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3.3 out of 5 stars7
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2011
976-Evil is a 1988 horror movie about a kid called Hoax, he is constantly getting bullied at school and has no friends. It's hardly surprising with a name like Hoax, surely only a crazy lady could call her kid that. It turns out that Hoax's mum is a crazy religious nut, who took in her sister's child, Spike, when she died. Spike's a bit of a rebel, a cool cat who's much more popular than Hoax. To cut a long story short, the plot is about people that dial 976-Evil and gain satanic powers. Hoax rings the number and is overcome by his new powers and seeks revenge on all those who did him wrong, can Spike stop him before it's too late for everybody?

Hoax is played by Stephen Geoffreys who is probably best known for playing "Evil Ed" in Fright Night, he also spent most of the '90s "acting" in gay porn. He's a decent likeable actor and did well in 976-Evil, but he's very one dimensional and I can't see him in anything other than these type of roles. Perhaps that's the reason he couldn't get roles and turned to gay porn, once this cheesy type of horror movie faded as the '90s arrived. This is definitely Geoffreys' movie, but the supporting cast are very decent. Patrick O'Bryan and Sandy Dennis perform well, Lezlie Deane is a nice bit of eye candy and even gets her twin peaks out in a tame love scene.

Robert Englund who is better known for being Freddy Krueger made his directorial debut with this, considering the low budget and story I think he did a pretty good job. If you listen out for it, you can hear Englund's voice on the radio and in some of the phone calls. Some of the special effects are really poor, but there's an equal amount of decent bloody effects to balance it out. Some decent gore and nudity, nothing excessive. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a straight horror movie, but it isn't remotely scary and is actually saved by the humour whether it's intentional or not. Robert Picardo who played the doctor in Star Trek Voyager gave an amusing, dark, quirky performance in a small role.

976-Evil is by no means a good film, but it's very enjoyable and moves along at a cracking pace. If you like movies like Fright Night, Return Of The Living Dead, House or Night Of The Demons, this was filmed around the same time and has a similar look and feel. If you haven't seen any/some of those other movies, they're worth checking out before 976-Evil, but if you like those, then this is a good alternative. Robert Englund has always seemed like a cool guy with a good sense of humour, and he's directed a film that really seems to echo his personality.
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on 17 January 2015
Well, I knew it was going to be a 'different' movie straight away. It started off cheezy and maintained the same level of cheeze all the way through. Fantastic, just wonderful. This is the sort of film that has you chuckling all the way through. As they say, you couldn't make this stuff up and it's true, because it is exactly what you expect from start to finish - no surprises, just more cheeze!
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on 20 January 2016
The first thing any horror fan will notice is that 976 Evil has been directed by Robert Englund, who of course will forever be remembered as the one and only Freddy Krueger. This is Englund's directorial debut and 976 Evil was made between his starring roles in Elm Street Part 3 and Part 4.

The movie concerns a cool kid (think Kevin Dillion from The Blob- ironically released the same year) who finds a hororscope card and dials in. Slowly but surely whatever is said on the other line starts happening to him, but he doesn't take it too seriously. Unfortunetly his geeky cousin who lives opposite with his bible bashing mother finds the card and all hell literally is about to break loose. Just who or what is on the other side of the phone line?

This is a seriously underrated movie. It has good characters, decent acting and a fairly good script. The build up of several different characters is a real surprise, and there is hardly any gore. However the final half hour does bog us down somewhat, and the cool kid who has an interesting story arc is used less and less in favour of a bland detective and bland teacher investigating what is going on.

Englund injects some nice nods to horror film along the way with sly references from a few 80s classics that can be found in the projection room of the cinema. Lezlie Dean who plays the love interest and is perfectly cast here would go on to work with Englund three years later in FREDDY'S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE. Oh and if you have a phobia of spiders there is one scene that will definetly freak you out, so beware.
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on 26 July 2015
This is the Debut Directing credit of the Great Robert Englund.A Young Bullied Boy Stephen Geoffreys calls the Horrorscope (You see what they did there?) number on a card that drops from his magazine and in the process,recieves all He's ever wanted but at a price.The Acting is great as are the effects and Englund Directs with Confidence to produce and Eerie,Atmospheric piece.
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on 16 July 2014
Didn't expect this to be brilliant or even good but I have seen a lot worse.
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on 29 September 2015
I love this film. A great reminder of proper horror
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on 17 February 2004
This version is released by Digital Entertainment which were taken over by Anchor Bay a few years ago, thank god.
The picture quality is know better than the old video copy, and they have cut some gore out of it, i'ts when a lad gets his hand cut off.
Full frame format, no surround sound.
The film is about some young guy who get's picked on all the time, but when he finds a phone number 976evil he gains evil powers and takes revenge, he also has a crazy mother.
It stars Geoffrey Stephens who was in Fright Night, but he now makes gay porn movies, must have got sick of horror.
The film is fun, but they should have released it uncut and spent more time with the transfer.
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