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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2013
A compact and well made alarm the 7DCOC not only provides an audible warning but also gives a digital read-out for the
level of carbon monoxide present. This is an excellent product which any safety conscious person should buy.
An additional benefit is that it has a working life of ten years, as opposed to 5 or 7 years offered by other alarms.
Highly recommended.
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on 3 August 2013
I tested this under a glass bowl with a tealight candle as the CO source and with the lip of the bowl resting on a teaspoon to allow some oxygen in to maintain the candle burn. After about 3-5 min the display read 56 ppm and steadily increased to 200 ppm after about another 7 min. At this point the alarm sounded. I removed the bowl and moved the alarm away from the candle which resulted in the CO reading decreasing at a relatively quick rate. The last reading was 36 ppm before it returned to 0 as the unit is designed to give a minimum reading of only 30 ppm in continuous monitoring mode. Thus I'm happy the unit can detect dangerous levels of CO and less dangerous levels (for adults) of 30-50ppm in continuous monitoring mode.

The peak level readings are questionable as over the course of 4 hours with our gas furnace running (exhausted to the outside) the peak readings were 17, 17, 28, & 17 on one unit and 29, 28, 17 on another unit. Similar results (15-30 ppm) were obtained for the unit sitting outside (not near traffic). So either my home and local outside atmosphere has unusually high CO levels or the peak level readings are not so accurate. Hence only 4 stars.

Overall I'm confident this product will keep our little girl safe in the advent of a dangerous CO leak but will be contacting the company regarding the peak level accuracy.
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on 5 March 2013
My initial impression is of a well made product which performs correctly, only over time will the reliability become apparent. However, do be aware that the the first issue of the instruction manual contains errors. Shortly after receipt of the unit I attempted to operate the peak level and peak level reset functions (following the instructions in the manual). None of the described functions worked. I reported this to Amazon as a faulty unit and, full marks to Amazon, a replacement was dispatched within 24 hours.
Horror of horrors, the replacement also 'failed to operate'. A phone call to Kidde yielded the information that the instructions given in #6, page 14 of the manual are incorrect and should be corrected as follows:

1. There is no backlight for the display.
2. To zero the peak level memory hold down the peak level button and then press and release the test button, then release the peak level button.

I hope that this information proves to be of use.

Peter Smithers C Eng. MIET
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This is a battery operated carbon monoxide detector that can either be wall mounted (wall plugs and screws supplied) or free-standing. It offers a clear and very audible alert should CO levels rise to dangerous levels (red flashing light accompanied by a loud alarm) as well as reassuring displays (green flashing light and CO reading in the LED panel) that all is well.

The detector is supplied with the three AAA batteries it needs for setting up, so there is no excuse not to use it straightaway. Whilst I am using mine primarily in the home, I also intend to take it away on holidays for added peace of mind. The alarm sounds when the last of the batteries has been inserted so you will have an idea of what it sounds like and the cover can only be closed (easily anyway) when the batteries are present, minimising the potential to forget to replace these when necessary. Battery insertion is the only setting up the unit needs and you are then free to place it in the monitoring location.

A detailed manual is supplied that outlines where to locate your monitor and it is suggested that one is placed on each level of a house, between 2 and 4 metres from a fuel burning appliance, out of draughts.

A green light flashes periodically in the 'operate' window to indicate CO levels are being monitored and the current level is displayed in a small panel. If either 'Err' or 'End' are displayed in the panel the monitor needs to be replaced. If activated, the alarm will sound accompanied by a red flashing light. Weekly testing is encouraged (be prepared for a ten second loud alarm when you press the 'test/reset') and you can also check peak CO levels with another button press although only readings above 11ppm register (30ppm is apparently a non-dangerous level that can occur due to nearby heavy traffic, for example).

Other than when testing and (once) due to an inadvertent press of the test button when dusting, my alarms have never sounded but their presence provides peace of mind that CO levels are being checked and there is nothing to worry about.
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on 24 February 2013
Easy to install, just fit batteries, drill two holes insert the screws and job done.
Will give me peace of mind as I work away from home and know my family will be warned in the event of a build up of CO.
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on 12 March 2013
As per usual great delivery from Amazon.

This alarm seems to be just what I wanted, and at a reasonable price.

Easy to follow instructions; I had it up and running very quickly.

On checking the "Peak Level" reading (which I expected to be "0") it read "19".
I followed the instruction booklet to zero this reading, but then got a Peak Level of "21".
In case the meter/alarm was faulty I rang the 0800 number for Kidde. I was informed there is a "known error" and to ignore the instruction booklet!
... In case you have the same issue, ignore the booklet and do the following:

1: Press and hold the "Peak Level" button.
2: Press the "Test/Reset" button once and release it.
3: Release the Peak level button.
4: Wait a few seconds (without pressing anything) and then press the "Peak Level" button. It SHOULD be zero "0".

Apart from that blip all now appears OK.
Of course it's hard to rate this product (until such time as there is an actual Carbon Monoxide leak).
With a 10 year expected life span this meter/alarm gives a degree of Peace of Mind.
It seems well made and the alarm is loud.
My only other suggestion/recommendation is - don't drill holes in your walls, use double sided sticky pads (NOT supplied).
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on 3 April 2016
I purchased this as I had a previous carbon monoxide alarm which was faulty - it would beep all the time, which alarmed us at first and made us think that there was actually CO in the room.

The LCD screen should be present on all models - it is invaluable when a fault develops as you can immediately diagnose based on the LCD reading (instead of on a slightly different but very similar sounding series of beeps like on a display-less model).

Also in the case of CO presence the display shows you the PPM of CO (the picture attached shows 13 parts per million of CO present) -- a fairly safe level. This is an important feature -- whilst an alarm can only indicate "CO present", this can give an accurate reading - the difference between:

* 13 PPM (low danger, with no effect in the majority of people)
* 100 PPM (potentially dangerous level)
* 1000 PPM (highly dangerous level)

is significant.

Additionally, there is a "peak level" button which, when held for a second, will display the highest reading to date.
review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 October 2015
A well constructed CO monitor and alarm, discreet size (about the size of a cigarette packet), really easy to fix to a wall - screws and rawl plugs are included. When the backplate is fixed to the wall, the unit slides on and off seamlessly for battery changing.
Comes with good quality (3 x AA) long life batteries. This monitor can also be freestanding near a portable appliance.

A twenty-three page booklet fully explains safety information in a user friendly, easy to read and understand format.
Instructions on how to install and set up are simple (even I could understand them); recommended locations; how to use the alarm.
It explains the symptoms of exposure to carbon monoxide and at what levels it becomes increasingly more toxic.

The alarm will sound if monoxide levels rise over 50 parts per million, even though most humans won't notice any symptoms of toxicity until 100 parts per million (slight headache) with prolonged exposure.
Higher levels of monoxide (300ppm and above), enough to cause dizziness and headache with prolonged exposure, the monitor's alarm will have sounded within three minutes, so that's pretty good to know.
The alarm is a loud 85 decibel 'pulse' of 4 beats, repeating, with a red flashing LED. Instructions on 'what to do' are clear.
There's also a comprehensive 'Troubleshooting' guide.

This model is fully compliant with requirements for domestic premises and has a ten-year lifespan. The monitor even tells you when it's time to change the batteries, as well as when it's time to replace the unit.

I bought this to replace an inferior CO monitor in the guest cottage, as the legislation has changed, and it was time for an upgrade.
I'm so impressed with this one, I think I'll get another one of these for my own house.
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on 9 March 2013
Just one note to anyone who buys this and (like many smoke alarms) expects batteries to last 10 years. They don't.

The description is ambiguous, you chuck the alarm away after 10 years, but change the batteries X number of times in the meantime.

Nothin to say about the rest of it, because it hasn't needed to save my life yet.
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on 5 November 2013
As an alarm i'm sure its fine but the peak level is misleading. When the batteries are inserted or its tested, the peak level jumps straight to 17ppm. I spent a day worrying that I had more co in the house than is good long term, OK, not enough to trigger the alarm but more than you would want over time. The penny dropped when I took it to work and got the same readout, also outside in the countryside it registered 18ppm. Apparently to reset it you have to press the bottom button first followed by the top button. It then showed 0ppm and hasnt given any odd readings since, (unless I press test button). Also its worth remembering that it doesnt display a readout less than 14ppm so actually showing 0pp could be misleading. My advice, just get an alarm witout readout, if you want an accurite readout get a proper dedicated co meter.
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