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on 10 May 2007
Steve Chandler is an insistent, unabashed optimist, in the same vein as Norman Vincent Peale. He covers 100 motivational tips that stretch the imagination, factor in the impact of technology, and challenge you to evaluate your situation from different points of view. The choices you make can either motivate you or hinder you, so he provides a wide array of tips you can embrace, reject, or simply read and digest. You can implement the games and exercises to make working toward your dream goal more fun. Though much of the content is basic and available in other self-help books, we recommend this breezy paperback; you can carry it in your briefcase and open it up randomly if you're feeling low and want to get rejuvenated and motivated.
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on 17 January 2014
I bought this book quite a few years ago and I find myself constantly going back to it - I just flip through it, read one of the suggestions and it's like a motivation 'pill'.

The ideas really are solid, sensible suggestions - none of them 'filler' which you often find in this type of book.

What I really like about it is that you don't need to read the whole book - all the ideas are 'stand alone'. Some of them have stuck with me over the years, for example:

Write four circles on a piece of paper. In one, write the goal for the year; then in the next circle for the month; then the week, and then today. The theory is that if these goals are all properly aligned, the only one that really matters is 'today' - if you keep doing it, day after day, the other circles will take care of themselves. Obviously it's not rocket science - but it really does help to be reminded of these things!

I'd really recommend this book if you need a bit of a boost and your motivation is flagging.
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on 29 July 2011
This is a good book with some sound motivational tips in it but each tip has too much written about it and so it is a bit long winded. Also, some of the tips are very similar and there is quite a lot of repetition. In my view, there are punchier self-help books out there, not least by Brian Tracy (try "Goals !" or "Flight Plan" for instance.) Here is a motivational strategy that works for me - I have an overriding vision for my life (accumulate wealth and do my best for my family) then separate sub goals for different compartments such as family & friends, career, wealth, hobbies, health etc. All of these goals are written on a sheet of A4 which I consult all year round to keep me on course and this works wonders !
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on 12 January 2006
Liked this book. Was easy to read with a lot of good ideas and one or 2 slightly wierd ones. When I finished this book I was instilled with a positive, can-do attitude towards life, determined to adopt many of the suggested strategies. Decided I was going to get on and get my life sorted out and really believed that it was achievable. Then after a couple of days decided I couldn't be bothered after all and just went to the pub instead.
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This was a book I took to instantly. It is a light read with some powerful and original ideas that pop up every so often. Yellow river refers to the use of a highlighter pen for some great phrases that can give an instant "state change" and motivation to take a different perspective on a situation. It was revised in 2004 and feels fresh and lively. I wasn't aware of the author's other books at the time I bought this one and there may be an element of stretching concepts to create new books, so I still feel this is a good place to start with this author. I have and continue to review other books in this genre and give out 5 stars when a book makes a substantial impact. I like the writing style of this author who writes in a warm friendly way and although American avoids "religiousity". Certainly it is worth buying as it is a good pick-me-up with some handy tips. I particularly liked the concept of lighting my "lazy dynamite". A book like this tends to find a persuasive new way to get you doing the thing you already know you should be doing. So for little techniques and refinements, I am sure that for most people, this will help them make small tweaks. However, if you want the "change your life forever" type breakthrough that is promised on the cover then consider Jack Canfield or Brian Tracy. This is my 49th review so why not take a scroll through my previous reviews, pick a book and then see what other people have to say. This is how I select many of my books, picking a path between people who have only read one book on a subject and those that review professionally.
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on 17 June 2011
Where was book when I was studying? Where was this book when I made my first career path!?
Steve Chandler manages to get in-depth while still keeping each point short and simple.
Brilliant ideas to get you motivated and closer to reaching your goals whatever they may be.
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on 24 August 2010
This for me was a real eye opener. I started reading some what sceptical but once you get past the American (ness) of the writing I found it absolutely inspiring and it has changed my life in many ways. NOt all of the suggestions are for me but you take from it what you need and leave the rest behind as a bit of an education.

I liked it and it really did help motivate me and realise some very obvious things that were right in front of me
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on 28 April 2010
A good read. Some very good ideas. Easy to dip in and out and things you can try out straight away. Feel more motivated after reading the book! glad i bought it.
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on 29 October 2010
I keep this book in my bathroom. Everytime I go I read a random chapter. So it always keeps me on the go with my motivation and personal growth. All ideas are great!!!
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on 18 November 2012
This product is written well and generally an interesting read. The author makes reference to many well-known people, making the book more enjoyable and relatable. Also, his unique writing style often puts things into a different perspective, which is what was originally desired from the book.
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