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on 22 February 2015
This well-researched book addresses the all too common problem of church children drifting away from church in their teenage years and rightly concludes that the damage begins much, much earlier than that, in middle or even primary school. How easy it is for a churchgoing child today to believe that church is for 'spiritual things & stories', whereas secular school is where we learn the real facts. This is a wake up call for churches, and for individual christians, especially parents and grandparents, to sow fact based christianity into the lives of young people and at the same time encouraging them to question some of the evolutionary 'facts' they are being taught in school.
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on 12 March 2010
This book is very clearly laid out. It's a little American centric and does give the impression that the UK is 'finished', which I don't agree is the case at all. However, it raises some excellent points and backs them up with clear statistics from a very recent, independant survey. I think this is well worth a look for any serious minister or pastor in any nation right now who wants to get to grips with the complex issue of the church and how to give people the best chance to trust in it and be a part of it lifelong. Of course, ultimately our walk with God is personal but the corporate body is a command and we should as Christians, adhere to it.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 4 September 2009
Please read this book if you care about young people falling away from the church and really want to get to the heart of why!
I found it one of the most exciting and challenging books that I have read: full of insight about what is really needed to reverse the decline and a 'must read', to glean practical, biblical solutions to the crisis. Made me want to buy a boxful and give them out to every church leader and youth worker I know.
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on 18 October 2015
absolutely fantastic book which gets straight to the heart of why children are no longer in church and why churches are emptying

this isn't easy reading, but does, clearly, demonstrate the problems the church has faced

nothing in this book surprised us, but it is good having some solid data to back up what we have been saying for so very long, always on deaf ears

buy it, read it - we have to understand, in the simplest terms, what has happened in church and where we have been failing and this book does just that
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 17 September 2015
A must read for church leaders
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on 27 January 2015
This is a hard hitting message to ministers and all kinds of Christian workers to look seriously at the loss to the faith of many in their twenties and thirties. Although it is written for the American market, where there is vast and numerous company of Christians and churches, he describes the enormous leakage into weak living of the faith of many who were once valiant for Christ. He blames the damage done to teenagers and their faith by the evolutionary propaganda which is fired at them by their science teachers, which is (to those who study to any depth) totally opposed to the spirit of debate the same people will discover when they arrive in their universities. It is not that their teachers are generally inimical to the Christian faith but that they themselves are convinced by the secular humanism taken for granted as truth by most of their lecturers. The lecturers shut their eyes to the philosophical quicksand on which their own assumptions rest. As a result the Bible's account of origins seems ridiculous.
The author's response to this is to identify this as a 'Culture War'. He has a gift of stirring Bible believing Christians (and everyone of goodwill who
is appalled by the collapse of morality in the Western would) to study, expose and attack these thin ice foundations of this kind of 'pseudo- science'. That is done while at the same time recommending the practise of science rightly understood. The same author has written another book called "The Lie" which describes his teaching and his gut-stirring message. He uses as an example the apparent death of muscular Christianity in the European world.
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on 13 March 2014
As an educator, I was able to relate to Ken Ham's call to bring the "facts" back into "faith". Educators are taught to start with the concrete and move from there to the abstract. The thinking behind this is that students are able to grasp abstracts such as faith, or hope, if we begin with concrete things they can actually see, touch or taste etc. This book made me realise that this is what God has done in the bible: he has begun with a concrete creation and built from that to more abstract things. "Already Gone" argues that by bringing the facts about God's created world back into our Sunday school classes, we help students to reconnect faith with the "real world". Facts and faith should never have been separated. A lot of research went into this book. The title reflects the statistics of young people who have fallen foul of the facts/faith disconnect. Dare we make changes to the way we teach faith? What changes can we make? Read "Already Gone" - it gives you some thought provoking suggestions.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 23 August 2011
This book explains why, seemingly regardless of what we teach our children they are not going to come to church as adults "they are alredy gone". Ken Ham is absolutely right in that as soon as they go to senior school they will be taught about Darwinism as if it were proven fact, and they will believe it and not see the relevance of the bible in their lives. He goes on to explain that in Sunday school/church they are only taught that the bible is "stories" and so moralistic stories are what children see them as, not real provable history. Having nice trendy music and activities in church is only like a sticking plaster for now; in the long term it will make no diffference; the church will still fail. Whilst Ken Ham and I will not see eye to eye over the first eleven chapters of Genesis, he is absolutely right about all the rest. This is a well reseached book worthy of being read by everyone teaching our children.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 27 August 2014
I read this book because I like many am concerned with the challenge facing the church in this post modern Christian age. Our children are indoctrinated as soon as they get to primary school with millions of years theories and it's time that the church began to teach Gods word with authority and not like a nice story book. Gods word is living, true and relevant for our lost nation. The challenge for the church now is to face this battle head on and it begins in Genesis.
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3 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 3 November 2011
Ken Ham is mistaken if he thinks that advocating young-earth creationism will keep people in church. It is unscientific nonsense like this that drives people AWAY from church. Believe what you will about evolution, but the fact that the earth is about 4,500 million years old is indisputable. If Ham and his ilk are convinced all radiometric dating is wrong, all other dating methods are wrong, all the explanations of the geological evidence are wrong, all of astronomy is wrong, etc, then they should write scientific papers explaining WHY. Of course they won't because they CAN'T. If you refute reality simply in order to believe your own rigid, literal interpretation of an ancient book then you really can't expect to be taken seriously.
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