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on 20 June 2013
Having looked at all of the reviews for all steam mops, I decided on this one due to a budget. This mop has some shocking reviews but I feel that unrealistic expectations were in force here. Every mop I looked at positive and negative review points. Even the really expensive ones had the same negative points so why pay all that money if the problems are going to be the same but you are £150 or more lighter in the pocket.
I have had this for a few weeks now and have used all of its functions and feel I can give a balanced and honest opinion now.
As a hard floor mop, I have had no issues at all. I have used it on relatively inexpensive laminate with no issues. The variable steam control means you can turn the steam level down to prevent water damage. Prior to using it, I gave everywhere a long and through vaccuuming then mopped traditionally. I do have two dogs and two children so my floors do get grubby. Unlike some reviewers, I do appreciate this is a steam mop not a cleaner. The steam mop head was still dirty despite the initial cleaning. The steam mop will loosen ground in dirt and the dirt that accumulates in the grouting of tiles too. I seriously think anyone doubting this mop yet thinking they can expect it to perform miracles when only using it once weekly is sorely misguided. Its so quick to use, that I now mop my floor every night before going to bed.I have had no issues with dripping or pooling water and the floors dry in one or two minutes. Don't expect to give it a swish round and for any noticeable dirt to disappear. Its is quick to use but some areas may need the head of the mop to be left on the area for a few seconds but that is all. I clean the downstairs of a terraced house in about 10 mins max after the initial hoover.
I have used the handheld part on almost anything that sat still long enough and its great for loosening grime and sanitising.You do need to change the cloths when dirty. Anyone who thinks this is a negative must use the same dishcloth without rinsing it. It comes with two handheld cloths and they are easily washed and can go in the machine too.
I have used this as a window cleaner and it is excellent. The squeegee works well unlike some of the handheld squeegies I have previously bought to do the windows traditionally as these were too rigid and didnt scrape the water off very well. Many reviewers have stated there is excess water which pools on the window ledges. Of course there is and would be if you did it traditionally. Another example perhaps of unrealistic expectations. A quick wipe is all that is needed. I have to say that due to the length and weight of the handheld unit ( which is not as cumbersome as some reviewers claim in my opinion), it is a little tricky to work right to the bottom of the window. I just went horizontally accross the bottom and it did a great job.
As a carpet freshener, I have had no issues either. The carpet glider attachment DOES allow the mop to glide despite what some reviewers have experienced . Granted it does not get rid of old stains, IT IS NOT A CARPET CLEANER AFTER ALL, but they are less noticeable. My daughter drops make up on her carpet and these sort of stains are grease based so I didnt expect them to disappear without some form of detergent but they are better. I have cleaned them with Vanish and bought her a washable rug!! There is a coffee stain in my lounge which has now gone thanks to the steam mop. It does come with two floor pads but I bought 5 more too. They fit by velcro and are secure. It does state you cant wash these in the machine but I dont know why. I can only think the velcro may loosen??
I have used the handheld as an upholstery freshener. Again it is not a cleaner!! I have a Vax machine that does all that if I could be bothered to set it all up!! It does freshen and does not leave the material as damp as I thought it would and as damp as a traditional cleaner does.
Now as a balance, I will offer to address the negative points I have read in previous reviews.

I am a healthy woman in my 40s and do not find this mop heavy or awkward to handle but would imagine if you have a disability or are aged, of course it may be more of a problem. That been said, if you can push a hoover around, this will be a breeze.
Water drippage - Only noticed water pooling when cleaning the windows which I logically expected. There was minor drippage onto my work surface when I cleaned the cupboard doors in the kitchen. My doors are shaker style and have groves running vertically which are a nightmare to clean. They are clean NOW!! I will say if you are using steam which will condense, you are going to get some water for Gods sake. The pad gets wet and the water has to go somewhere. However I cannot believe that this is seen as a major problem.
The pads are never white and pristine again, dont expect them to be.
Some people have said this is flimsy. Its made of plastic not reinforced steel when all is said and done. The handle is metal and in my opinion is robust for the purpose.
Some reviewers feel the handheld unit needs another handle on it. I haven't found this a problem as the unit is not heavy.
Reviews have stated the cord is short....No its not, its actually longer than the cord on my Dyson hoover. Unless you live in a house with only one plug socket, surely this can't be a genuine issue. Unplug, move to next room, plug in and crack on. Hardly a chore is it??
My only real issue with the mop is a minor picky one. That is that the cord when wrapped around the two anchor points on the handle when storing it, the plug ends up dangling. Hard to describe but the cord is too short to reach the top anchor so that the remainer and plug can be tucked under the coiled cable to make it tidy. This really is not an issue, I am sometimes niggly about finer details haha

I do not regret purchasing this AT ALL! It does what it should. Don't be put off by the reviews. I can only summise that some of the reviewers had unrealistic expectations. It is not an actual cleaner. It will clean surface grime but if your house if filthy, this mop will not be up for he job. Clean your house first and use this to keep it clean and sanitised. Maybe some reviewers think if this mop is plugged in, i will crack on cleaning whilst they sit on the sofa watching TV!!

All in all I am very impressed with this mop and I think its very reasonably priced. I admit to been ever so slightly obsessed with using it now! I have recommended it to three friends/work colleagues who have purchased and are also really pleased with
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on 22 November 2013
I bought this product after reading some very fair and informative reviews. I knew that for the price it wasn't going to be completely robust, but I expected it to last more than 2 weeks.

On the second time of using the cleaner, the steam control dial failed so the only control I had was by turning off the switch at the mains. I thought that as the machine was still functional I could manage with this fault. However, within a week the connector that attached the main unit to the cleaning head broke and it could not be used at all.

I phoned up their customer service team to ask for a replacement to be sent to me. The person (Dan) told me that he wouldn't send me a replacement for something that could be easily fixed - instead he wanted to send me a new connector. I was then expected to unscrew the unit and replace the piece myself. I did not want to tamper with the insides of an electrical products that blasts out hot steam (more to the point, nor did I think I should have to). Additionally, having read their terms and conditions the warranty is invalid if the product is taken apart.

I pointed out that this would not fix the faulty steam control and insisted on a new unit. They still refused to send me a unit so I agreed to have it collected so they could examine it and refund me. I am still unsure whether I will be refunded (judging by their customer service so far I expect I wont). I have not experienced such rude service for a very long time, and have never had the urge to write a bad review before.

On a positive note I now know I want to invest in a steam cleaner but will spend a bit more money on getting a more durable product from a shop that knows how to treat customers. I should have known the cheapest option was never going to last long.
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on 17 December 2012
great for floors, windows and walls. Steam lasts about 20 mins. No problems with laminate floor thanks to variable steam control.
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on 30 November 2012
I brought this steamer with review to clean my carpets mainly, along with tiles etc.
On opening the box the installation of unit was very easy. I did notice the water tank did not seem to fit correctly and was unsure of it not falling off. I took photo and emailed the customer service who said it did look faulty (don't let that put you off). No problem they dispatched a new one the same day.
New water tank has arrived the next day and I must say I have cleaned about 4 carpets so far that had not been properly cleaned for about 2 years and the results was excelent. Being the first clean you just need to take a bit of time but well worth it.
This is a great product for the price. Well pleased with both the steamer and excelent customer service. Credit to both.
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on 3 June 2013
Before purchasing this steam cleaner i felt like i had spent days trawling shops and the internet to find the right one for me. I had read so many reviews (good and bad) for just about every steam cleaner out there, and it seems that there isn't a universally good one that suits everyones needs!
However, i can honestly say that i'm very happy with my purchase. It's very easy to refil the water, it gets up to heat quickly so there's no waiting around, it doesn't leave excessive 'puddles' on your floors so they dry quickly and it's not particularly heavy.
My main concern was that i would spend a lot of money on something that would turn out to be flimsy and would be broken within a couple of weeks, but that is not the case with this cleaner. I have been using it for a couple of months now and the only gripe i have is that the handle can be quite difficult to detatch, it's quite stiff.
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on 24 December 2012
Briliant , versatile little machine, simple to use and lightweight , my kitchen floor has never looked so clean, great for cleaning the shower, windows and rugs
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on 25 February 2013
Came in plenty of time and does what it says not too wet on floor as I was a bit concerned about that
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on 21 February 2013
cannot fault this product.i have basically done the whole house with this,from the bathrooms to kitchen and carpets ,does all very well
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on 22 April 2013
Have had this a few weeks now and really pleased with it. HAve tried the floor mop and hand held and both are excellent quality and do the job well. It takes literally about 10 seconds for the steam to start coming through and the water tank (use water straight out the tap) lasts for ages (kitchen floor, utility floor plus bathroom for example). It doesn't suddenly bring tiles up like new but definitely makes a difference and FEELS clean which is great. The cable length seems fine too even though we have got a long, open plan kitchen.

Also used the window washer hand held - this is great! Was able to do our huge triple french windows in very little time at all - use a good, fine microfibre cloth to wipe up the residue as you go along. Really does a great job. I have also ordered another set of the floor mop pads which I think was a good purchase.

Tried on the oven - it was fine but again not amazing, but frankly that wasn't what I expected, and after a couple of goes began to look better.

Only very small niggle is that it is difficult to initially remove the long handle to use the item as a handheld, but after a couple of goes much easier!

Highly recommended household itme that I am using regularly.
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on 30 December 2013
I was very excited about this product that would alleviate all the difficulty of swabbing. I read all the reviews before ordering it.
The first package contained a faulty piece that was promptly replaced by the seller. The item worked like a dream for a few months, now I find that the floors (all of mine are wooden except the bathrooms) remain wet and I find myself opening all the windows to dry it out.
I have been careful about removing the water container after use to avoid calcareous deposits so I can't understand why the efficiency has dropped drastically.

Design problems:
- the water container dropping off when the wire gets twisted as you work. Most annoying.

- It also does not reach into the corners as advertised

- Unclipping the unit to used as a portable hand-held steamer is not easy, the tiny knob is very difficult to press down to release it from the handle.

- I'd suggest a longer cord but that might be a personal opinion because the plug points in my house are far apart.

All in all, it needs a design revision, otherwise it is a useful appliance to have and more than halves the time needed to swab and without the work to change dirty water etc;
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