iconia to friends and family and anyone else who asks.
This came with 16 GB memory already installed and via a sd card it can be added to. There is a slot for HMDI connection, Headphones and other add-ons.
The Acer Iconia in my personal opinion is not only worth the money but it is the best of its sort I have come across.
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on 7 April 2014
Tablet arrived on time, no problem. It's my first Tablet, and the only problems I have are getting used to the android system way of doing things (finger swiping, etc.) as apposed to a keyboard and mouse - I don't have a smart phone ! Otherwise I've found it easy to understand and navigate. It is very fast and responsive, and connects quickly to the nearest wifi. I tried it in a cafe with free wifi - no problem. I like the slight vibration you get when you touch the screen so you know that you've tapped hard enough. I've been into Google play and installed a few very useful "free apps". I didn't get it to play games, so I can't comment. It was extremely good value for money, for such a powerful tablet, so I'm perfectly satisfied. It will do the things I got for. I just hope I can get the hang touching the screen without accidently firing off something unintentially.
PS. the GPS is brilliant - when you go into Google maps, it knows exactly where you are ! (how spooky is that !)
And it's got Bluetooth, so I can use my bluetooth headphones to listen to music/audio books without all the leads.
And it's dead easy to connect to my laptop and copy stuff to, so anything I can't do (or haven't yet figured out to do) on the tablet, I go back and do on my laptop, and copy it across.
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on 30 July 2013
Firstly, I didn't buy the tablet from Amazon, as it wasn't available at the time from them, but I have exactly the same model as the one advertised here.

I've now been using this for over a month, and have had no regrets at all. As always, you need to do your own research to find a tablet that will meet your own needs, as this tablet will not meet everyone's expectations. I have read many reviews that try to compare this Acer to an iPad Mini, which considering the price difference is not really looking at like for like.

My main needs for a tablet are web browsing, email, FB, the odd game such as Candy Crush, playing music and viewing photos. For all these things I have found this tablet works very well. The Quad Core CPU allows the tablet to switch quickly between screens and applications with no discernible lag. Loading up any applications from the main screen is achieved quickly, taking a matter of seconds to open up (depending a bit on the app you are using, some are quicker than others). The odd game I play works well, with again no lag in performance. I'm not sure that the graphics are top notch, but for games such as Candy Crush or Angry Birds, I'm not really too worried. I do like the 7.9" screen, the (almost) extra inch makes web browsing that much easier as you can fit more text on the screen even when zoomed in.

Web browsing is fast (I tend to use Opera Mobile), some websites take a bit longer to load than others (Techradar for one is notoriously bad on any tablet that I've tested), taking normally a few seconds to load up a page. Possibly an iPad may be even quicker, but I'm happy to wait 1 or 2 seconds longer and not spend the additional £100 or more. Accessing the tablet from sleep, it wakes up quickly and is instantly locked onto my wifi signal, downloading emails. Sometimes the widgets on the main screen take a bit longer to update, but I suspect that is more to do with Android than the tablet. I have full access to Google Play, so all apps are available.

I've added a 32GB Micro SD Card to the tablet and copied all my music and photos to this. Music plays back fine through the headphones, although the single speaker on the back is very tinny. When viewing photo's the quality is reasonable, the screen is not a particularly high resolution but for casual viewing is fine.

So the Pro's are:

Fast response from Quad Core CPU
Fast internet browsing
Full Google Play access
7.9" screen allows better browsing
Battery life on full charge lasts me a good 3 days, with 1 to 2 hours a day of web browsing\FB\games, and using sleep mode in between.
Reasonable quality screen
Construction of tablet is solid, if a bit plasticky, however, I have bought a case as well so I don't really see this
Rear Camera is reasonable quality
Has a MicroSD slot (this was a major deciding factor for going for this tablet)
Can be charged from a USB port

Slightly heavier\thicker than some tablets, it's nothing major (I have a case that acts slightly as a stand so I can rest this against my knees when required)
Front camera is not very high quality, but really only designed as a webcam
Screen is lower resolution than some tablets, so if this is high on your list then look elsewhere
Single rear speaker is very tinny, although 3.5" headphone jack is included

I had been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 tablet to be released, but now that I've seen both the spec's of this and the price, I'm very glad I didn't wait. So far, I personally have to say this one of the best 8" tablets out there, considering specification you get for the price and I would highly recommend this.
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on 11 August 2013
I will be honest - I really wanted an iPad Mini, mainly because I prefer the screen format. However, I had to use up some Amazon offer credits and for some reason you cannot use them for third-party sources on Amazon, only for purchases from Amazon direct. And guess what, they don't sell Apple kit!

I looked at Android alternatives with the same size screen and was really surprised how few were available from recognised brands. However, I read a few positive reviews on the Acer A1, which seemed to fit the bill and was £90 cheaper to boot. I have been pleasantly surprised.


- Great price for what you get
- Seems well made - a bit chunkier than an iPad mini, but to be honest there is not much in it.
- Quad core processor gives it excellent performance - you never feel it slowing down
- Mini SD card slot. This is great - I put all my MP3 tracks and films on the card using my Macbook and just slot it in. Much quicker than using an USB cable, etc. It also means there is plenty of capacity - 16GB onboard + the card.
- Bluetooth and GPS (seems to be missing on some of the competitors)
- Nice bright screen with good touch responsiveness. Colours are also good. Don't expect super high resolution, it is clearly not a 'retina' display, but for the money I really cannot complain.
- Sound through headphones is nice and clear.
- Seems to cope well with all the games I have thrown at it (with one exception - see below) and runs at a good speed.
- Battery life is much better than I expected. 8-9 hours is easily achievable in day to day use. Takes a while to charge back up though.


- Typically chunky USB adaptor in the case. Not very attractive, but does the job.
- Screen felt sticky and suffered from friction to start with. I think this is from the protector that is shipped on the screen. After a gentle clean with a cloth it soon went away, but had me worried to start with.
- Internal speaker is a bit tinny, but I mostly use headphones so it is not really an issue. OK for occasional viewing.
- For some reason Sims Freeplay comes up with a 'regional country' error and refuses to play. On the web this seems to be common among many devices and EA are ignoring the issue, but you might want to bear in mind. All other games/apps have played faultlessly.

Overall, I am really pleased with this purchase. Acer have hit the nail on the head with this one. It even has the very latest version of Android Jellybean 4.2.2 and updates regularly. I very much recommend this device.

UPDATE: 6 months since I bought this tablet and it still works fine, however there are two issues that have made me re-think the purchase. One is that the headphone socket has been playing up and now works intermittently. The second is that Acer has already stopped supporting this device at an OS level and is not going to release any further updates. This would be tolerable if Acer allowed the user to update the OS themselves, but they have locked the boot loader to prevent this. Most other manufacturers don't do this and it is very shortsighted on their part. I would no longer recommend any Acer tablet while they proceed with this policy.
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Size: 16GB eMMC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My first experience of using a tablet (and yes, it was an Ipad) was much the same as early days with a PC. I focused on the specification and became something of an anorak on the precise resolution/speed/knobs and whistles. There was a sense that anything less than the version with go faster stripes and furry dice might result in major impairment of usability or enjoyment. As I type this review, I can even remember spending a couple of hours agonising as to which monitor to buy but I have long since forgotten the detail and all I know is that the screen does the job and it doesn't make my eyes tired.

I say all this because this Acer may not outperform the leaders of the pack on benchmark tests and, side-by-side with top of the range tablets, you may notice a difference in the screen resolution. However, having used this in substitution for my (older and heavier) iPad, it does what I want and I can't honestly say that it provides any less pleasure in terms of what I need than the high chic end of the market.

I don't use a tablet for heavy duty work such as typing long reports, manipulating spreadsheets or resource demanding games; it is more of a 'grazing' utility - something I can pick up if I want to check for e-mails or catch up on the news, grab for a train journey to read a book or watch a programme or play a simple game in a few idle moments. At most, I might want to watch a movie quietly in a corner wearing headphones.

It's pretty good on both form and function. As tablets go it may not be a supermodel but is attractive and perhaps more attainable. It may not be a supercar but it gets you to where you want to go competently, without fuss and in good time.

The specification will tell you what you need to know if you have a wish list and whilst I'm expressing my impressions in general terms it is because it is a good all rounder and demonstrates that you don't have to be a flash geezer to be a good tablet. If this tablet was a friend, it would be the sort of friend that is dependable, fun to be around, useful when you need to rely on them, are happy to hang around with, won't show you up and doesn't have to treated with kid gloves. You can't get acer than that.
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on 22 January 2015
I managed to get this on discount from Argos..and well impressed. I have previously purchased Nexus 7 for mother in law - a Hudl for the wife, Kindle Fire for nephew. I also teach in local libraries both computers and tablets, so I get to see and play with a variety of tablets. Ok iPads are nice but a pain in the proverbial when you just want to trasnsfer data, music, video, etc from computer to tablet...iTunes is the worst piece of software I have ever had to use and I was a computer developer in a previous life.

The feel and use of the Acer is better than the:
nexus 7 (ok but i have had trouble with the non charging),
hudle (feels small, slow & not responsive, will NOT hotspot),
kindle fire (what is with the front screen!, and no I dont want to watch an amazon movie, cannot get access to some standard Google Play apps)
Samsung - I have a lot of students with these and they look & feel nice but i'm not sure about them..
I preferr the ACER.

Also the HDMI slot is useful for playing video onto a big TV, the extra memory slot. It is just a good, solid piece of kit..
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on 9 October 2014
I love the size not too big and not too small fits nicely in the pocket area at the front of my Sachet bag, I am loving the feel of it and when I'm out if no wifi I pair my iPhone hotspot with it for 4G connection,
I am still learning about it as I only have it a week now. No problems I just have to learn all bit by bit. It plays the catchup TV channels nicely and also the radio stations on TuneIn. I read my emails and communicate on the go and no more straining my eyes at night time on my phone. I absolutely love this tablet. Anyone not happy with it may not find the time to explore it properly. I read about it first before I bought it so whatever I don't understand I go back to settings
Eg. I have not yet transferred my music from iTunes yet but I'm sure if and when I do will follow instructions it will be all ok.
The battery also last all day when out and more for next day I have my standby charger bank at hand but I never use it.
The weight is not heavy I read on someone's review it was and that's not true. It won't drag your bag down. I got mine as new from Amazon and I'm very happy! 😊
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Size: 16GB eMMC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Android tablet from Acer is good value and for its price, it has some very useful features, although it isn't perfect. There are some trade-offs here and you will need to decide whether the areas of weakness that this tablet has are likely to bother you. I'll organise my review into the things I think are good, and then the areas of weakness and you can focus on what is likely to be most important to you.
I'll start with what I like about this tablet. First of all, it's running Android 4.2 which is a relatively recent incarnation of Google's tablet/phone operating system. (It is not clear whether Acer will be providing updates to the software so that this tablet will run KitKat in due course, so if continuing to have an up-to-date version of the software matters to you, then you might want to look elsewhere.) Secondly, I like the screen size. At 7.9", it is the same size (and resolution) as the iPad mini. That extra 0.9" of an inch might not sound like much, but if you put this tablet alongside a standard 7" tablet, you realise that it makes a big difference, particularly when looking at web pages or reading e-books. Ask yourself whether the size suits you (go and compare a 7" with a 7.9" tablet in a shop to see what I mean about how much difference it makes). I really like the bigger screen. Thirdly, I like the fact that this tablet includes a micro SD slot so you can increase the memory but adding a memory card (up to 32GB). This should provide more than enough storage when combined with the 16GB which you've got on the tablet itself. Fourthly, I am impressed that there is an HDMI connection so you can hook your tablet up to a bigger screen should you want to for watching films etc. Overall, in use, the A1 feels fast enough, and things run smoothly. Battery life seems ok so far and certainly seems to live up to the manufacturer's claims. The fact that there are both front 0.3MP for Skyping etc) and rear cameras (5MP on the rear) is impressive at this price (although the picture quality isn't great from either of them, paticularly in low light.) I also like the fact that Acer have included GPS so you can use this as a SatNav if you download a suitable app.
There are though some things that bother me about this tablet. The screen resolution isn't great. You can see the dots and you don't even have to look that closely. Also, the screen brightness isn't that impressive and it wouldn't be very usable outdoors in bright sunlight. I've got a Google Nexus 7, a Kindle Fire and an iPad with a retina display within the household to compare it to and to be honest, the screens on all of these other tablets are better both in terms of resolution and brightness. Also, the screen feels slightly more plastic-y than the cool gorilla glass on my Nexus 7. Not quite as smooth to the touch. Another thing to note is the design. This tablet is more bulky than some others in this very crowded market. It's back is made of white plastic which does pick up the finger prints, although this won't trouble you too much if you are likely to use your tablet in a case. The extra width of the tablet means that unlike a standard 7", I can't hold it in one hand (although I've only got small hands). The build quality is ok although there is a bit of flex in the tablet that you wouldn't find in an iPad for example. If giving a tablet to a younger member of the family, you might want to look for something a bit more robust. Finally, the sound from the in-built speaker isn't that great. The output from the Kindle Fire HD with its Dolby speakers is much better. This isn't as important if you intend to use the tablet with headphones or an external speaker.
This is a good tablet for the price, although there are compromises to be made. It has plenty of features although the average screen and build quality may put a few people off. Definitely worth considering for its value for money.
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on 24 May 2014
very good value everybody who has seen it wants one. takes good pictures ,also hd movie camera is very good.
for reasnable priced tablet its worth buying. good luck.
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on 9 July 2014
Excellent Tablet, I'm very pleased that I did my research on Tablets & this one was getting very good reviews on line, I'm an Amateur Photographer & I take this tablet with me on shoots, & it's easy to connect up to it & upload my images to the Acer A1, I only use this for work.... So I can't say much for gaming but I'm sure it'll play games well & in good graphics.

But the only downside to this is that the WiFi can be a little slow to connect or at time it finds it difficult to connect to certain WiFi connections like BT -openzone.

But overall it's a fantastic Tablet & I do recommend it.
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