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4.4 out of 5 stars97
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Change
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on 30 June 2013
The game in my eyes is extremely fun although it can get repetitive, High Moon Studios captured Deadpools character and comdey perfectly..The game is absolutely hilarious and I found myself literally Laughing out loud (Something I don't do much at games) many times. If you want to perfect the game it will take a while to grind enemies for DP points to upgrade but I find the carnage you create while doing this, great fun. Deadpools comments and remarks while fighting make it so much better and you can occasionally hear the enemies whining about how OP you are aswell! Deadpool being the character he is, is obviously self-aware and knows he is in a video game, even talking directly to the player (And Nolan North, his voice actor and Peter Della Penna of High Moon Studios). The game is pretty short in terms of 'levels' though these levels can take a while depending on the difficulty and player skill. Overall this game is an extremely fun if short and repetitive Hack and Slash..A must have for an avid comic book reader!
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on 25 October 2013
This game is simply amazing. I bought it after watching a 20 minute gameplay video and I was laughing most of the time..
From Wilhelm scream, self-made "pressed-button-noise" to very inappropriate humour this game completes the character Deadpool and his universe.
This being said there is a reason this game is PEGI 18. It's gory, indecent and explicit and some might find it distasteful. However it wouldn't be a Deadpool game without all of this. On the gameplay side there isn't really anything new to the genre as it's the typical hack and slash. A nice thing is the way of implementing guns to the knife fight and the use of mines and traps both as a set-up and in the fight.
If you like Deadpool and/or is a fan of hack and slash games and don't mind the insanity of Deadpool (This is his game) then you should totally invest your money right here.
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on 10 July 2013
Well, Deadpool finally gets his own game! I have to say first and foremost it's heck of a lot better than many of those generic comic-book-character-based games out there (Arkham Asylum and Arkham City notwithstanding, of course). So, first off:
The Good-
Deadpool. Oh god Deadpool. They did the character perfectly. Great voice acting, breaking of the fourth wall, interacting with the other characters etc all shine out in glorious absurdity. I had a good laugh pretty much all the way through the game, and for once a game had me LOOKING FORWARD to the cut-scenes just to see what shenanigans Deadpool would get up to next.
The humor is golden, if you happen to like immature, slap-stick, absurdist, offensive humor. But then again if you don't, I kinda don't understand why you'd be looking at a game with a main character who is pretty much the embodiment of all of the above. You've got the boob jokes, the penis jokes, the swearing, the over-the-top violence, the voices in Deadpool's head... And every once in a while, Deadpool's insanity will kick in full-force, resulting in hilarious hallucinations that provide a nice break from the monotone and dreary level design.
The story is almost incomprehensible and yet well done (if that makes any sense). It creates a perfect contrast between Deadpool (who has no clue why he has to kill his first target, even) and the other X-men who are trying to save the world as always (I guess?). Cable makes a brilliant straight man, providing a voice of reason that Deadpool never listens to. Pretty much every scene that involves Cable is funny and memorable.
All in all, Deadpool brings life to this game, and if you're a fan it's a must-have.
The OK-
The action. It's a pretty standard affair, by which I mean if you've played any classic hack-and-slash game you know the system. Deadpool breaks absolutely no new ground here. While it's perfectly functional with a few little oddities (like bear traps), it just is... Well, bland. You've got your standard layout of melee weapons (Balanced, quick, heavy-hitter)and firearms (pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, and energy weapons) with your obligatory power-up-by-collecting-credits-by-killing-things system. You can switch pretty smoothly from a 3rd person shooter gameplay to a Bayonetta style slice and dice brawler, and chaining combos using both melee weapons and firearms is fun. There are camera issues, the usual gripes for this kind of game but they didn't strike me as being any worse than most other hack and slashers.
You also have stealth takedowns which are all funny, but the stealth gameplay is iffy at best. There are some sections of the game where you can go in guns blazing, or stealthily take down bad guys, but it's never really clear whether or not they can see you. I always ended up taking down one guy only to immediately be spotted by another guy (and yes, I was using MELEE takedowns. The gun takedowns are noisy, obviously). I feel like this aspect of the game could have been polished more.
The Bad-
Level design. As I said, Deadpool brings life to this game. In other words, without Deadpool, it's uninventive and monotonous. It's good in the sense that it makes Deadpool stands out, but it also means that in-between bouts of madness induced hallucinations you're trudging through places you've seen a million times before in other games. I feel like they could have done so much more here, they do their best to shake things up but still it gets a bit dreary.
Difficulty. It vacillates like crazy. If you're only up against melee enemies you can mow through them like a ninja in red tights, but as the game progresses you get melee characters, gun characters, self-destructing characters, teleporting characters, and characters with ridiculous amounts of health all coming at you at once. You do have a healing factor, but it takes a while to kick in, and when you're being bombarded from all sides by bullets and energy blasts and grenades it gets frustrating. You can be comboing some melee guys when bang you're hit by an energy bolt from an enemy you didn't see, lose your combo, and then in the mean time the self-destructing guys have snuck up on you and game over. You of course have a counter attack and a dodge function (using Deadpool's teleporter) but they only work for melee enemies, and they use the same button so if you're one second too soon on hitting a counter attack you end up teleporting to the other side of the screen. That being said, if you memorize what enemies appear where you generally can use the appropriate weapons and gadgets (like grenades, mines, and the aforementioned bear traps) to make things a lot easier. I won't say it's poor design, but it could do with a polish.
Replay value. Non existent. No real collectables or exploration aspect, no multiple endings, and well, the humor is great but any joke heard 2 or 3 times stops being funny. The game can be powered through in a weekend, and after that there wasn't much incentive to keep playing. I DID do a second playthrough just because I found the game hilarious (and yes, it was the second time through too) but unless you REALLY want those trophies, it's really not that replayable. I mean there are the challenge maps but like I said, the combat is nothing special and fighting wave after wave of enemies just gets tedious after a while.
If you like Deadpool, you'll like this game. I had a blast playing it, and it's also fun to play with friends while having a few beers (note: no multiplayer option exists). The humor is good, they nailed the character of Deadpool, and the action is satisfactory if uninventive. I'm hoping this will be the Arkham Asylum of Deadpool, leading to a better, funnier sequel.
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on 29 October 2014
Deadpool is one of the most popular cult Marvel characters and one of the best. His third wall breaking sense of anarchism chimes brilliantly with the modern self-aware comic reader, so how come he has been treated so badly in other art forms? ‘Wolverine: Origins’ is best forgotten and the ‘Deadpool’ video game does not hold up much better, but why? It does not help taking one of Marvel’s most unique characters and putting him into a very generic game.

The game is a third person action title, think the videogame version of ‘Wolverine: Origins’, but not as good. It certainly has the hallmarks of the character, his internal voices, talking to the player, knowing that he is in a game. However, as fun as these elements are, they cannot hide that fundamentally the game is a little dull and repetitive. You essentially have to go through maps killing everything on screen and evolving Deadpool’s powers – which usually consist of him hurting himself in a way that harms the enemy. Sounds fun and it is, for the first 50 times or so.

The game is at its best when facing off with other Marvel characters. The boss battles prove to be fun challenges and have an interplay that works really well – Deadpool cannot help but rile the enemy. The problems are in the rest of the game; corridors, samey fighting, mediocre graphics and average level design. All of these add up to a game that feels like a budget title. It is only the character of Deadpool himself that lifts the game in any way, without the humour that he brings the game would be absolutely forgettable, as it is it is just average.
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on 24 April 2015
The pick up lines of DP main character were really witty. They gave me a laugh. And the graphics were good as well. A nice try by Activision. Nothing too interesting but also a game every gamer should check out. As a standalone game it requires either a DLC or a sequel. Many blanks to be filled.
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on 7 September 2013
Deadpool has not been treated very well in any medium except for comic books, he had no speaking part in the animated series of X-Men and finally appeared in the Hulk vs. Wolverine story expertly voiced by Nolan North, who also voiced him in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He was then butchered in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was not Deadpool as he should be.

This game does a lot to correct his previous mistreatment and he is again voiced by Nolan North who seems to really enjoy doing it, the storyline is very good and finally get a different villain from Magneto with Mr Sinister.

My favourite line is when Deadpool encounters Psylocke and he says 'D list villains!' and it is also very funny when Vertigo makes him sick, the game is very much like the Wolverine one but a lot funnier.

We're done here, roll credits.
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on 8 July 2014
How do I even start to explain how much I love this game!
Full of gore, humour and tones of fourth wall breaking. This is the best game I've ever played!

The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, the story line is great, the characters are great. Play as deadpool as a contract goes pear shaped and the fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of our favourite merc with a mouth!

Upgrade deadpool with new weapons and also take advantage of his teleportation ability!

I don't know what else to put here other than if you are a deadpool fan, you will LOVE this game. It's classic deadpool and you won't be disappointed.
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on 16 March 2016
Bought on PSN a few weeks back for €8.99 or something, so was cheap.

I had heard ok things about this game a few years back, nothing amazing, but thought I would give it a go, and I'm glad I did. Sure its repetitive as hell, but its Deadpool that keeps things going. Its funny, very funny, and the perfect hack'n'slash game for me. Loved it from start to finish, except the final boss, took me a few hours to kill him.

I hope, with the movie doing so well, we will see a new Deadpool game in the future.

Worth £/€10 if you find it at that price.
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on 18 April 2015
Not bad but got bored quite quickly. Went to trade in but didn't realise it was region 1 when purchased and most trade in places won't take it (cex)
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on 12 September 2013
Arrived in good time and condition, as a present for a gamer who loves games like Assassins creed etc -and would thoroughly recommend it.
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